Jen’s Jots – Tracking Conversions with Jen Du Plessis


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Jen’s Jots – Tracking Conversions with Jen Du Plessis

Hey everyone, it’s Jen Du Plessis, and I am doing a Jen’s dot today for our podcast. And, uh, it’s just good to see you all. It’s been a while since I’ve done that. Uh, I just wanna share a little bit of insider information or private information to help you understand why you haven’t had a Jen’s Jot for a while.

And that is that four months ago, five months ago, my husband, um, Had a very, uh, bad medical situation and it’s taken us five months to kind of get back to normal and be able to, for me to be able to, uh, focus on giving some Jen’s Jots instead of just doing interviews, which I love doing. So. So either way is fine.

Um, but welcome to Mortgage Lending Mastery. I’m your host, Jen Du Pluses, and today I wanna talk to you about conversions, and I’ve got some information I wanna share with you about tracking conversions. Now, one of the things that I’ve always used is something called the Five Ss in converting. Um, So the first thing that I wanna share with you is that when you are looking at changing your conversion ratios, and the reason I’m sharing this with you today is because a lot of people, as I’ve mentioned several times, have their, uh, binoculars on always looking for new business, new business, new business.

And that’s fine. I, we, we need new business all the time. I also talk a lot about your acres of diamonds, looking at what you already have so you can nurture the relationship, um, and not neglect the relationship, right? So that you have both new business coming in and you have business that you already have your alumni clients who come back to you.

But when it comes to conversion, one of the things that, that I’m gonna recommend that you look at is, What if you converted one more person a week? What if you converted one more person a month? And how that would change your life and how that would change your financial picture or your health picture, um, if you didn’t have to work so much, you know, in, uh, trying to get more business.

And so conversion ratios are really, really key to, uh, moving your business forward. Exponentially without having to work any harder. So let’s take a deep look, a deep dive into why are you not converting more of the people that you’re talking to. So I came up with these five S’s and God helped me that I’ll remember ’em today.

I should have written ’em down, but uh, I just had. Someone, uh, reschedule and I thought, you know what? I’ll use this time to do a, uh, podcast, uh, you know, Jens job myself. So another little lesson there when the white space opens up, fill it with something that that is, uh, still good for you to do something you’ve been intending to do anyway.

So the first one. As your sales skills. If you’re not converting as many people as you’d like, the first thing is to look at your sales skills. Now you’ve met, many of you have heard me say over and over and over that, uh, you know, when we’re not selling, we’re serving, we’re edge, you selling, but there is a sales aspect to it.

You do have to sell yourself. So, um, how are your sales skills? I would look. How are my sales skills and why am I not converting as many people? So am I selling the stake and not the sizzle on the phone? If that’s your intent, right? I’m an advocate of a hopes and dreams. Call a very quick five, 10 minute hopes and dreams.

Call to gather information and then a discovery call or a strategy session to, uh, share with them the results of the tests that we have run, so to speak. By them filling out their application, their 10 0 3, right? And then providing us with, uh, validation documentation. So we do that strategy session or discovery meeting after we’ve done the hopes and dreams, just gathering up information.


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