The Future of Investing with Jens Nielsen


In this episode of Mastering the Drop, join Jen and guest, Jens Nielsen as Jens explains why Multifamily Investing is a great way to secure your financial future.
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The Future of Investing with Jens Nielsen

Hey everyone. Welcome back to this episode of Mortgage Lending Mastery. I’m your host, Jen Du Plessis, and today with me I have Jens Nielsen. I’m happy to have you on the show. Welcome


Thanks, Jen. I’m excited about today’s conversation.


Thank you. I, you know, I am too. But, uh, before we get started, I wanna talk, I just wanna make sure that we introduce you properly. Um, and, uh, for those of you, of you that have been listening for a while, you’re. You’re probably wondering why have I brought so many real estate investors on, and why have I brought so many people that are investing in multi-family and syndications and whatnot, And we’re trying to spread those out here in our podcast.

But the key thing here, as you all know from the 10 years that we’ve had this podcast, is that I’m looking out for your future as much as I am about your present. And I feel that in the industry of mortgage lending, Real estate investing obviously, and then real estate, um, and agents, right? Real estate agents, that it’s important for you to look to the future and to invest in the product that you’re selling and that you’re participating in.

And so often I see people not doing that. So this is the opportunity for me to just do the repetition for you to finally get it. And I know that that’s what, um, uh, Jens is all about here today. So he immigrated from Denmark in 1996, um, after a successful career in IT. And he is currently the owner and general partner of over 2000 apartment units around the country across from 27 different deals, which is a lot.

I know a few syndicators who’ve done less than 10. You know, um, Jens has also, uh, passively invested in 10 syndications himself spanning over 1200 apartment units, 2000 mobile home, uh, park lots, which by the way, that’s really starting to kick in and over 6,000 storage units, plus mortgage note funds and private money lending.

That’s awesome. His mission is to get more people to invest in private, uh, placements for the strong cash flow and equity growth, and his company’s mission is to open doors, to secure your financial future through multi-family investing. And that’s the name of his company, open Doors Capital, not withstanding all that, he is also a coach, a life performance coach.

So we’re gonna talk about a lot of things here today, uh, Jens. And as you listen to your own bio, what, what resonates with you? What comes out and says, Oh yeah, that’s right, I do that. Or, Ooh, that’s my favorite part. What resonates for you in your own bio?


Oh man, it’s, It’s so exciting, right? Because I have a long career in it and I was never an entrepreneur.

I was never much of an investor outside of my 401k. So just listening to all the things that has changed in the last seven or eight years, just amazing. Right? You know, when you say 27 deals and I think six, seven years, I’d never even done a real estate deal outside buying my home. So, Just the scaling and the ability to work with partners and other things and grow to this.

It’s just been an amazing experience. I think that’s . It’s like, is that really me? You’re talking about , right?


Right. So tell us a little bit, why is this so popular? Like I said, I’ve had several people on that, that are doing syndication. I myself have invested in two already. Wait for the next one to come around.

I can’t wait. Um, but why is this so popular right now and what are you seeing for the future of investing in syndication based on where it is now? Cuz I know there’s a little bit of a transition going on and I’m hoping that you’ll bring it up and if not, I’ll bring it up too. But I just wanna see, you know, why is it so popular?


Yeah, I think, you know, one of the things, a lot of people want to invest in real estate and traditionally people buy a house or a duplex or a fourplex or something. That’s how people got enga involved in it. But then people realize that’s a lot of work. It requires, you know, hands on and property management and all these things and, and then people like, Yeah, that’s too much work.

And they either just sell it. Or they don’t really, you know, do a good job. So I think syndications have been a way that people can participate in the real estate investing world. Private placements without having to do the work themselves. Right. So, you know, you can’t buy it on a stock market. You can’t, It has to have, like, you have to have a private connection with somebody who’s doing it.

So you suddenly get all the benefits of it without all the layers and. Obscurity of Wall Street and so forth, right? So I think it’s a great way for people that are busy to get involved in real estate investing and I think that’s why it’s become popular. And then the laws changed, you know, with the Jobs Act, I think it came in place, you know, six, eight years ago, whenever that was, suddenly it became easier.

So there, it’s easier to do it now and so forth. So the rules change too, making it more, um, attractive to people for sure.

Yeah. Yeah.

So, you know, I, I mean, I, I hear with what you’re saying because it’s easier. I mean, definitely in the mortgage space, it’s more difficult to qualify for an investment loan. You have to have 30% down, uh, you know, on the whole purchase , right?

30% down on the whole purchase. Uh, you know, you have to have great credit reserves, and you have, and then, Save again to do it all over again. And then meanwhile, while you’re saving, you’re getting those phone calls at night, you’re having to deal with things. Um, the question I guess I have is let’s talk about, um, the, the actual investment and then the return on the investment and what that looks like because there’s such a variety of, you know, I was just presented with three different syndications last week alone.

One came in the mail in a big, thick 50 page book, which I couldn’t believe and. I mean, it was beautiful, but , you know, so, so what, what happens with that money? Because one of the benefits of owning, you know, an individual, you know, investment property is that the equity growth that you have in that property is really good.

And so when we’re looking at retirement, we’re looking down the road and saying, you know, at some point I might wanna get out. Thing when I get too old to go over and fix toilets, you know? But I’ve got a lot of equity that I can pull on, pull in. So how does that weigh in syndication?


Yeah, it almost works the same way, right?

When we go and do a syndicated deal, we just buy a much larger, you know, a hundred or 200 unit apartment complex, and we have to, you know, bring in 20 or 30% of the down payment plus the money to fix them up the CapEx. But then as an investor, you get a ownership share, percent proportional share. Of that property, and then you are entitled to cash flow along the way depending on how it’s structured.

And then you’re entitled to a portion of the capital gains whenever we sell the property in the end. So it almost functions the exact same way as owning that single family house or whatever it is. But you don’t have to do the work yourself, right? You get to participate in a bigger deal. You know, you have that scale, you have that, um, scalability there, and you can get exposure in a market that you may not live in.

Right? If you live in California and you try to buy a home, it’ll never ever cash flow, right? Maybe you want to invest in the Midwest, but you don’t wanna go and try to buy a single family home…..

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About Jens Nielsen

Jens immigrated from Denmark in 1996, and after a successful career in IT, Jens followed his passion for real estate and coaching and is now a full-time real estate investor and high performance coach. He is currently an owner or General Partner in over 2,000 apartment units around the country, across more than 27 deals.

The locations of the investments range from growth markets like Atlanta, GA & Phoenix, AZ, to cash flow markets like Albuquerque, NM, Cleveland, OH, and Erie, PA.

Given his long IT and management background, Jens focus on underwriting, capital raising, IT solutions, and asset management for his deals.

Jens has also passively invested in 10 syndications/private investments, spanning over 1200 apartment units, 2,000 mobile park lots, and over 6,000 storage units plus mortgage note funds and private money lending.

His mission is to get more people to invest in private placements for the strong cash flow and equity growth. His company’s mission is to “Open Doors to your secure
financial future through multifamily investing.”

Jens is passionate about teaching and helping others achieve success. He is a Certified High Performance Coach and uses his knowledge and skills to coach and train new students in multifamily real state investing. In the past two years, Jens has coached over 60 students.

He lives in New Mexico with his wife and two dogs. When he is not looking for the next deal, Jens rides his bike, skis, or hikes.

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