Strategizing Your Time to Utilize Every Minute with Taylor Ellard


Do you know the importance of time blocking? Strategizing your time in your schedule will help you utilize every minute and make them count!

Join Jen Du Plessis and guest Taylor Ellard, a national business development officer with Atlantic bay mortgage group. Listen along as Taylor shares the importance of her role in helping lenders leverage their time and strategize how to utilize each minute!


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Strategizing Your Time to Utilize Every Minute
with Taylor Ellard

Hey everyone. And welcome back to mortgage lending mastery. I’m your host, Jen Du Plessis. I am delighted that you have taken time out of your busy day to listen into this podcast. And if you’re listening for the first time, welcome, welcome to our community. And if you’ve been listening for a really long time, thanks for continuing to listen.

Thank you so much for all of your feedback. It means so much to me. And on today’s episode, we have Taylor Ellard. She. A national business development officer with Atlantic bay mortgage group. There’s a lot of words there. I know Atlantic bay mortgage group. And what she does is that she helps, uh, with the marketing and social media for loan officers so that they can make that connection with realtors and with their builders and create those deeper, stronger relationships.

And that’s what she’s really all about. And so we’re gonna learn from her today, uh, about how she does that and how she can be. Secondary person, that person who has the voice of the loan officer, as she’s speaking, uh, to them, both on social media and perhaps in other ways that we’ll find out here shortly.

And she has just launched her own podcast called ‘Lending Forward’. Um, and I love the little tagline on, on the end that you had said, this is just, how are you lending forward instead of how are you giving it forward? You know, cuz we hear that all the time. So. Um, so you wanna listen to her podcast as well.

So we’ll have links for all of that, but welcome to the show. Taylor, we’re happy to have you.


Thank you for having me. I’m so excited.


Yeah, I am too. I’m really excited to have this, um, this interview. I actually have a, maybe. Six or 7, 6, 5, 6, 7 years ago. I interviewed a business development officer for a company.

I love this girl. Um, I’ve been in touch with her ever since. She’s just one of my dear, dear, dear friends. And it has been a really long time since I have interviewed a business development officer and or development manager where BD right BD mm-hmm . And, uh, you know, I find that, uh, a lot of loan officers are apprehensive.

So we’re just gonna start with this. A lot of loan officers, um, and realtors for that matter are apprehensive about having someone else. Go out whether physically or digitally and be their voice. Right. And be their voice and say, well, if you’re talking to them, they’re gonna like you. And not me


I know.


So let’s talk about that. Let’s see if we can’t dispel some of the myths associated with your type of a role.


Sure. I mean, I, I understand that people feel that way. I think it’s so important that you can even have that opportunity from a support standpoint so that you can focus on bringing in the business as well, but still having that tailor made journey that you create.

So if you’ve got someone out there trying to bring in the business, you know, whether it it’s your sphere, right, you’ve pretty much established something. They’re helping you get your name out there, that it just needs to shift the narrative. Like, Hey, we’re here to support you to bring in new business. So that you can do what you do best as a loan officer.

And I think that’s really just the mind shift that just needs to change if they’re out there. But again, it’s not every mortgage company has the opportunity to have those people there to try and drive traffic to you.


Yeah. So are you, um, and thank you for sharing that. Yeah. And, and like you said, it is a mind shift.

It’s a mindset. And one of the things that I say a lot in. Businesses that mechanics or mindset plus mechanics equals momentum. Mm-hmm you can’t just have the mechanics and just be a technician in this industry, you know? Oh, I’m really good at sales, which we hope everyone is because nowadays you have to be excellent at it.

Uh, really good at sales, you know, really good at understanding guidelines. I know how to run numbers. Hopefully you do. Hopefully it’s not just all digital, right? You you’re really good mechanically, but this mindset is what holds people back from really creating the momentum, whether it’s. The chip on the shoulder that they built it.

They need me, they want me or not hiring an assistant, seeing the lead indicators, right. And key performance indicators to let you know, you need an assistant and that’s, what’s holding you back. And, you know, and this is really where, you know, I start getting all excited because I’m all about scaling.


Really scaling high. What do you think? So let, tell us a little bit about your specific role. Cause I know you’re the national business developer, uh, development officer for, for your company, but tell us what you do as opposed to what I think some people are thinking is, oh, you are a business development officer for a loan officer. So tell us how that is different.


Absolutely. So we’ve got a national team here at Atlantic bay, and then we’ve also got more of a localized. So you’ve got your business development managers, and those are really the boots on the ground folks. So those are the ones going, helping you with your pop buys, helping you to have events and scale your events.

Cuz we know that’s so important, but I do wanna just. Put put this in a lot of times, loan officers aren’t that bubbly personality or out there willing to just socialize. Some people are very introverted and still super successful. So having that on your team is so, so important to your business, but to speak from a national level, you know, doing things like the podcast, um, I’m also coaching mortgage bankers.

So we’ve got internal coaches here at Atlantic bay that can talk about in the business. And then external facing. So I am more branding and, uh, coming out there with event outreach and prospecting how to leverage some of our tools that we’ve got. Um, it’s every, every mortgage company is different with their tech tax, but making sure you’ve got someone in there to really make you hone in on certain events and what you could do, different steps that you can take.

Um, I’m always encouraging mortgage bankers and business development managers to look at every coffee, every lunch, every ‘drinks’.. Any appointment as a true event, what does your post during and pre-event strategy look like? Mm-hmm how are you really maximizing on every single conversation that you’re having? So what are you bringing to those events from?

You’ve got all of our tech stack. What are you, what are you doing? How are you really leveraging it? So. I take everything from a, the company standpoint. And how does that trickle down to a minuscule coffee? What, what should you be doing every single day to really maximize your time? You know, you hear I’m sure a lot about time blocking and how important it is, but do they know the right time blocking?

Are they strategizing on their time blocking? Because if I’m gonna tell you to do videos on Tuesdays at 10 and your world’s on fire Tuesdays at 10, we need to reevaluate your time blocking. So it really. Maximizing every day to its fullest fullest extent.


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Get to know Taylor Ellard!

Taylor Ellard is a national business development officer with Atlantic bay mortgage group.

Growing mortgage bankers and their business is what has kept Taylor in the lending industry for more than seven years. Finding growth from social and digital media strategies, to enhancing the relationships with mortgage bankers and their agents. Taylor has focused on the power of relationships, connection, and engagement.

Recently, she launched the ‘Lending Forward’ Podcast powered by Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group, enabling her to flex her broadcast journalism muscle. ‘Lending Forward’ is a weekly podcast powered by Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group bringing you raw stories from real people in of the mortgage industry. They cover what’s next in lending, forward-thinking and reflecting on lessons learned from Mortgage Bankers,
Realtors, Financial Advisors, Coaches and more! How are you lending it forward?

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