Lead Generation

Lead Generation And Conversion In The Time Of COVID with Gustavo Munoz Castro

People are always looking for new leads. That’s good, but sometimes if you converted a little more of what you have, you would get more business in. On today’s podcast, Jen Du Plessis chats with Gustavo Munoz Castro, a former Microsoft engineer turned real estate agent turned Inside Sales guru, about lead generation and conversion….

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Lead Conversion Through Authentic Automation With Nathan Joens 

Time and time again, we are reminded of the importance of having more leads in the mortgage and real estate space. However, it helps to dig deeper and consider how much of these leads are actually converting. Guiding you to do that, host, Jen Du Plessis, talks with Nathan Joens, CEO and co-founder of Structurely, about engagement…

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Making Lead Generation Simple With Scott Groves

Keeping a proper database of contacts, and turning those contacts into business is an art form all its own. Lead generation is an essential skill for any good sales person to master, and yet, many neglect to even put the lightest bit of effort in it. Scott Groves is a sales coach and lead generation…

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