Taking Action, the Key to Success


In this episode, Jen sits down with returning guest, Brandon Barnum as they discuss how he took action to create the success he has today! Brandon shares a bit about his journey to becoming CEO of HOA.com.
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Taking Action, the Key to Success with Brandon Barnum

Hi there everyone, and welcome back to Mortgage Lending Mastery, my, I’m your host Jen Du Plessis, and today with me, I have a dear friend of mine, Brandon Barnum, with h hoa.com. He’s the CEO of h hoa.com, and many of you are thinking, wait a minute, h o a. Homeowners association. That is actually not the case.

We’re gonna talk about this here in a moment. We’ll talk about the history of it as well. And, um, I’m so excited for everybody today because as we’re recording this, you know, and releasing this, the first part of 2023. , everybody’s talking about what is so important about, you know, the things that we’re doing.

And I always say, your future is a series of nows what you’re doing right now depicts what your future’s gonna be 30, 60, and 90 days from today, let alone the whole year. Right? So without further ado, welcome Brandon. So happy to have you on the show.

Oh, it’s my pleasure, Jen. Thanks so much for the invitation.



Get to know Brandon Barnum!

Brandon Barnum, is known as the “King of Referrals” and is the CEO of HOA.com – the #1 Referral Network for Home Service Professionals. After closing over $500 million in referred transactions, Brandon wrote the book ‘Raving Referrals’ and has founded multiple local and online referral platforms and networks connecting more than 5 million members in over 190 countries. Brandon is passionate about empowering loan officers and other business professionals with a step-by-step system for attracting profitable prospects.






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