Using Systematic Tools & Templates to Grow Your Business with Stuart Webb


Control the number and type of leads coming into your company so that you’re not stuck with too many unsellable prospects or low-quality clients for months on end!

Listen along as Jen interviews and speaks with Stuart Webb, entrepreneurial mentor, author and podcast host who specializes in sales and marketing. In this episode, Stuart will share with us the secret to gaining the clients you want without selling!


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Using Systematic Tools & Templates to Grow Your Business with Stuart Webb

Hello everyone. And welcome back to this episode. I am so delighted to have you here. My name is Jen Du Plessis. I’m your host. And today I have with me, Stuart Webb, he’s coming all the way from the UK, you know, because I’m here in the US so for me, it’s all the way for those of you that are listening overseas, you’re saying, Hey, he’s right in my.

My backyard. Uh, but Stuart Webb, let me tell you a little bit about him. He, um, his early background as a scientist is very different from most people in this field and it gave him the foundation, um, to underpin consistent success, regardless of the type of business that he’s supporting. Um, a vital discipline for a scientist is ensuring work is repeatable.

Meaning. A system, right. And that you’ve tested it over and over. Uh, this has given him a unique proven approach to, uh, providing robust thinking and unbreakable formulas as the foundations for business growth. And I totally love that. He’s a, he mentors, ambitious business owners and managers to dramatically increased business value through sustained leads, recurring profits, and well motivated teams.

So, man, this is right up my alley. Welcome to the show Stuart. We are so happy to have you.


Thank you, Jen. Thank you very much, indeed. And yeah, it’s, it’s great to be with.


Thank you so much. So, you know, I get started. I love that you were a scientist, um, were, and I know you’re gonna tell us a little bit about that story.

I, uh, I was, uh, pre-med for Colorado state university. I was gonna be a cardiologist. So, um, there’s a scientist in me as well. And I know that scientists in our, in our thought patterns were very systematic in our approaches. So I imagine you’re gonna be telling us about. How to put some systems together or have some templates for creating this robust business that we have.

So let’s get started with, how did you make the transition from being a scientist into, uh, helping businesses? Where did that start for you?


So what happened? Jen was, uh, I was on a path to become, uh, an investigator in a virology lab. I was actually starting. A career in the place, which actually has recently been involved in creating a COVID vaccine.


Oh, wow. Um, yeah.


Do you know really? I, I just, I, I just came to the conclusion that, that for me, the excitement of, of working with businesses was so, so appealing. And it largely started because I got involved in trying to help teach medical students, and I wanted to do it in a more interactive way. And.

Reached across to somebody who was developing some stuff on the internet. And I thought this internet thing is great and I really wanted to get involved in it. And I spent more and more time doing that. And eventually somebody said to me, they said, look, do you really wanna spend your time doing. I was doing, which is becoming a lecturer.

Would you prefer to do something like you are doing with, with, with this internet? And I went, yeah, I’ve really gotta go and do it. And I leapt into it because it just felt so fresh and exciting to me. And that’s how I started. And I helped to start a, an internet startup solve that. Then I moved on to starting other businesses and, you know, it was that background.

As a scientist, which I really thought was gonna hamper me. I thought it was gonna be the thing which held me back because you were, you were right. You were saying that as scientists, we have this rigorous systems process and we think about making things very repeatable so we can do it again and again, and again.

And I, and I thought when I looked around at all of the great business leaders, you know, the people at Steve jobs and such like, they didn’t seem to have that going, they would just be spontaneous and they’d go off and do something. What looked right exciting and I’d think, Hey, I’ve gotta throw all of that away.

I’ve gotta throw away all of this stuff that I’ve learned for the last 10, 11 years. And, and, and I really, really tried to stop being systematic. And then I realized as I got into more and more businesses that actually. The, even the innovation is all about having a really well established process that you can just say, if we do this, it guarantees success.

We do it again. Yeah. And I then had to re re incorporate everything that I thought I had to throw away. And I started developing those really systematic tools and templates. I thought that’s the way that I was gonna grow businesses. And it proved to be really successful.


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Stuart Webb, an entrepreneurial mentor, author, and podcast host who specializes in sales & marketing, transformational leadership operational excellence innovation and business scaling.

He loves the excitement of innovation and bringing new businesses to life using all the disciplines he learned as a scientist – and the business tools, techniques and templates he has developed since to ensure business growth.

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