Building Your Credibility For Business Growth And Success With Mitchell Levy

When you want to know more about something, you simply click through your fingers and explore the search engine in Google to find this thing out. So how can you build credibility for your business or personal profile with every information available on the internet? In this episode, our guest, Mitchell Levy, shares the importance…

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Taking Off The Mask: How To Be Authentically You With Sabastian Huynh

We all wear masks. But sometimes, these masks can become problematic, and we need to take them off. You need to be authentically you. In this episode, Jen Du Plessis talks with identity coach, trainer and consultant Sabastian Huynh. After surviving the Chinese mafia, Sabastian has channeled his energy into helping others achieve success. He…

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From Athletics To Mortgage: Creating Long-Term Wealth With Matt Bramow

  Getting into the mortgage business or real estate, or even any business for that matter, and creating long-term wealth takes true accountability and self-discipline. Matt Bramow¬†has been a lifetime athlete playing football and basketball through high school and college. He is now a Mortgage Loan Officer at Alterra Home Loans. Pulling from his experiences…

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