MLM 268 | Miracle Morning

Before he got to writing books, Hal Elrod had had one near-death experience that left him with debilitating injuries and a crushing bankruptcy as the cherry on top. These two wakeup calls pushed him to create a morning success ritual that changed his life and eventually became what we now know as The Miracle Morning. Many years after his first book’s publication, Hal has long since achieved his mission of touching the lives of a million people by teaching them his morning rituals. In this conversation with Jen Du Plessis, he shares his expanded mission of elevating the consciousness of humanity one morning and one person at a time. Having built a veritable cult following of millions over the years, Hal has no reason to believe why this shouldn’t be achievable. Hal also takes us to the very beginning – the story of how to tragedies changed his life so much that millions of others’ lives would change with it.

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The Miracle Morning: Changing The Lives Of Millions One Morning At A Time With Hal Elrod

I am grinning from ear to ear. It’s almost hurting at the excitement I have over our guest, Mr. Hal Elrod. We happen to be in the same Ignite Advisory speaking group as well. I have been following and stalking Hal for a long time behind the scenes and pitching his everything behind the scenes to my clients. Without further ado, I want to say thank you, Hal, for taking time out of your busy day to humble me, join me, and be able to share with our audience your story.

Jen, you’re welcome, and ditto. Thank you for taking the time to have me on and thank you for sharing my work, The Miracle Morning. That means more to me than you know. I’m grinning like you. I appreciate the opportunity to be here.

We’re going to be talking about a lot of things. Some tactical and some mindset, we’re going to do a little both. After surviving multiple near-death experiences and impacting millions of people through his books, Hal is now on a mission to elevate the consciousness of humanity, one person at a time. He is the author of the international best-selling book, The Miracle Morning, which is translated into 37 languages and sold over 2 million copies. In his other book, The Miracle Equation, he’s doing exactly that as well. I have to say, Hal, I loved it.

I’m going to ask you this question. I’m going to get right into it because I know you speak, you’re a runner, and you’re here to tell us fun stuff. That’s how I met you. When you wrote The Miracle Morning, did you set up the name so that it could be translated into all the other ones that you’ve done? Your books are The Miracle Morning, The Miracle Morning for Real Estate Agents, Miracle Morning Millionaires. It’s everybody. Did you set it up that way? Had I known that was a way to do it, I probably would have named my book something totally different.

No, that was a friend of mine. It was an organic idea. When The Miracle Morning started taking off, I had thought of maybe I could do a series or something. A friend of mine, Ryan Snow, who is a realtor for Keller Williams and a sales trainer, reached out to me and said, “Hal, have you thought about doing The Miracle Morning for Salespeople for doing a series?” I said, “It crossed my mind,” but I’m focused on getting the original book in the hands of 1 million people at that time. He said, “We should do a series because I’ve taught The Miracle Morning to all of my agents that I manage and trained.”

He said, “Every single one of them that’s doing The Miracle Morning, their sales, motivations, health, and happiness increased.” He said, “It’s been a game-changer and we should do The Miracle Morning for Salespeople that specific with affirmations for salespeople and different rituals for salespeople.” I said, “I love that idea. Do you want to co-author it with me?” That’s how the series was born. It was organic. After that, I met Honorée Corder who is my partner in the series. She managed and helped create all of the books. The rest is history, as they say. When I first wrote The Miracle Morning, I couldn’t see past getting that book out.

It’s funny he says that because I can’t tell you how many times I’ve purchased the book and brought it to a training session for realtors or shared it with my team and said, “In order for us to be on the same page when you walk through the door, I need you to subscribe to this. You can do the six-minute version or you can do the one-hour version but you have to do the version before you walk through the door, so you can stand outside and do it for all I care.” That’s super incredible. I want to go back though. Let’s rewind a little bit and find out where did this all perpetuates from. I know that you had one near-death experience that perpetuated that and then there’s another experience as well. If you don’t mind sharing with us about that experience that led you to believe that life’s short, we need to make some changes. Share with us a little bit about that.

I used to call these my rock bottoms where you reach a point in your life. We’ve all been there and experienced. That test, challenges, scares you, and causes you to question yourself, your faith, or whatever it may be. Now I call these my wake-up calls, and we all can relate with our wake-up calls throughout our lives. When I was twenty years old, I was driving home after I gave a speech at a Cutco sales meeting. I was a salesperson for Cutco Cutlery. Driving home that night, my car was hit head-on by a drunk driver. My car spun off the drunk driver and the car that was behind me, crashed into my driver’s side door if you can imagine a car directly hitting you in the door at 70 miles an hour.

Instantaneously, I broke eleven bones on the left side of my body. I broke my leg, arm, pelvis, so on and so forth. I began to lose a lot of blood and an hour later when they had used the Jaws of Life to cut me out of the car, I bled to death and my heart stopped beating for approximately six minutes. I was rushed onto a helicopter to be airlifted to the hospital where they revived me and brought me back to life. I then spent six days in a coma and I flatlined twice more. I came out of the coma to be told that I would never walk again. My first memory was about a week after being out of the coma, meeting with the doctors, and then assessing my progress.

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I decided, “I’m committed to giving everything I have to walk again until I’m proven otherwise. I will maintain an unwavering faith that I can and will walk again. I will put forth extraordinary effort in order to do so until proven otherwise.” I made that simultaneous decision that if I never walk again, I’ll be at peace with it because I can’t change it at that point. There’s no point in feeling sorry for myself and there’s no point in being a victim. There’s no point in wishing I could walk when I can’t walk. I had this simultaneous mindset where I expect the best case scenario while I simultaneously accept and I’m at peace with the worst-case scenario.

In 2008 when the US economy crashed was my second wake-up call. It was the first time I lost everything. I lost my house, I was in debt, and I couldn’t pay the bills. It was scary after going from creating success to losing it all. I got depressed and scared, and then it was a series of events that led me to this breakthrough that if I want to change my life, I have to change myself first. I decided to create a morning ritual, even though I wasn’t a morning person because I had been Googling, “What do the world’s most successful people do every day? What are their routines?” I kept coming across morning routines and morning rituals but I’m like, “Nah. I’m not a morning person. Where’s the success ritual for those that wake up at 7:00 AM?”

Finally, after reading enough articles, I was convinced that I’ve got to create a morning ritual, and I decided I want to create the most effective, extraordinary, and proven morning ritual in the history of morning rituals. That became The Miracle Morning, and it changed my life. Quickly, within two months of doing this morning practice in the middle of 2008 when the economy was crashing, which I’ve always been not excited about, but I’m optimistic. When the next economic crash comes, which I’d say never more than now, the ground feels a little unstable.

I know from experience that because I’m not the only one millions of people have done this, where when you take control of your inner world and you take control of yourself, you’re able to dictate how you think, how you feel, and what you do, and therefore, the results that you create in your life. As the economy continued to crash, I doubled my income in two months. It was simply by reading books, using affirmations, and visualizing and applying all of these practices that I was doing throughout my work day. I saw the results. The rest is history, as they say. I started writing this book, The Miracle Morning. It took three years and I self-published it. I didn’t have a following.

I had no idea.

Nobody knew who I was. I had no idea that it was going to be as big of a deal as it has been. I was committed and I made a mission that I will change 1 million lives one morning at a time. I will do everything in my power to reach 1 million people with this book. I tried to do it in one year, but it took six years finally to reach that 1 million person mark. Now as it expanded the new mission which is this movie coming out, is to elevate the consciousness of humanity one morning and one person at a time. That’s where this whole Miracle Morning, not just the book, but it’s become this movement into the global community. It’s not just me anymore. It’s millions of people that are passionate about waking up, elevating their own consciousness, fulfilling their own potential, and then going out and being that impact, that ripple effect to the life of every person that they touch.

We talked about this in the green room and we talk about it now, but I share this story. You have millions of people sharing your book. It’s not just you to millions of people. That’s how it manifests itself into what’s become truly, it’s a following. It’s not just, “I sold a bunch of books.” To a certain extent, somewhat of a cult in a good way.

I thought that one time. We got a guy that emailed and he was upset saying, “This is a cult.” He went off about it and I went, “I need to look at the definition of a cult.”

MLM 268 | Miracle Morning

The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before 8AM)

We’ll find a different way. It truly is a following and it’s something that people are fine with. I want to backtrack a little bit and want to ask you about death because I’ve experienced this as well. I woke up afraid that I didn’t see a light. I’m spiritual. Tell us about that experience. On the backside of that, did you have any experiences that kept you from living your true life, that you had this risk and this reservation? I imagine there was a period of time, and maybe not for you, that you went through saying, “I’m not going to get in a car. I’m afraid of this. Maybe I should be more conservative. Maybe I should reassess.”

Before the light bulb came on and said, “I need to change things.” Walk us through the pain that happened there, too. Did you have those thoughts and those things? I personally did. That’s why I’m asking to lighten myself because I second-guessed everything I did, “That wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t miss.” I blame myself and didn’t give myself the grace to forgive myself for so long. Once I did, that became a message for everybody I talked to.

For me, it was relatively quick. What happened in the hospital was I came out of the coma and I’m told I’m not going to walk again and I had to process that. I didn’t feel pain as much as I felt just disbelief. I can’t even wrap my head around because I came out of the coma and all of a sudden, I didn’t even know where I was or how I got in the hospital and I had brain damage. My parents, family, and friends would tell me what happened to me, and then I would fall asleep and wake up hours later. I would have forgotten what happened to me. It took days for me to process and even get to understand what was going on.

The doctors called my parents in, one week after I came out of the coma. This is two weeks after the crash. One week after I came out of the coma, I’m starting to get my bearings and such and the doctors called my parents in and said, “We’re concerned with Hal’s mental and emotional well-being.” At that time, physically, everyone was saying I’m not going to walk again but my parents just wanted me alive after they almost lost me. The doctors said, “Every time we interact with Hal, he’s always smiling, laughing, and telling jokes to make us laugh.” They said frankly, “That’s not normal for a twenty-year-old young man who’s being told he’s never going to walk again to be happy, smiling, and laughing.”

They asked my parents if they would come and talk to me to get to the bottom of how I was feeling because the doctor said deep down, I was probably scared. I might have been sad or depressed, or possibly angry that this happened. They wanted to get me to admit those feelings. The therapist, counselor, and psychologist said they can work with me through this. My dad came in that day and I looked at him. I was watching television and I’m sitting. This is two weeks after I was found dead after I broke these bones. My leg is in a sling, my arms in a sling, and my eye is all sewn up with a bandage over it. My ear had been almost completely severed. It was sewn on.

I looked at my dad and he said, “Can I talk to you for a second?” I looked over and his face was red and his eyes welled up. I turned off the television and I said, “Dad, what’s wrong?” He said, “Hal, physically, the doctor said you’re stable,” because I had flatlined thrice more in that first week. He said, “They’re concerned with your mental and emotional well being.” I said, “What do you mean?” He explained their concerns and he said, “Hal, how are you feeling? It’s okay to be sad, scared, depressed, and angry. Those are normal emotions, but you have to admit it. You can’t pretend like everything’s okay.”

I went inside to consider what my dad was asking me and the doctors’ assessment. It only took me about 30 seconds, Jen, and I looked at my dad and I smiled. I said, “Dad, I thought you knew me better than that.” He said, “What do you mean?” I said, “Remember, I live my life by the five-minute rule,” that I learned in my Cutco sales training, believe it or not. I said, “It’s okay to be negative when things go wrong but not for more than five minutes. There’s no value in dwelling on something that is now in the past that you can’t go back in time and change. The only intelligent choice we have is to accept our life exactly as it is, be at peace with it, and focus on where we want to go and what’s in our control now to move in that direction.”

We were taught in Cutco to set a timer for five minutes when something would happen. By the way, this was milder adversity. No sales or canceled orders, or deals that fell through. We were taught to set a timer for five minutes and give yourself five minutes to feel the emotions. Bitch, moan, complain, cry, or punch a pillow, feel it. After five minutes, you take a deep breath and you turn the timer off. We were taught to say these three words, Can’t Change It. An acknowledgment, “I can’t go back in time and change it. Yes, it was horrible and unfair.”

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Many of us are suffering over things that happened not just 5 minutes ago, but 5 hours, 5 days, 5 decades ago. The memory of something that was unpleasant causes us pain. Here’s the big a-ha. We tend to think that we feel emotional pain based on the thing that we’re thinking about, “Of course, I’m upset. Look at what she said, what he did, what I lost, or what didn’t go my way.” The reality is all of our emotional pain is self-created by our resistance to our reality. It’s our wishing and wanting that something was different that we can’t go back in time and change. I said, “Dad, I can’t change that I was in a car accident. I can’t change that I broke eleven bones and I may never walk again.”

I said, “There are only two possibilities the way that I see this. Number one, the doctors are right and I’ll never walk again. I’ve already imagined if that is my future, I have already decided I will be the happiest and most grateful person you’ve ever seen in a wheelchair because I’m in a wheelchair either way. I will not let my circumstances define or determine my emotional well being. Possibly number one is I never walk again. If that’s the case, I’m happy and I’m grateful, and I’m in a wheelchair. The second possibility is I might walk again. I don’t know, but because that’s what I want, I’m focusing all of my energy, attention, and emotion visualizing and praying about what I want.”

I imagine walking every single day knowing that if I don’t walk again, I’ll be at peace with it. For everybody reading, realize that’s one of the greatest lessons that we can learn. To be truly at peace with our life, happy, and moving forward is to accept all things you can’t change unconditionally to give yourself that gift of inner peace. Focus all of your energy on maintaining unwavering faith in every possibility that you want for your life and doing everything in your power to move in that direction. You do both of those simultaneously. Accept the worst-case scenario and expect the best-case scenario, and move toward that. Don’t dwell on what you cannot change.

I had a retreat with my team and we talked about this resistance to forgive. They were constantly saying, “That was unfair. That was unjust. That shouldn’t have happened to me.” The reason why it’s powerful for me, going to The Miracle Morning every day for years and working on me, is during COVID, there was enough silence in my chaotic life of traveling and speaking. This is what a lot of people are going to go through. It’s because there’s enough silence around us, I finally had that breakthrough.

I was a nine-year-old child and my father was an alcoholic, and there’s a whole bunch of other things that are there. I was constantly going back and saying, “It’s their fault, and then my fault because I wasn’t perfect. If I were perfect, they wouldn’t be like that.” That’s five decades of me doing that. When I finally was able to release that, I have this air about me that walks around a little bit different and there was falseness there.

There was armor that I was able to poke holes in and then eventually fling it off. That’s what you’re talking about in The Miracle Morning. I want to ask you a question about that. I’m curious to know, of all of the books that you’ve written, which one touches your heart the most? You’re probably going to say, “The Miracle Morning because it’s my first.” Seriously, which one is the one that is like, “That was good and that’s going to touch more people than ever before?”

It’s definitely The Miracle Morning. The Miracle Equation, in some ways it touches my heart because I went through this cancer journey. I’ve been battling cancer. I’m cancer-free but that book was written out of how did I beat cancer and what can I share with other people? The Miracle Morning was part of that journey. The Miracle Equation was this unwavering faith and extraordinary effort. These two decisions that you make every day that enable you to create what I call tangible measurable miracles in your life. However, The Miracle Morning, in terms of impact, it’s the greatest contribution to humanity I’ve ever made.

Until further notice, my mission in life is to elevate the consciousness of humanity one morning at a time, and it’s by enabling people. Here’s why. I was talking to my movie team about this. We’re launching this documentary and we had a call about it. On the call, we started out writing down, “Launching this movie and getting The Miracle Morning to as many people as possible, why is that important for you personally? Why do you feel that’s important for other people? Why is that important for society or for the globe?” I had six people on the call and everyone shared and it was empowering. They all reminded me of how this changed their life, which is why they’re on the team.

MLM 268 | Miracle Morning

The Miracle Morning has become a global movement of millions of people who are passionate about waking up, elevating their own consciousness, fulfilling their own potential, and making an impact.


I didn’t just hire these people. They all came through this Miracle Morning community and came into my life. When you take time every morning and dedicate that time to getting quiet, reading your affirmations, meditating, focusing on what it is in your life that you want, who you’re committed to being, achieve what you want, and contribute what you want to the world. It gives you the space to raise your conscious awareness as to how every thought that you think, every word that you speak, and everything that you do impacts your life, the lives of every person that you touch, the lives of our society, and the planet.

Most of us, if we don’t have that practice in the morning, we’re not doing that. We wake up, go in, and eat the same thing we ate yesterday and watch the same thing. We keep repeating the same day over and over. By taking those 30 to 60 minutes in the morning, you’re able to get clear and get intentional with how you live your life, and then you see these amazing results. Ultimately for me, The Miracle Morning is the most impactful practice I’ve ever seen in my own life, the lives of the millions of people that are practicing it, and the thousands that have sent me personal messages.

You and I were talking in the green room about Brian Buffini who is the number one real estate coach in the country. I was being coached by him even though as a lender, which is a whole other story. That’s when I was introduced to you on stage when you were at one of his annual summits on his mastermind. I started putting The Miracle Morning into play and it was 1.5 or 2 years later that I was in the top 200 loan officers in the country. I can contribute that to Brian Buffini and his coaching. I can contribute that to The Miracle Morning because I got my head on straight every day. There’s a phrase for this, but I’m horrible with that. It says, “Where you focus is where you go.”

Where your attention goes, energy flows.

In any iteration of that. A lot of times, people in sales, entrepreneurs, and all of that, the attention are wherever someone’s pulling them the furthest. I talk about this all the time about slowing down to speed up instead of speeding up to slow down. If they could slow down in the morning and take even six minutes, which I’ve only done once, maybe twice. I’ve done the full thing all the time. If they could do that, then that energy would flow that way, and their chaotic lives, the lives that we’re all experiencing, we’re all sick. It’s part of it. That’s extremely powerful. For people that have not known this, can we dive into SAVERS? I have a specific question in V. If you wouldn’t mind sharing with us the concept of what The Miracle Morning is all about.

I heard a quote from Jim Rohn. He said, “Your level of success will seldom exceed your level of personal development.” The way that I equated that is on a scale of 1 to 10 if we’re measuring success that we want in every area of our life, not just business success, but success in our marriage and as a parent. On a scale of 1 to 10, we all want level 10. We want to be as happy, healthy, wealthy, and free as we possibly can. When I assessed my level of personal development on a scale of 1 to 10, it wasn’t at a 10. Back then, it was a 2 or 3. In 2008, I was struggling.

The disconnect for the majority of our society is we all want level ten success but if we are honest with ourselves at our level of personal development, “Yeah, there’s a big gap.” The way that I look at this is you’ve got to become a level ten version of yourself in order to create and sustain level ten of success, and that comes through daily personal development. I Googled best personal development practices and personal development practices of millionaires and billionaires. I Googled all these phrases around trying to figure out what are the best self-development or personal development practices, and I had a list of six.

At first, that overwhelmed me. I’m looking for the top number one. As I reviewed this list of six, read articles, and research each one, none of them stands above the other as more beneficial. They’re all equally beneficial. It just depends on who you ask. There’s an article on Fortune 500 CEOs who swear by meditation, and I would never correlate that. They attribute meditation to calming their nervous system and giving them clarity. Some of their best ideas that have moved their company forward have been in periods of meditation. As these six practices, I was about to throw in the towel because I was overwhelmed going, “I don’t know which one to do.”

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The epiphany and the light bulb moment was, “What if I did all of these? What if I woke up tomorrow and I did the six most timeless, proven personal development practices in the history of humanity that the world’s most successful people in all walks of life have sworn by for centuries?” Wouldn’t that be the ultimate morning ritual? It wasn’t until years later that I was writing the book and these six practices, which by the way, initially, were meditation, affirmations, visualization, exercise, reading, and journaling. I was writing the book and I was frustrated.

I went to my wife and I can picture this in the hall between my office and our bedroom. We cross paths and it was this defining moment. I go, “I don’t know what to do. I’ve got these six practices that I want to teach, but I didn’t invent any of them and there’s no way to connect them in a cohesive way. They’re just six random practices.” She goes, “Why don’t you get a thesaurus and see if you can swap any of the words for similar words and make it into an acronym that people could remember?” I kissed her on the face and I said, “Brilliant. Let’s try this.” Meditation became silence and journaling became scribing. Now you’ve got SAVERS, Silence, Affirmations, Visualization, Exercise, Reading, and Scribing.

I love the acronym because as I described in the book, these are the lifesavers. These are the six practices that if you do these every day, that will save you from missing out on the life that you want to live and that you deserve to live. Any one of these will change your life but when you do all six of them, you do see miracles. The change happens fast. You can’t believe it. It happened first for me but then I talked to my coaching clients, it also happened for them. That’s when I went, “If this works for me and it works for my coaching clients, and most of us weren’t morning people including me, this can work for anybody.”

Silence is your 5 or 10 minutes of meditation every morning. You can use an app, sit in silence, or go to YouTube and find a free meditation video. There are a lot of different forms of meditation, but the benefits of lowering your stress and calming your nervous system. For me, my best ideas are while I’m meditating so I have my journal right there because I always have to pause a meditation timer and then have to write down my idea to come to revisit later. I won’t give any hardcore training on these, but I will in a couple of them. I will do affirmations and visualization. Silence, my favorite form of meditation is something that I came up with called emotional optimization meditation.

Instead of just quieting your mind and following your breath, you begin your meditation by asking which emotional state or states do I need to be in now? Do I need access to? On any given day, it’d be happiness or gratitude but on certain days, if I have an important meeting coming up and I need confidence or poise. If I have a lot of stuff I need to get done and I need clarity and focus, those are the states that I will access in the morning. I’ll ask myself which state do I need to access, and then I will spend 5 or 10 minutes accessing that state and marinating in that state, if you will.

The way I’ll do that is, for example, if it’s gratitude, I’ll think about something that makes me grateful. I’ll get in the state, and then I’ll stay there and try to go as deep as I can. If I need confidence, I’ll think of a time as recent or distant past as I can when I was feeling confident. I’ll go there, visualize it, and imagine it. What that does is you’re conditioning those states so that you can ultimately, easily go there every day at will because you’re conditioning it in the morning. It’s like your exercise for your mind, body, and spirit. The A in SAVERS is for Affirmations, and this is an important one.

For most people, affirmations are misunderstood because they’ve been taught in this goofy way where it’s like, “Tell yourself something that you want to be true until you believe it.” “I am wealthy. I am healthy. I am thin,” if you’re overweight. Lying to yourself is never the optimum strategy. In the book, I teach three steps for affirmations. Number one, don’t affirm what you want or affirm something that’s not true. Affirm what you’re committed to. I am committed to blank. Number two, affirm why it’s deeply meaningful to you. Why is that a must? Why are you fully committed? Why is that crucial?

Number three, affirm which specific actions you’ll take and when. Now you’re not affirming some woo-woo, goofy, “I am amazing.” You’re affirming a commitment that you’ve made some outcome. You’re affirming why it’s meaningful, and then the actions you’re going to take. When you do that every day, you’re aligning your subconscious mind, conscious thinking, and behaviors with what it is that you’re affirming and what you’re committed to.

MLM 268 | Miracle Morning

Miracle Morning: It’s okay to be negative when things go wrong, but not for more than five minutes. There’s no value in dwelling on something that is now in the past that you can’t go back in time and change.


I’m sharing my daily affirmations book. It’s funny the way that you’re talking about that because I wake up not knowing about the emotional optimization meditation. When I get up in the morning, I have put my affirmation, some are my affirmation and some are quotes, but I’ve segmented them into the wheel of life, business, spiritual, or whatever. I get up in the morning and I don’t think, “What is my day like?” That’s interesting. I’m thinking, “What do I need the most today? Today, I need more business.” A lot of times it’s because of what happened yesterday. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today’s a present. That’s why it’s a gift.

A lot of times it’s like, “How did I feel yesterday? I need a little boost in business today. I need a little boost of spiritual today.” That’s where I do my affirmation. I did a little combining of them. For me, silence is prayer, and I do some reading in prayer, too. I’ve got a little bit of both. I want to talk about visualization. I know you’re going to get to it and stuff. I’m not a vision board person. I’ve even tried the vision board app and drop stuff in. While I do the visualization, I tend to talk to myself about imagine. Stage is where I used to be.

I’m in stages all the time, but my visualization is, “Imagine standing up on the stage and somehow, someway, there’s a light that flows around to one individual and I know that I’m making a difference in their life.” For me, I found that imagine helped me get through visualization. I am excited to ask you about how you get through visualization because a lot of people think, “I’m going to go cut up a bunch of pictures in a magazine and put them on a little postcard like I was a little kid. I’m going to look at it every day and it’s supposed to change my life.” There’s more to it than that, and I want to know it from you.

I call vision boards invisible boards unless you’re active, committed, and disciplined, they become background noise on the wall after a while. I’ve struggled with visualization. It’s been my most challenging of the SAVERS, which means I’ve had to figure it out since I wrote the book on it. First and foremost, for anyone reading this, consider that the world’s greatest and top athletes, from Olympians to Michael Jordan’s and Serena Williams of the world, swear by visualization. They visualize themselves performing at their best before the game starts.

When the game starts, they’ve already rehearsed. I call it mental rehearsal. That’s the best for me, my way of thinking of it. The problem with visualization is the way that we’ve been taught the whole vision board strategy, or which is just a form of visualizing the end result and that’s it. The problem with that is if all you do is visualize yourself at the end result, you’re missing the most important part, which is the process that will produce that result. The world champion athletes don’t just visualize yourself holding up a trophy.

They visualize themselves taking a jump shot with perfect accuracy. They mentally and emotionally rehearse. Here’s the two-step process for visualization. Number one, yes, visualize your ideal outcome because that fuels your desire and your drive to make it happen. It also enhances your belief. Something that right on day one might seem so far off that you can hardly even imagine it. If you visualize it every day, it starts to become more real and you become acclimated to that possibility becoming a reality. That’s step one. Yes, there’s value in visualizing the end result.

Step two though, and the most important step is bringing it to now. Ask yourself, “What do I need to do now to ensure that I’m moving in the direction of that outcome or result?” Visualize yourself like a movie. See yourself performing, whether it’s making sales calls or going on a run or engaging with your kids or whatever it is. See yourself doing that in a peak emotional state, and then feel those feelings. Here’s a real-time example. When I was training, I trained to run a 52-mile ultramarathon because I hated running and I had never run more than 1 mile, which was in high school when you had to. I hated running.

That was why I thought, “I want to challenge myself and get so far out of my comfort zone that I’d have to become a better version of myself to pull this off.” In fact, I still hate running. Once I finish the marathon, I’m like, “I’m done,” and I haven’t run since. I checked it off the bucket list. When I was training for the ultramarathon, I would first spend a few minutes visualizing myself crossing the finish line. I did have a printed off picture of the Atlantic City Marathon finish line so I knew what it looked like when you crossed it.

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You have to imagine what the atmosphere was going to be like.

It’s clear as your vision to be the better. I would do that, see it, and start to get excited. I would create that drive and desire to make it happen. The most important part of visualization is I would then bring it to now and I would visualize the alarm on my phone going off. I would hear it beeping and I would visualize myself picking it up, looking at it at 7:00 AM, and turning it off because that’s when I committed to run. I visualize pushing the button. I visualize myself going into my bedroom closet, getting dressed in my running clothes, walking through my living room, and opening the front door.

I remember this vividly. I always visualize myself smiling and in a rush of emotions as I opened the front door. I would see through my eyes the pavement and sidewalk, and I would usually affirm something like, “This is going to be a great run. I’m going to feel amazing. I’m becoming healthier and stronger and developing my stamina so that I can finish that ultramarathon and complete my goal.” I would visualize myself heading out and going on to the run.

Here’s what that mental rehearsal does in real-time. When my alarm went off at 7:00 AM, I didn’t have any of that resistance of, “I hate running. Maybe I’ll just skip.” Without even thinking, I picked up the phone, turned off the alarm, walked into my bedroom closet, got dressed in my running clothes, headed out the front door, and opened the front door. As you might imagine, I smiled and I was flooded with positive emotions that drove me to that run. That’s the power of visualization when it’s done in this manner.

Thank you for sharing that with me. I love being vulnerable because we’re not perfect. I like to say, “I get through these things every time.” I’ve wondered for seven years, maybe even longer than that, “Am I doing this part right?” I’m grateful that I have the opportunity to ask you directly. Let’s move on to exercise.

This isn’t rocket science, and I’m not going to give you a lesson in exercise. What I’m going to tell you is this. The benefits of morning exercise are imperative. They’re important. In terms of your mental acuity, your ability to think clearly, when you get blood and oxygen to your brain, you think more clearly. In fact, in The Miracle Morning movie, we interviewed Robin Sharma. If you don’t know who he is, he’s written dozens of leadership books and he’s one of the best-selling authors in the world. He said, “The benefits of morning exercise have been scientifically proven to last as long as thirteen hours after the exercise takes place.”

All I’m doing here is saying, “Don’t wait until the afternoon to exercise.” I’m not saying you need to go to the gym in the morning or go for 30 minutes to an hour-long. All you need is 5 to 10 minutes of getting your heart rate up. My morning exercise is I go for a bike ride around the neighborhood. Now I realize it’s gotten cold here in Austin, Texas. For me, I would do some stretching, and then I would do some jumping jacks. Even if you do a minute of jumping jacks in the morning, you mentioned the 6-minute Miracle Morning, you will be at a different level.

You’ll be awake, attentive, feel energized, and your breath will be flowing blood and oxygen to the brain. You’ve got to exercise even for a few minutes in the morning. The R in SAVERS is for Reading. We’re all one book away from learning something we need to learn to transform any area of our life. Do you want to improve your marriage? There’s a book for that. Do you want to be happier, healthier, wealthier, and want to be a morning person? There’s a book for that. Here’s a little math for all of us. If you read ten pages every morning, that’s 3,650 pages a year. That’s the equivalent of eighteen 200-page self-help books. Let’s say you did half of that, five pages a day. That’s almost a book a month.

MLM 268 | Miracle Morning

Miracle Morning: Affirmations are not about lying to yourself. You’re affirming a commitment that you’ve made some outcome. You’re affirming why it’s meaningful, and then the actions you’re going to take.


You’re going to separate yourself from the majority of societies. Less than 1% consistently read self-help books in our society. Hopefully, all of us start reading, but you want to separate yourself from where you were or the average person is. It’s gaining that knowledge that you can use to improve your life. The final S is for Scribing, which is a fancy word for journaling. Writing down what you’re grateful for in the morning and writing down your highest 1, 2, 3 at the most priorities for the day of that long ten-item to-do list. Get clear. What are the items that are going to make a difference? That’s the main journaling that I do.

The top three things I’m grateful for the day and the top three specific measurable actions I’m committed to taking that will make the biggest impact on my personal and professional life. Those are the SAVERS. Any one of them will change your life but all six of them are done in 30 to 60 minutes every morning or as little as six minutes if you’re busy, doing one minute each, that is The Miracle Morning. That’s what has enabled millions of people to transform any area of your life that you apply the SAVERS to. It still blows my mind to think that.

By the way, I’ve read The Miracle Morning 1,000 times. I tried to find my book so I can show you that I have it. It is dog-eared, highlighted, you name it. It’s ugly because I go back in and go, “Now I want this one,” so then I had to change different colors of highlighter to remind myself, “This is the stuff I want to do.” I was grateful that you’re scribing. It’s funny as an author, you think I’d love writing but I can’t write as fast as I think, so I get frustrated. I was happy when it was like, “Just do the bullet thing.”

Of course, I’m a high ID and I was thankful that that was a way I can scribe but for those that want to do more, this is the opportunity to take the time to do more. I was going to tell you also with exercise, during COVID, I’ve been gamifying everything. I make my tea in the morning, but I can’t drink it until I do fifteen push-ups. I start bringing it into my office and I go, “Now you can’t sit at your desk until you do a couple of planks.” I’ve been gamifying it myself to get that exercise up. I want to share that with everybody else. That’s interesting, too.

In my morning, I have what I call my mission time. I have to get my number one priority done in the morning to earn my smoothie. That’s similar.

That would be a good book, too. We got to figure out something like that. What I’m doing is gamifying it and saying, “You’ll get that tea until you do those push-ups.” Especially at my age now because I’m getting older, I got to do that and I have to do those two things. In The Miracle Equation, I read a little bit about it when I purchased it before I got it, you were saying that we’re just two decisions away from having everything we want. What are those decisions? Can you share a little bit about what we’re going to find in the book?

People that have read The Miracle Morning and then they saw The Miracle Equation come out if they followed my work, they would probably think, “He’s milking this miracle concept.” The irony is I named it The Miracle Equation and started practicing it roughly for seven years before The Miracle Morning was even an idea but I never thought it would be a book. When I was diagnosed with cancer, I was given a 30% chance of surviving. It was a rare, aggressive form of cancer. I was 37 years old. My daughter’s seven and my son was four. That was the scariest time in my life being told, “You have a 70% chance of dying and leaving your kids without a dad.”

On the day I was diagnosed, I’m racking my brain, “How am I going to beat this? What do I do? If statistically, I don’t have good odds, how do I transcend those odds?” There’s this thing called the Miracle Equation that I started practicing when I was in sales to break company records. I would use this formula to try to accomplish things that no one in the history of our company had ever accomplished before. That’s why I called it The Miracle Equation because I figured, “If you ever did something never done before, that’s a miracle.”

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I immediately remembered, “The way I’ve defied the odds in the past was using the miracle equation. That’s the only tool that I’m aware of that I can pull out and use to beat this cancer.” If you study the world’s most successful people from all walks of life, you will find that these are the two decisions that they make over and over again. It’s a way of living. You wake up every day and these are the two decisions that the world’s most accomplished and fulfilled people in all walks of life make. Number one, unwavering faith. You have to maintain unwavering faith that you can overcome anything and you can accomplish anything.

The faith is in yourself. It can be both in yourself and in a higher power. It can be in God or the universe or higher consciousness, or whatever you want to call it. That thing that’s bigger than all of us. That source of energy we can all tap into. For me, that’s God. If you think about this, when I was told I would never walk again, I had an unwavering faith that I could walk again. When I was told I was going to die from cancer, I had unwavering faith that I would beat cancer. In fact, I read an affirmation during my Miracle Morning every day that said, “I am committed to maintaining unwavering faith that I will heal myself from cancer and live to be 100 plus years old alongside Ursula, Sophie, and Helston, my family, no matter what. There’s no other option.” That’s what I call a miracle equation affirmation.

I am committed to maintaining unwavering faith that I will blank no matter what. There is no other option. When you read that over and over again every single day, you become that commitment. There is no other option, and it aligns your subconscious and your conscious mind. A lot of science is showing the mind and body connection. These two times, the doctors couldn’t explain how my body healed quickly. It’s not because I’m special. It’s because I focused all of my energy on that unwavering faith that I would heal.

The second decision is extraordinary effort. Once you’re maintaining unwavering faith, you can’t just sit back and stare at a vision board and think that things are going to magically change in your life. You have to put extraordinary effort. For me, extraordinary effort is defined as consistency. It’s not about working 80 hours a week and sacrificing your family to be an entrepreneur. This is about doing one thing every day that moves you in the direction of whatever your tangible, measurable miracle as in your biggest goal, your biggest dream, that outcome you’re committed to.

If you can maintain those two decisions, unwavering faith, and extraordinary effort, every day for as long as it takes to reach your goal, the only variable is timing. The Miracle Morning movie is releasing on 12/12/2020, and we’re doing a live online world premiere. My goal was for 10,000 people to watch the film. I don’t think I’ve ever had 10,000 people buy my book on day one or do anything on day one.

My team came back and they went, “Hal, we don’t want to stress you out but we think you’re thinking too small. You’re the guy that wrote The Miracle Equation. We want to have 100,000 people watch the movie on 12/12/2020.” To this day, it’s still hard for me to get my mind around that. I’m maintaining unwavering faith and I have an affirmation every day that says, “I am committed to impacting 100,000 lives with The Miracle Morning movie on 12/12/2020, because they need it now more than ever.”

In less than two hours. Add that.

The reason we made the film is because my mission is to elevate the consciousness of humanity. My friend, Nick, who’s a filmmaker came to me and he said, “Hal, what percentage of humanity read self-help books?” I said, “It’s 1%.”

There’s a statistic. I don’t know the exact number, but it’s sad. It’s like something less than 3% of adults read a book after high school. Everybody who’s reading this can get tickets. We want to make sure that everybody gets a ticket to this. You simply have to go to Let’s help support Hal in making sure that he gets to this 100,000 mark. If we share that with everybody we know, that would be great, too. You mentioned Jim Rohn. I’m a big Jim Rohn fan. I like all about him. Also, Les Brown because I had the wonderful opportunity to speak with him on stage and get to know him.

MLM 268 | Miracle Morning

Miracle Morning: We’re all one book away from learning something we need to learn to transform any area of our life.


When you think about quotes, what is a quote that moves you something that is embedded in you that is your go-to? I have a couple. Every day, this is an affirmation for me. I say, quote, but it could be an affirmation. I say, “Lord, take me where you want me to go. Let me meet who you want me to meet. Tell me what you want me to say and keep me out of your way. Amen.” That’s something that I live and breathe with. It doesn’t have to be work. It could be my grandkids and it could be anyone. Is there something that you always go back to and you’re like, “It’s true. I’m constantly looking at that.”

I have a lot of them, but one is, “Enjoy every moment.” As simple as that is. When you walk into my house, there’s a beautiful picture on the wall that says, “Enjoy every moment.” If you’re reading this, realize that everything that we do in life is we’re looking for joy and we’re looking for love. You could use different synonyms, but we’re looking to experience that feeling of joy. Most of us have these rules where we only allow ourselves to feel joy if things go according to plan.

Every day, part of my emotional optimization meditation is that state of joy. My default every day is to experience joy no matter what’s going on around me because ultimately, joy is dependent on what’s going on inside of you. There are people that have problems that are worse than ours that are happier. The right people that have figured out, “My outer world doesn’t determine my inner world. My circumstances don’t define how I feel inside.” Every day, I try to take a deep breath and smile and enjoy every moment.

Hal, everybody can find you on your website. Remind everyone about The Miracle Morning movie and make sure that everybody gets a ticket there and certainly get the book. You can get it on Amazon. It’s available there. Go up, get the book, and make the change. What are your parting thoughts that you want to leave with everyone?

Wherever you are in your life right now, always remember that it’s temporary. You can embrace the perspective that it’s exactly where you need to be to learn what you need to learn, in order to become the person that you need to be to create what you want for your life. Often, we wish we were further along and weren’t going through what we’re going through, but it goes back to enjoy-every-moment. It’s like, “You are where you are and you accept life exactly as it is to give yourself that gift of inner peace.”

When you are in that state of inner peace, then you can choose to enjoy every moment. From that place of joy, you can wake up every day, dedicate time to becoming the best version of yourself, and then going out throughout your day. You’re implementing, executing, and acting on that version of who you’re becoming. As you do that, you’re both optimizing your inner world while you’re optimizing your outer world. Both the inner and the outer start to mirror and reflect each other. To me, that’s living life in alignment, and that’s how it’s supposed to be lived.

That’s how you become significant because you’re giving to the world the gifts that you have. That’s exactly how it is. Hal, I want to say thank you. It is such an honor to have you here and to spend time with you. I’m all giddy. I’m trying to be a professional interviewer here. I want to say thank you for sharing this with my audience and the people that are reading because you’re bringing so much value to them through me and I appreciate that. I hope that you do well and I hope your cancer doesn’t come back. I hope that you live to be 101 and have your family with you. I wish you all the best.

Thanks, Jen. It means a lot. I appreciate you.

Thank you. Everybody, thank you for reading and taking time out of your day to share it with us. I hope that you have left with another a-ha moment and something that changes your life and moves the needle forward in your life, your business, or whatever you’re looking to do. We’ll catch you next time on this show.

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