Taking a Virtual Tour in Today’s Market with Jessica Bojorquez


Today, Jen is joined by Real Estate Professional, Jessica Bojorquez. Jessica specializes in video marketing for her clients as well as other real estate agents!

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Taking a Virtual Tour in Today’s Market with Jessica Bojorquez

Hi everyone. Welcome back to Mortgage Lending Mastery. I’m your host, Jen Du Plessis. Today I have with me someone I’m so excited to, to meet and talk with. Um, you know, you’ll, you’ll hear about our, our situation here in a few minutes, but I wanna take this opportunity to introduce you to, uh, Jessica can you pronounce it for us, Jessica?

Absolutely. It’s Bojorquez


You’re close enough

And you know what, look, I’m, I’m Jen Du Plessis and most people just call me Jen because they can’t figure it out either.

So it happens that way. But let me take this opportunity to introduce you. Uh, Jessica is an Arizona real estate, uh, professional who specializes in video marketing, and that’s what we’re gonna love listening to what she talks about. She’s created a marketing platform and a segment called Virtual Tour Tuesday.

Uh, Designed to showcase available homes around the country. She’s able to offer high quality marketing while targeting potential home buyers nationwide. We’re gonna dig way into this, so I’m so excited about all of that, but it’s just to be able to help people sell their homes faster. Um, she’s an expert in the market.

I get her emails all the time and her tags all the time on social media, so I know that. She’s an expert in what’s happening with the market and, uh, she knows she found her calling and passion selling real estate through video marketing. She now teaches the fundamentals to other real estate agents, so real estate agents who are on the listening to this podcast.

Listen up and loan officers as you’re listening to this, please make sure that you’re taking notes so that you can share this information with your agents and they can communicate with Jessica and she can help them, uh, move their businesses forward. So she also offers packages to market their listening and brand as well, and I wanna really talk about that too.

So welcome to the show, Jessica. We have some more things we wanna tell people about how we know each other, but welcome to the show.

Yes. Thank you. Thank you so much. It’s a pleasure, pleasure to be here.

So you and I actually met because we both are contributing authors to a three book series, um, called David and Goliath.

Right. And, um, and I don’t even have my book up. We should probably have our books up here, . Right. Maybe you can grab yours faster than I can find.

Yeah, I, I, I have, I have our book,

Yeah, there it is.

The principles of David and Goliath.

And I, I don’t even think I have round two yet. Actually here in my home.

I have round one, but not round two and we’re, you know, we’re getting ready to release. Um, the third one, what? February, I think release or December. I don’t know when we’re releasing, but I’m so excited. Uh, you know, and so you, you’re part of this book and, and I met you in Phoenix when we were doing a book signing and it was so much fun.

We just, And then we went to the jeweler. That is a friend of yours, my gosh. And he was just a, both of them, he and his wife are just beautiful people. Um, and so I know you surround yourself with, with wonderful people. Um, so I wanna talk about, uh, you know, today what I wanna talk about is your real estate career.

A little bit about the market, what you’re seeing right in the market, because everyone wants to know, and especially because this podcast is, you know, specific to our industries. Um, and then I wanna ask you a little bit about this listing program that you have for, for real estate agents.

So, um, having said that, uh, you know, so we know that you, uh, do a lot of video marketing. We know that, you know, you, you had this calling to come in real estate, but what did you do before? What was all this stuff that brought you here?

Oh my gosh. Well, um, I was a stay at home mom for six years and, and you know, I, I did a lot of ins and outs with, with office and admin work, but after being able to stay home with my son and then having to basically go back to work, which I, I talk about a little bit in our book, but.

Having to go back into the workforce after six years, I thought, well, I’m a multiple generation native to the state and you know, I have a pretty big sphere and big network of family and friends. Let’s see what I can do in real estate. Not having any background in real estate or anybody in my family, uh, that, that it was in this profession and industry.

I thought, what the heck? Uh, so I gave it a shot and I never looked back.

That’s awesome. And how long ago was that?

That was nearly six years ago.

Oh wow. So you’re a little, yeah, almost on the other side of, I’ve been long in this, as long as I was home.

Yes. So, well, we’re probably on the other side and, and, and, you know, it’s, it’s just been an amazing ride seeing some, uh, ups and downs for sure in the market, and going through, going through the punches of, of the, the ever evolving door of, of what this entails.

I, I absolutely love it and, and find passion for it every single day.

Yeah, I think it’s beautiful. I mean, I do too. I mean, I’m four decades into this, you know, in fact, March 1st will be 40 years, 40 years.

I love it. Every time I hear you say that, I’m, I’m always like so infatuated. I want, I just wanna pick your brain about everything because I know there’s just so much in there.

Well, thank you. Thank you. So, so let me ask you this question. I wanna, I wanna, you know, you just mentioned six years and I was thinking, you know, back six years.

So this was, you know, the market’s just kind of the market, uh, you know, Everybody in our, you know, at least in the mortgage space is saying, look, you know, at some time, some point in time this has to pop because, you know, rates are just, there are, they’ve just been arbitrarily low ever since 2011 or so, you know, they’ve just been lower than they should be anyway. And so everybody was talking about when is it gonna pop? So that’s the first two years. The next two years of your career, right? Ish is in the pandemic where it pops in a different way. , right?

Everybody’s busy, everybody’s buying. Everyone’s having the best year ever, ever, ever in the market. Gave it to them. And then the next two years are, Inflation and every, nobody wants to move. Everybody wants to stay in. Walk us through how you’ve persevered in each one of those markets, as particularly as a new agent walking in, and this is new.

Every one of these markets is brand new to you

Absolutely. So the first two years of getting my, my, I guess sea legs, , a little bit sturdier in the market, I just did whatever I could to learn the process. So I was helping out with rentals. I just wanted to get all of the experience I could get, and I was still working, you know, two other jobs.

So I was actually working three full-time jobs. When the, uh, when the closure started to happen, um, I, you know, two and a half years ago, nearly three years ago, I, I went to my title marketing manager and best friend Jason, and I said, you know, things are shutting down. I’m not gonna be able to do open houses.

I, I have listings. How am I gonna be able to get these listings seen and, and sold? And he said, well, what do you think about video? I really think you should get in front of the cameras. Start, start maybe doing lives on, on these homes. And I said, I don’t like the way I look or sound on camera . Um, so like many of you, I I, I went through, I went through this whole Rigmarole, of, I guess, okay, let’s see.

Let’s give it a shot. And, um, so the, the last two years, I, I, we came up with the concept of video marketing and, and putting my, my listings out on video and I kind of. Took that concept and ran with it. And ever since then it’s just been, I’ve been able to, um, I guess evolve into obviously seeing a lot of homes and selling a lot of homes using my storytelling, but also in a way to be able to help other agents out because of, of the craziness.

And, and you know, the fluctuation of the market. I’ve even had people from other states contact me to do the video marketing on their, their listing in other states because their, uh, their realtors or their agents didn’t do video marketing. So I was able to help ’em out in that way as well. So, you know, as time progressed, I thought, wow.

Incredible. This, you know, obviously we are going in into an age where video marketing is, is the way to go. There’s, there’s really no turning back. And, and so I feel that as we fluctuate, obviously in the market, it will always fluctuate, but. Being able to market a property using video and, and tell a story that you normally can’t tell.

You know, especially when you’re looking on the mls, it’s, it’s very cut and dry, right? So being able to provide this to my clients is, has been really heart opening and also being able to help other agents. In collaborations with selling their, their listings. It’s, it’s been, it’s been phenomenal actually.


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About Jessica Bojorquez

Jessica Bojorquez is an Arizona Real Estate Professional who specializes in video marketing. She has created a marketing platform and segment called, Virtual Tour Tuesday, designed to showcase available homes around the country. She’s able to offer high quality marketing while targeting potential homebuyers, nationwide. The platform helps homeowners get their home seen on a wider range of social platforms to help sell their home faster and for more. As a multiple generation native to the state, Jessica is able to give higher quality service knowing and partnering with the surrounding communities and local businesses. Jessica has found her calling and passion selling real estate through video marketing, she now teaches the fundamentals to other agents. As well as offering packages to market their listing and brand as well.


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