The IGI Principles: The Power Of Inviting Good In Vs. Edging Good Out With Steve Rodgers

MLM 319 | Inviting Good In


When we’re stuck at work and drowned in the chaos of life, we often forget to realign with our spirit. The ideal world for most of us is one that is beneficial for all; successful, profitable, and at the same time, guided by our deepest values. However, it can be challenging for entrepreneurs to choose between maximizing profits and pursuing a deeper purpose. Steve Rodgers‘ “Inviting Good In” principle will serve as a blueprint on how we can “do well by doing good.” Steve joins Jen Du Plessis to talk about The IGI Principle and how not to let our egos get the best of us. Steve invites us to tap into our spiritual intelligence and nourish our personal and professional lives.

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The IGI Principles: The Power Of Inviting Good In Vs. Edging Good Out With Steve Rodgers

I’m so excited because I have a guest whom I met at Prosperity Camp, which is part of a Secret Knock with Dr. Greg Reid, and he was the publisher for my book, IMPACT, which was a big acronym book. I met Steve there and I said, “Steve, you have to be on the show.” There are a couple of reasons why. One is you were in real estate, and the other is that you are doing something cool in the form of spiritual intelligence.

Let me introduce you to everybody. You are the author of the Amazon bestselling book, Lead to Gold, and then soon to be launching the IGI Principles, which we are going to be talking about. That’s what I’m most excited about. You are the Creator of Alchemy Advisors, a coaching and consulting firm. You are the former CEO of Warren Buffett’s real estate side of his company in California.

I know that you work with purpose-driven individuals and high-end executives. What I want to talk about is one, your transition. I talk about this all the time because going from mortgages, you are like a robot. It’s very financial. It’s the transition that puts you into this mindset mode. Let’s talk about, first, your real estate background. What did you do? What were you excited about when you were doing that? Tell us a little bit about that.

Speaking of transitions, I switched in my late twenties from being in the restaurant, hotel, and entertainment business, comedy clubs, and dinner theaters, then became a real estate agent. When I was in my late twenties, I became a real estate agent. Real estate agent led to real estate management. I started managing real estate offices in Southern California, which eventually led to executive leadership. I kept climbing the ladder in the space of a real estate.

The companies kept getting larger and bigger names. My biggest and longest career path in the real estate space was Prudential California Realty, which was a franchise in Southern California owned by a couple, a man and woman named Stephen and Ida. They started with 8 or 10 offices when I had joined them in 1994. In our peak with a team, we grew that company to about 110 real estate offices. We were doing 36,000 transactions a year and $25 billion in volume.

It’s a tiny company that becomes a massive company. That got bought by Warren Buffett in 2000. I stayed on, and they groomed me to become the CEO. I stayed in that executive world of being the CEO of that company for five years. The transition happened into what I’m doing now because you remember 2008 and 2009 and the mortgage meltdown. You have probably had scars from that as well.

At that time, we were humming along 2006 and 2007. Everybody was making tons of money, and the real estate was booming. The market started turning, the mortgage meltdown, the shorts, the big fall, all of those things. I was tasked with downsizing more than half the company. In the next year or so, my team and myself had to close 45 of the 110 offices. We were laying off people and restructuring commissions. It was pretty brutal.

A week before Christmas in 2009, I’ve got pushed out. I had been there fifteen years, and they pushed me out and put the guy in under me who had made half the money I made. I said, “They just didn’t fire a CEO. They birthed an entrepreneur.” I went on to open my own company, which led to things that I’m doing now. It was this whole evolution. It wasn’t a chosen choice at the time but it was transitioned by a brick upside the head that caused me to go out and reinvent myself.

Sometimes that has to happen. That’s the same situation with me. The writing was already on the wall, and someone gave me the little push, and away I went. I totally get that. I want to stay in there because once real estate is in your nature or DNA, you watch it all the time. What do you see as what’s happening in 2022? There’s low inventory and lots and lots of competition. To the caliber that it is now, we have never seen this. We have seen low inventory with higher rates but certainly not with lower rates. What is your take on what’s happening in the real estate market now?

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If you look at some of the appreciations that are happening throughout the United States, it is unbelievable. The affordability factor for many people is real. It’s exciting if you were a seller but if you are on the buying side of stuff, it has been brutal for so many people that have gotten beat up in the market. I don’t see it continuing on that trend.

What’s happening with this Russian invasion, what’s going to be happening with oil prices, with gas, and some of the inflation stuff happening, it’s going to start cooling. We have already seen some signs of that. As you mentioned, inventory is so freaking low. We have never seen it this low. The supply and demand are going to be there. These last couple of years have put more awareness on real estate than ever before because of some of these stories. There is still not enough product for people that want them.

We are still going to be in a strong, stable market. It’s still unknown, though, what this war in these other countries is going to do. I remember back when it was the Gulf War in 1994, the real estate market crashed and went into the tank. It was brutal. I don’t foresee that happening per se. I don’t have the full crystal ball but what I see happening more on the real estate side on the buyer-seller side of the market, stabilizing things leveling out. Inventory is going to start building back up.

I’m working with a few different companies now that are going to build a product where they are doing manufactured homes that look like custom homes that they are buying land and putting it in that can be built quickly and offering affordable housing. Some of these prices on the luxury market have been through the roof because there’s a lot of crazy money out there that people have a lot of discretionary money. The rich did get richer over the last years like they always do.

If you own real estate, you are going to create your wealth.

What I did find, even though I’ve got out of the real estate space in a traditional way, for the last several years, I have been consulting. I’m outside looking in. I consult with tech companies, mortgage companies, etc. but no matter what, over many years, I have been in real estate. I don’t care if I’m at a cocktail party, a beach, a kid’s event or somewhere. Everyone wants to talk about real estate. It’s something people want to own more of. They want to know what it’s worth.

These conversations, if you are in real estate, mortgage or anything like that, are something that is always in demand. What I see happening is equally as interesting to me is what’s happening with the players in real estate. You look at who used to be the big boys and the dominant real estate companies, and technology has changed the game. There are brands that are in the top 2 or 3 in the country which weren’t even here for several years.

No brick and mortar. I’m seeing a lot of that, too. Thank you for sharing that. It’s funny because my husband and I have a little over $1 million of equity in our house, and it drives me crazy that it’s there but I don’t want to do a cash-out and bring on the debt and stuff because I want to move. Our problem is, where do we go?

MLM 319 | Inviting Good In

The IGI Principles: The Power of Inviting Good In vs. Edging Good Out

All that equity, I don’t know if I want to go on that buyer side, play that game and be in that sandbox. We don’t know where we are going to go. I appreciate you giving us a little bit of insight on that. It’s interesting because I’m constantly looking at markets all the time because of being in the mortgage industry.

I don’t ever leave it. It’s in your blood. I act like it’s a start only because it happened to me. I was like, “What’s his woo-woo stuff?” I don’t even use that word anymore. It’s all mindset but all those woo-woo stuff I was seeing, I was like, “This stuff is so foreign to me,” because being in an industry that’s so robotic and financial, this was all new stuff for me.

I thought, “I don’t know if I want to tap into this. Why do I want to go that way?” A few years later, I’m so thankful that I have. It’s grown me and my exponentially. I have always been faithful. When you say spiritual, I get it but where was the tipping point for you that said, “There’s more to life than climbing some corporate ladder, having the corner office, and making a ton of money?” What happened in your life that made that switch for you, if it did?

It was a gradual burn, if you would, meaning it was always in that pot of water that’s starting to heat up on the stove slowly, and then it came to a boil. I was brought up with very devout Catholic parents. Luckily, my parents are still alive and great but they brought up the importance of me having something believing in higher than myself. For them, it was the Catholic religion. As a kid and into my early teens, that was what I took on as well because that was what my parents introduced me to. What it did, though, is I realized it was not my internal beliefs. It didn’t ring full true with me but I did know that it turned me into a seeker.

What it turned me into was a voracious learning machine, and I’m a guy that barely graduated high school. Even though I became a Warren Buffett CEO, I’m a guy that barely graduated high school and moved down my house when I was seventeen. I went to a few years of college but I never finished college, and I was always hungry for learning. I have always had a coach and gone to workshops and seminars.

In those workshops and seminars in my late teens and early twenties, things like Think and Grow Rich, Tony Robbins, and positive thinking, that led to, “Yes, positive thinking. Yes, affirmations. Yes, all that stuff,” but then what’s beyond that? Beyond that is the spiritual connection of that. I started studying Eastern philosophies, Eastern religions, Western religions and became a junkie about learning about different cultures and people.

Some of the things that were a wake-up call. I had a few near-death experiences where I almost died a couple of times for different reasons of playing too hard, alcohol use, different things in my early days. That had me another brick upside the head like I was talking about when I’ve got fired, and it caused me to become an entrepreneur. I was climbing that corporate ladder. I was 38 to 40 years old. I have the car, symbols, house, and all the stuff but I was drinking like a fish. I had a bleeding ulcer. I almost died and ended up in the emergency room.

I had already been on this spiritual quest, and it caused me to reevaluate my life. I quit drinking alcohol, and I haven’t had a drink for many years but that quest got me on a path of, “What’s important? What am I here to do? What is life all about? What is higher energy? What is a higher power? How do I define my spirituality?” It became part of my daily and weekly integration of learning and growing.

What a beautiful story, and congratulations on your sobriety. I love that. My father was an alcoholic, so I understand that world and that life. When did you write Lead to Gold? Was that after you had left Warren Buffett as well?

I left Buffett’s company in 2009, and then I opened in 2009, and it’s still the worst real estate market that existed in a long time. I opened my own real estate company. I had about 10 offices within 2 years. I went from getting fired to saying, “Anybody wants to follow me?” A bunch of people followed me, and I opened up my own company. For five years, I ran my own company, escrow, title, mortgage, the whole bit, and then several years ago, I was not feeling fulfilled and complete in that either. I was still hungry to grow.

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I decided to sell parts of my company, phase out part of my company. I dismantled a bunch and sold parts of it. I then started this company called Alchemy Advisors. It is about transition and transformation, and it is about turning lead into gold. Paulo Coelho wrote a famous book called The Alchemist, which is about turning lead into gold spiritually and mentally.

Several years ago, I decided that I wanted to completely reinvent myself and not be in the real estate space. I wanted to take all the things I had learned over the years from mentors, coaches, guides workshops and adapt that into businesses. It’s not just in real estate but I wanted to make sure that their common factor was they had to be purpose-driven people and businesses. If they wanted to also be more productive, profitable, and on purpose, I wanted to find out how I could possibly help them and convert my skills into either consulting or coaching.

I then wrote the book from Lead to Gold and went on the speaking circuit, and started traveling globally and domestically. That led to what I do now, which is consultant and coach. I have been able to do that with people that are looking to make a difference. Some of them are in traditional businesses but they are doing traditional business in a unique way that’s more purpose-driven. The last book that I launched, The IGI Principles, is a spiritual leadership book. It uses the word God and spirituality. It uses all of those phrases that some people tiptoe around. I have been evolving myself.

I love that your books are progressing with you. What’s great about that is that people who are reading could say, “I’m not ready for IGI but maybe I want to know how I can do some transformation.” They are calling the Great Resignation this time that we are in now. There are many people who are resigning, whether forced or not or whatever the reasons behind it, many people are resigning. This is where people are having so much more transformation than we have ever had before exponentially.

You did the first book and then you said, “That’s not enough. I have transformed even more. I have gone and done some research on different religions and modalities of religions. There’s much more than I need to say about this.” Why do you feel that leadership needs to be purpose-driven? In the past, it wasn’t, and there were big companies. What is the reasoning behind why you feel that leaders need to tap into some spirituality to get where they want to go?

What I have found is that most people that I have met or talked to that are at a success level or want to be successful are yearning to eventually make a difference or make a difference now. I’m like, “Why do you want to be rich? Why are you rich?” Ultimately, what comes in that is, “I want to make a difference.” People say that, or people are spiritually or religious-based but they don’t feel comfortable enough to talk about it in their workplace. It’s almost like they lead two different lives.

What I wanted to do is have people come out of the closet, of the spiritual discussion, if you would. We talk about emotional intelligence, intellect, IQ, and EQ. To me, spiritual intelligence became more forefront to talk about it openly because of some of the things that you mentioned, COVID, the global world. Mother Nature said, “You don’t think you can slow down? Let me show you. You don’t think you can work from home and spend more time with your families? Let me show you. You don’t think you can change your life? Let me show you.”

The entire world, not just United States, has had a global pandemic that has shaped things, and the book was in process way before that but what I found is that when I met all these successful people, many of them said, “I thought it would feel different, have more, and feel more fulfilling.” That’s when they start seeking spirituality. I’m even thinking about Steve Jobs, who was very controversial but very wealthy and successful. Towards the tail end of his when he got cancer, he started becoming more of a giver than a jerk to people at times. He got stuff done.

MLM 319 | Inviting Good In

Lead to Gold: Transition to transformation

In some of the college commencement speeches that he did, he gave out the Paramahansa Yogananda Autobiography of a Yogi book about spirituality. I have found is that I didn’t want to be the guy that got to the tail end of my life and said, “I wish I would have spent more time with what created me, and my beliefs about that.” I’m not here to teach and profess religion to anybody.

I call myself a spiritual mutt. I have a mixed philosophy. I believe there’s more than one path to a higher power than 1 religion or 1 spirituality but I want the conversation to happen because you go into some of these companies, and people talk about the mission and vision statements. Our younger people no longer respect authority just because it’s authority.

People are questioning, asking why, and at the end of the day, when you keep going, “Why,” to me, at the bottom of all that, is always a spiritual something. That can be Mother Nature, God, Krishna, Buddha or Jesus Christ. It doesn’t even have to be defined to that. It is believing in something higher than yourself and being of service. You have been to a lot of workshops and you, yourself, are a servant leader.

Servant leadership, to me, is one of the highest things that people can do, and being a servant leader in an own self is a spiritual act. It’s giving to others for the purpose of giving. It became something I was compelled to do it. I can no longer not do it. It’s what lights me up the most. It’s where I feel most fulfilled.

You and I talked about this when we first spoke. I’m Catholic, and I don’t anymore belong to something called CBN, which is the Catholic Business Network. It was a network of business owners, high-end, big-time business owners, and small business owners coming together. We were all talking about FIAT, which is with the Blessed Mother, and she appeared to people.

We broke down that acronym because I’m all about acronyms. We called it Faith In Action Testimonial. Every time that we had a meeting, someone would stand up and say, “Who has a Faith in Action Testimonial?” We are able to incorporate our faith into our daily lives in business without running around and saying, “Here are pamphlets for that religion and this religion,” but to be able to do God’s work on a daily basis. That’s what the universe works, whatever you may call it. Let’s talk about IGI. Share with us the acronym for this.

I know you love acronyms, so I figured you would like that one. One of the other people that I read along the way beyond Tony Robbins, Napoleon Hill, Paramahansa Yogananda, the Bible, the Torah, and all of those things, was Wayne Dyer, who many people know. He since passed a few years back but Wayne started out as a psychologist and evolved himself into becoming a spiritual psychologist, and then became a spiritual writer, speaker, and leader. He was on PBS, traveled the world, on Oprah, and talked about this stuff.

He talked a lot about the ego. He said, “It’s when you are edging good out or edging God out. We all have egos, and we constantly fight with this light, dark side of ourselves. Sometimes the ego is necessary. To put it bluntly, the ego does get things done. The ego drives and propels us. There is a balance. There’s a necessary act for it. I thought, “I’m here climbing the corporate ladder in my late 20s and 30s. I’ve got to have the car and the right briefcase, pen, cologne or whatever.”

I was in my ego but I was still on a spiritual quest. I was this ego-driven guy but still reading spiritual books on my time off but Wayne said, “Ego is edging God out.” I said, “What is the opposite? I’ve got to remind myself that every day,” because I’m in my ego a lot. I still am but I was more in my ego at the time. I said, “That would be then inviting God, good, grace or greatness in.”

I wrote down IGI. I thought, “That’s like Iggy.” At the time, Will Smith, one of the rappers, singers, big movie stars, had a song out called Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It. I thought, “This is my IGI.” It was for myself. It was my personal mantra that when I was in my daily affirmations, I was in walking to a meeting talking to my wife or my children, I would ask myself internally, “Am I an ego or am I an IGI? Are my decisions coming from ego or IGI?”

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It became part of my DNA, and then I started writing down for myself principles about my IGI. “What is my Inviting Good In? What’s the principle?” I started writing these down, and then I realized I wanted to write a book about this. Several years ago, I saved all these domain names. IGI, Got IGI, Get IGI With It, IGI Principles, IGI Seal, and I tucked it away and said, “I’m going to do something of that someday.” That someday now came the last year, 2021, and I wrote the book.

What was cool about the book is not only is it a book that I put out to the world but it’s also a multimedia book. Each chapter has a QR code or a video link. If you are in digital, it takes you to a 2 or 3-minute video. It also has a pre-written social media swipe. It’s become a multimedia book, which was different also in the evolution of what I was doing in the current day that people are digesting information.

How many principles are there?

There are eight principles, and they range from things like the power of forgiveness, gratitude, paying it forward, prayer and meditation, so the principles come back down to the golden rule. We have all heard that for years but what I did is I took the principles of the eight principles and applied them in examples of how you would tie that into business with your team. I gave examples of how you would tie that at the board table.

People think about forgiveness with their family or spouse but people don’t always think about forgiveness in the workplace and forgiving coworkers, clients, competitors, and what the power of forgiveness does, gratitude or paying it forward. I took these principles and applied them to a business sense environment. For me, it is part of my daily DNA.

We have business plans where we work on our HR department, legal, revenue projections, units, profit, our EBITDA. I now help business leaders tie in these principles into their own spiritual intelligence and into things, whether it’s their training, meetings or agendas when they have meetings with people, mission statements, that it’s tying in these kinds of concepts.

They are being talked about at the meeting. They are talking about these topics. It becomes part of the DNA of the company as a factor as if you would about morale. Companies talk about my morale is my company. To me, that’s probably because there’s not a lot of IGI going on there. It’s probably a lot of ego driving people to feel isolated and separated.

It elevates the culture, community, tribe, and stickiness of people not leaving because now they are like, “I can’t get this type of feeling,” because it will be a feeling, emotion or a sense of purpose, as you say, at the next company. It allows for that to evolve within that company, expand that company and the people inside of the company at the same time.

When you are asking your receptionist, operations manager, CEO, marketing director, “What is their own IGI? What’s their purpose is about? What do they value? What do they have their biggest fears about? Where are they struggling in their life? Where are they wanting to evolve? Where’s their hole in the soul? Do they have a hole in the soul that they don’t feel fulfilled and empty?”

MLM 319 | Inviting Good In

Inviting Good In: Believe in something higher than yourself and be of service. The highest thing a person can do in an authoritarian position is to be a servant leader.


What you can find out those kinds of discussions and people look at you like you are crazy like, “Why are you asking me that you are my boss, peer or whatever?” It’s amazing how people open up when you ask, “What were your biggest challenges in this last month that caused you to feel not as fulfilled in your life or business? What can we do to help fulfill part of that with you?” Maybe someone wants to be in another department or career. Maybe a coworker offended them a hard way. Maybe the company took a stance on something that was offensive. Maybe the ego of the leader is so about me that the team is not feeling included.

It opens up these conversations throughout the organization that becomes awareness. Even on the agenda, I tell people about putting IGI moments. Talk about what the IGI moment was for each person in that week, and then go on to talk about your sales projections and the next thing. It’s not like, “I’m so airy-fairy or woo-woo that I don’t know people have to make a profit and money.”

This is a top-down process that you are talking about. When the leader starts leading in that manner, then they welcome everyone else. This is something I talk about with my coaching with my clients too, as you said, “Here’s our vision statement. Here’s where we want to go. Here’s a mission statement. The why we are doing and then the how we are going to do it,” but no one ever asks them what they want.

I learned this from Jeff Hoffman. One of the things that he did was ask his clients, “What are some of your goals?” One of the guys said, “My goal is to provide my mom with a house.” He said, “Let’s get you more education, so you can move up the ladder and get more opportunities. Let’s create a bonus system for you so that you can make more money.” Having that be his focus rather than the profits, the profits came. The profits came behind that.

He was there when that employee’s mother drove up to the house and said, “Why are we here?” They said, “This is your home.” He has it on video and everything. “Here’s your home, and we even furnished it for you. We brought things in from your house.” It’s super powerful because that’s exactly what you are talking about. It doesn’t have to be bottom-up. It can be top-down or all kinds of ways but I love that. What’s next for you? What’s on the docket for you moving forward in what I call the soaring twenties?

Some of my advising consulting has led to being on a few boards of a few digital currency companies and crypto things. Just as real estate wants to be part of all environments, which we talked about earlier, this new horizon of a new internet type thing is coming in the metaverse, and Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, is the next.

It’s when we went from dial-up to high-speed internet before we even had websites. “What’s the internet?” Like this happened in COVID, this complete shift of the world dramatically accelerated the technology that was already probably going to come by ten years. For my consulting and coaching standpoint, these virtual experiences, virtual doctor’s appointments, and digital currency, I’m going to be playing more in that space and bringing spiritual intelligence conversations to that.

I have also started my own podcast video show. I’m having the IGI Principles, which will be in that show but it’s called The Alchemy of Business. I’m interviewing leaders throughout the world. You are going to be on my show here very soon. I’m excited to have you on. I’m talking to leaders who are doing great things in leadership, business development, sales, philanthropy work or whatever it might be, and how do they get to that level, and what are their failures, challenges, and IGI moments. That is going to be both video and audio. It’s going to be on about 40 or 50 different stations.

From that, I plan to do some work with other collaborative leaders I have already been speaking to who want to take their companies into a test case of using IGI Principles. My goal is to do what I’m doing. I love what I’m doing. I’m more of a consultant than I am a coach. I would like to get back on the speaking circuit. Before COVID, I liked being out traveling the world, speaking, and traveling. I want to have that happen but my goal is to have this spiritual discussion of spiritual intelligence be a bigger part of what I do. That’s going to be moving forward and putting that in more companies and businesses.

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It’s your purpose and vision. Vision changes lives. When people have the vision, it changes lives. Everybody that we follow like Mother Teresa, Oprah, and whatever, have these big visions and people naturally follow when they see that someone is chasing much bigger than them, and they want to be part of it. I see this as a great movement. I’m so excited for you. Maybe you are going to go down in history like Jim Rohn with all his principles and Think and Grow Rich principles.

That would be awesome. Jim Rohn is amazing. If that happened, which I would love to, it’s because more and more people learned and listened about their own connection to spirituality, paid it forward, and did something with it. If I look at that from an ego, IGI standpoint, sometimes when I’m doing social media or I’m looking to do these things, I go, “Am I doing that from ego or IGI?” I also realized like in a company, if you don’t make a profit and don’t keep making a profit or if you are in a nonprofit and trying to raise funds, currency, and money, that’s why it’s called currency. Currency is energy. It makes the world go round.

For me, getting these statuses, labels, awards or recognition of a Tony Robbins or Jim Rohn would be enough because people believed in the messaging and then went out and bettered their lives. I can take that on, that badge on pride. What’s great about it as you said, “This is my purpose.” There’s no end to it. This is something in school systems. I’m also part of the Global Junior Achievement Organization that helps ten million kids throughout the world.

IGI principles can be in schools, businesses, startups, and the government. Just as we have artificial intelligence that’s almost everything now, it’s in your app, phone, and communication, artificial intelligence has become more and more. I would love spiritual intelligence to be an elevated awareness that our kids, our grandkids, and our generations are part of the awareness.

We respect each other for whatever their own definition of their spiritual intelligence is but at least it’s at the table being talked about, implemented, and lived on an ongoing basis. Not like in the closet behind the scenes because we are afraid that someone is going to bash us because of our spiritual-religious beliefs. We are not pushing out on someone else. We are enlightening them about who we are, and hopefully, our light helps shine more light on making them feel better about who they are and what they do. That’s unlimited work. I can do that until I’m in a wheelchair, pushing myself down an aisle, and going into the senior buffet line.

At some point, you will be able to type, talk, listen in with your eyeballs or something. It will go on for infinity. I love that you are working in the metaverse and stuff. It’s so funny. As we were at the Prosperity Camp and you left but I don’t know if you were there or not. Someone said, “We need someone to guide us through this,” and immediately, while we were sitting there, I went on and bought a concierge metaverse, metaverse concierge, MetCon, ConMet. I did a bunch of that to buy concierge service for the metaverse if someone wants to buy the website.

It’s going to be big. You are going to be glad you did that at some point.

I was part of eXp Realty, and they already have a metaverse. Going into their metaverse, I knew you needed a concierge to come and help you show you the way and around. “Let me show you the place.” I’m excited about that, too. It has been great having you on here. I could talk to you forever. I want to ask you what you would want to leave to our readers. If there is something that you would like to leave, if it has something to do with your book or your movement, or not, what’s on your heart that you would like to leave with everyone so that they have some type of action that they could be taking after reading this?

Thank you for that. The one that comes to mind is one of the principles in the book. It’s the one that I found released the most energy for me and all that I did and do, and that is the power of forgiveness. I would ask the readers to think about their lives now, whether it’s a mother, father, brother, sister, uncle, who have you not talked to in a long time because you are mad at them or you can’t forgive them for something or vice versa? Someone else is mad at you or thinks you have done them wrong, and they can’t forgive you.

MLM 319 | Inviting Good In

Inviting Good In: The power of forgiveness heals relationships, unlocks many doors, and takes a huge burden off of your life.


I can go find ways to heal those relationships. It doesn’t mean those relationships have to continue on, and you have to be best buddies after that. That’s not the case. What I found is a power of forgiveness, of governments, organizations, people, family members or others unleash so much power for me that I never realized it was one of the best gifts that Mother Nature has given us.

I would ask the readers, who in your life now is that person for you and who is that other person you need to forgive, and who needs to forgive you? If you spent the next week finding ways in yourself, through meditation, prayer, the counsel of a friend or whomever to go find ways to heal, that relationship that unlocked so many doors of creativity. It takes a burden out of your life.

The monkeys fall off your back.

It could be something from several years ago that you have hung on to. “I tucked that away. I haven’t even thought about it. It’s in the past.” My own experience of stuff that I knew I needed to forgive someone for or I needed to ask their forgiveness, even if it was long ago, and I said, “Out of sight, out of mind,” when I took the time to do it, it’s one of the most powerful things. I do that now on a weekly and monthly basis. I take internal inventory, “Who do I need to forgive, and who needs to forgive me?” That act alone in business or personal life has been one of the best gifts I can advise anyone in doing.

It’s powerful. The timing is perfect because I have someone very specific in mind now. You get your feathers up, and you are not ready. For me, it’s not that I won’t forgive. It’s that I’m not ready. Does that make a difference?

I totally understand that.

It totally wears on you. It’s like a constant grind. Sometimes you have to swallow some pride and suck it up and call people and say, “What’s going on?” Pretend like it didn’t happen if that’s what it is but let it go. Steve, it has been great having you on here. What is the best way for someone to reach you?

I would say the best way is When I found out Captain America’s name was also Steve Rogers, and it’s his alias, I was like, “I will take that.” I’m on social media, and that’s all at the bottom of my website and stuff but that’s probably the best way. That will get to the IGI stuff. I have my corporate site, which is

Both are great because we have a lot of business owners and a lot of owners of large companies, and small business owners too and salespeople reading. They could go to their managers and say, “We need to shift or a change in our business. Something has to give.” Thank you so much for being on the show. It was a pleasure getting to know you even more. I hope you are bringing books to Secret Knock, and if you aren’t, please bring one for me. I would love to have a signed copy of it.

Thank you for joining us and for taking time out of your day. There’s some gratitude for you right there. I hope this has been beneficial for you and that you have some action items that you can take and run with. Last but not the least, please be sure to subscribe to this show as well as our YouTube channel. We look forward to talking to you again soon. Thanks for joining.

Thank you, Jen and everyone.


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MLM 319 | Inviting Good InSteve Rodgers, Author of Amazon #1 Best-selling book “Lead to Gold,” soon to launch book “The IGI Principles,” and creator of Alchemy Advisors coaching and consulting firm, is a former Warren Buffett CEO who experienced a radical spiritual transformation that has evolved into a new mission as a purpose-driven consultant and entrepreneur coach, indemand international keynote speaker, and bestselling author. Steve specializes in helping business owners and leaders increase profits while bringing spiritual intelligence into every aspect of their personal and professional lives to invite in success, fulfillment, and abundance beyond their wildest dreams. He recognizes himself as a spiritual being having a human experience whose purpose is to help individuals discover their purpose and maximize their highest good in life and business. Steve lives near San Diego with his wife and trusted golden retriever. When not coaching and consulting, he enjoys bike riding, yoga, meditation, and spending time with his children and grandchildren.


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