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Many entrepreneurs find it hard to handle various revenue streams and yield the best returns all at the same time. But what if you can hit it big with network marketing just by sending out simple, personalized items to your business partners and clients? Networking marketing expert Drew Berman shares his secrets in implementing such a strategy with Jen Du Plessis, explaining how Mailbox Power changed the traditional email marketing by integrating messages into well-decorated cards, brownies, drinkware, and prints. Drew also shares his concept of five F-bombs, concentrating on the power of follow-ups in keeping your leads alive and working.

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Starting An Effective Network Marketing Through Simple Gifts With Drew Berman

Our guest is Mr. Drew Berman. One of the wonderful things that I love about Drew is that he is a network marketing master. I wanted to bring him onto the show because many of us are considering different revenue streams, avenues of income. Especially during COVID, I felt like this was the opportune time to bring this in because there is a big boom that is happening in the network marketing space. I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce Drew to you. His passion is for fun, adventure and travel. We’re going to be discovering how he went from a hotdog vendor to a real estate mogul to a seven-figure network marketer. His story is incredible of bringing in what he calls the five F-bombs, which I’ll let him explain to you right now.

Welcome, Drew. I’m excited to have you here with us. How are you?

I’m doing great. It’s a pleasure to be here.

Let’s make sure everybody understands the intention for this particular episode. I feel it’s important in anything that we do in life. I can’t wait for Drew to share some fun stuff with us, but one of the things that you hear me preaching about all the time is having a lifestyle along with your business, having a very powerful business but having a lifestyle. Part of that is not having the blinders on and focusing on your business, but also recognizing that you are in this business. You should be investing in real estate because it’s the product you’re selling. Whether you’re doing mortgages or real estate, it’s the product you’re selling. It would be like a Mary Kay consultant saying, “You should try this makeup. I don’t wear makeup, but you should.” I wanted to bring Drew on because he’s a dear colleague of mine. I want him to share with us about his story and how he became ultra-successful. He’s in real estate and he’ll share that too.

What does that transition look like nowadays? Having multitude of revenue streams is important in this business. A lot of loan officers and realtors tend to have those blinders on and only do the job that’s in front of them, but there’s a whole big world out there. I want to make sure that you have access to it and that you’re hearing this. Whether you take action or not, it’s up to you, but I’m going to encourage that you take action. Drew, I wanted to set that up and make sure everyone understands the intention of what we’re doing here. I would love for you to tell us your story on how you got started up in New York and working in the real estate business, how that morphed into what you’re doing now. We’re going to give some real concrete information to everybody on how they can start creating extra streams of income.

Thanks for having me, Jen. You always have such great energy and words of wisdom. I know you’ve got a great following. Let’s see if we can bring some real true value to your readers. Before real estate, I sold hotdogs at Shea Stadium when the Mets played. That was fun. I got into cookware. Zig Ziglar started in cookware. I did bridal shows. We were working in the bridal community all over the country. I learned people, sales, phones, appointments. Going into real estate, it was a very easy next step. I learned real estate in a different environment than most.

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I learned real estate in New York City renting apartments. It was a 5,000 square foot office on 57th and 7th. It was a churn and burn. I would have an ad in the paper to make six figures, 100 people would respond to the ad, 50 people would show up, 20 people would be there the next day. Within 1 or 2 months, they’re down to 3 or 4. Every month that would happen. Every month, there were 3 or 4 new agents, even though 50 came through the door. Prior to that, what’s interesting is when I went to get the real estate license, there were thousands of people that went. All shapes, sizes, colors, purple hair, nose rings, full business suits, turbans, obese people, professionals, and everywhere in between. How many of them go on to have a successful career in real estate, mortgage or lending?

For those of your readers who are over 30, they’ve seen the market go up and go down. Some people know how to ride the wave. Some people don’t. What you were talking about is having multiple streams of income. That’s been tattooed on my forehead since the ‘90s. It’s one of my favorite conversations. I did real estate in New York City. It was fast that you had to partner up, co-broke or go broke. It should’ve been a reality TV show because people would come in from all over the world into Manhattan.

We were trained that no matter what the ad was, they had to come to the office. If they wanted to see an apartment on 93rd and 3rd, they had to meet me at the office at 57th and 7th. I don’t want to meet you at your office. I want to meet you at the apartment. Things are different in Manhattan. We meet at the office, and then the game begins. We don’t know if they qualify. We had to deal with dogs, credit and roommates. In Manhattan, they did a two-bedroom but converted to three bedrooms. There were certain rules and regulations that we had to follow, but it was fast. We would sit at the desk. I was working with a woman, who turned out to be my girlfriend, who turned out to be my wife, who is still my wife, but she loved dealing with paperwork, faxing back then, and dealing with landlords. She would send me up to go and see 3, 4 or 5 apartments. I would have to call the super, find the key, go to the deli, walk up five floors, and I loved it.

I learned something very profound and I’ll share this with your folks. It’s a great lesson. If it was the right apartment, then I could press you as hard as necessary, and be professional. If it was the wrong apartment, you know that pushy guy. I learned a lot. We dealt with corporate relocation and it was a great experience for me. If you were in an apartment and you liked it, I’d have to call the office. We’d have to apply for it. Paperwork has already begun by the time we got to the office, otherwise sometimes the apartments would be gone with 3 or 4 people behind you. We had a couple. They had a lot of questions. They sent the contract to their lawyer. A week later, we got the contract back. It was all red and out with lawyer stuff. We use $1.99 staples rental agreement across the board with everybody. That apartment that they were fighting was long gone.

Brian and I know people like that. We’ve been grateful and honored to be able to help many senators, congressmen, and people in the Pentagon because we’re here in DC. I don’t do any origination anymore, but Brian still does. He still works with those people and their staff. We got our fingers in there, but they are funny because we’ve had senators try to cross out deeds of trust. You can’t do that. They’re documents created by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. It is funny how people will do that. Brian finally got up from a closing. It was eight hours long and he said, “I’ve had enough. You can’t change the documents. You either sign or you don’t sign and that’s it,” and he left. She closed but she was a pain in the butt. I get it but you lose opportunities when you wait.

Every deal is an ordeal.

MLM 274 | Network Marketing

Network Marketing: Network marketing is one way to create multiple streams of income.


You’ve got a lot of sales background. Many people that are reading this have that as well. Where did this transition come in that you now are doing network marketing?

It’s not a curse word anymore. Network marketing has become very hip.

Look at the name of this show, Mortgage Lending Mastery, MLM, which I didn’t realize when I put it together. People were like, “What’s that?” I was like, “I didn’t realize I did that.” Multi-level marketing has turned into network marketing and it’s not a bad thing.

When we were in the ‘90s in real estate, we had a sense of freedom. We made a lot of money. We could pretty much work when we like, but after a couple of years of that, it proved not to be true. We did have a boss, but our clients were our boss. We were showing a little bit more on the weekends than we would’ve liked. We were addicted to the phone. It got to the point where I wanted to diversify. I wanted to have multiple streams of income. Back in the ‘90s, that started becoming a more popular term. The people who are not in real estate, we encourage them to get into real estate. We encourage them to invest.

The people in real estate, we encourage them to diversify. Network marketing for me was a homerun. The way I teach it to realtors is you get 6%. Everyone knows that as a realtor or a mortgage broker. Imagine you didn’t get paid when you did a transaction, but every time your client used the house or use the front door, you got paid a little bit. What if every client used the front door of their house? You got paid. They then told a neighbor, you got paid. There are four types of income as you teach your students, followers, readers and mortgage brokers. These are working income, residual income, passive income, and then hopefully we’re all lucky enough to invest in something where we get a windfall of income.

J Paul Getty, the richest man in the world of his time, he said, “I’d rather have 1% of 100 people’s efforts than 100% of mine.” Most of your readers have heard of network marketing. If they’re over 30, they’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly. A lot of them remember an aunt who had a garage full of shampoo. The era of the 2020s has changed and matured. A lot of realtors, mortgage brokers, insurance agents are looking to multiple streams of income either for themselves or their spouse. Some of them do it for an extra car payment, an extra $500 or $1,000 a month.

Some to eliminate a rent or mortgage bill, $1,000 or $3,000 a month. We found one that happens to be working in conjunction with a lot of realtors and mortgage brokers that we think is a homerun. We know because we use it. It’s a tool that mortgage brokers can use for follow up, client acquisition, referrals and lead gen. You and I were pre-briefing about it before. There’s a feature on it that you can laser target a marketing campaign towards a zip code, a credit score, income. Do you want to get into that a little bit? Do you want to hear about the program?

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I want to have you introduce your F-bomb. That’s one thing that I want you to do. I want to make sure that people understand the concept here. This isn’t just a shiny object. This isn’t, “It’s another tool I can use in my business.” This is a tool that can change the lives of you. It can change the life of your real estate agent or anybody else that you share it with. It can change our lives. That’s what I want to make sure people understand. It also becomes another marketing avenue for your practice. Aside from the passive income that comes with it for your use, it becomes another avenue that you can target and do client acquisition. I use that word as well, Drew.

There’s no rule that says that loan officers have to wait for realtors to give them business. There’s no rule that says you can’t go out and cultivate your own business, and do your own client acquisition. It becomes a challenge for loan officers because they do many more deals than a real estate agent does. I don’t even know what the ratio might be. It might be a 7 to 1 or a 10 to 1 ratio. They’re doing so much business that they aren’t able to do a lot of client acquisition. Yet realtors are sitting back and going, “How come you’re not giving me business, when you don’t have time.” This is a way that you can cultivate business by setting up this automation. It’s setting up an automated way to set it and forget it. It’s going on and you’re starting to bring in client acquisition so that you then can give it to a realtor.

As a loan officer, I would be giving this to my realtor for them to do client acquisition, for you to guide them and help them do that client acquisition. We know statistically both loan officers and real estate agents don’t follow up with closed business because it’s closed. They closed the casket on it. They bring a gift at closing, “Here’s your parting gift,” then they closed the business like a casket. This is a way for you to continually nurture your database. We know that 67% of your business every year is sitting in your database under the acres of diamonds that I talk about all the time.

This is a marketing tool that’s great for you, but also something that you can have that can help you and real estate agents grow their business and vice versa. I want everyone to understand that because I get asked this all the time by my clients. My coaching students are like, “How do you have all these avenues of income?” I said, “I looked at them, I saw the opportunity, and I took advantage of them rather than just focusing on mortgages.” While I focused on mortgages and had a great business, it isn’t the only thing. You’re always going to be tied to that business unless you start making that diversification now. That’s what I want to talk about. This leads me to, what is that diversification and why would you want to have diversification? Drew, take it away with your F-bomb.

I am the F-bomb guy. You drop an F-bomb that I’m going to add to my F-bomb sequence. You said the biggest F-bomb in all of sales. You said the F-bomb follow-up and most people don’t know how to follow up. Most people don’t like following up and most people don’t follow up enough. We know as professionals that sometimes it’s not the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 5th. I dropped my F-bombs and they are all about, and not necessarily in order, family, fitness, finances, fun, freedom is my number one F-bomb, and I’m going to add follow-up into that. When you’re dropping F-bombs properly, everything in life is working better.

Multiple streams of income will help you with your finances for sure. There are a lot of big income earners in mortgage. You have readers that are fairly successful based on stereotypical what success means. We were talking about numbers a little bit. What’s scary is Grant Cardone was saying that, “If you are married, you have two incomes, two kids, two cars, a mortgage, and you’re making $250,000, you’re broke.” I’m like, “Who is he talking to, the 99% of American? Who is Grant calling out?” He said, “Let’s do the numbers. After a car, a second car, ballet practice, soccer camp, camp and mortgage, and then you’re even thinking of college, maybe retirement, and you’re making $250,000, you’re broke.”

MLM 274 | Network Marketing

Network Marketing: Don’t let your barriers always be there. Figure them out and get somebody to help you overcome them.


I’m like, “There are a lot of people that we’ve got to help.” Who’s our target market? People who are already making six figures. They’re used to the lifestyle and maybe they want to pay off their boat. Maybe they want to pay off their golf club membership. We have a friend in common that has six kids. He’s committed to seek colleges. Multiple streams of income isn’t a curse word, and network marketing is one way to create this. The company that you and I were talking about is not network marketing. One of the reasons that I’ve seen success over the years, because I’ve taken the words literally. You and I met through networking.

We teach people how to do that properly. Mortgage brokers need that skillset. I studied marketing in college. That’s an interesting needed skillset, then along came network marketing. I had no resistance to it because networking and marketing, network marketing. It seems to make sense. I found one that almost every business could use like chiropractors, restaurant owners, florists, and our number one industry in the world are realtors, mortgage brokers and lenders. If you’re dealing with clients, transaction and follow-up like we spoke about, this tool is badass.

I’m going to be a disruptor because I can be. The thing is in these spaces, if you’re not working, you’re not making the money that you’re making. If you think, “I’m making $500,000 or $1 million a year,” which was what we were doing when I was in the business. You’re making $1 million a year and you’re like, “I’m awesome.” If you stop working, you don’t make $1 million. You’re done. If you leave the business, you’re done. You’ve tied to it. It’s like a ball in chain. That’s what I’m trying to introduce is opening up the possibility that there are multiple avenues for you to consider. This is one avenue for you to consider to start building that nest egg and that emergency basket so that you can make that transition when the time is appropriate. It will have already been planted, watered and grown.

There’s a saying about this too, “The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago.” That’s what I’m suggesting. Let’s talk about doing that. I love your quote and I’ve told it to I don’t know how many people. It’s, “Toes in sand and phone in hand.” It was funny because I was talking to someone and they said, “I want to work on a beach with my computer. I want to be able to take my laptop with me.” I was like, “I’ll do one better, toes in sand and phone in hand.” You don’t even need your laptop anymore. That’s what we’re all trying to get to. It’s that freedom. That one big F-word that you have there. Let’s introduce everybody to Mailbox Power and share a little bit about that, and about the founders as well. It’s important for everyone to understand that history that he has as well.

I want to show you the magic of Mailbox Power. You said some magic words that I’m going to steal. You said, “Set it and forget it.” This is a marketing campaign that works with or without you from the comfort of your phone, from anywhere in the world. We could book it out 3, 6, 9, 18, 24 months in advance. The expression is “from inbox to mailbox.” What if your clients had 100% open rate on what you said?

We know inbox is not working. Email is not working these days. We’ve already transitioned into texting and instant messaging. It’s pretty much gone.

I’m going to show you a couple of cool things. The easiest thing that we do is send cards. It’s 100% open rate. However, in addition to cards, you could send your logo to your favorite clients on brownies. You could send their logo on mugs, and just one. You and I have a friend in common. I’ve done thousands of dollars of business with him. I took his logo off the internet. I put it on a journal. I took a picture of him and his wife from his Facebook. I put it on the emblem. I sent the journal to him. It costs me $12, $15. What’s starting to happen is people are posting it on social media, thanking me and tagging me, which is a buzz.

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Let’s start with the basics. That says, “Thanks a ton,” very professional, gentle, no branding on the back. That’s one possibility. Here’s one that says, “You’re awesome,” and a little note for me with a teeny bit of branding on the back, my picture and my information. This one went out for Thanksgiving. You got one from me. We met several months ago. I put you into it. We are engaged in communication. If we weren’t, you would have gotten this in the mail, which you did, and with a little bit of branding on the background. There are some fun ones. This one says, “You totally rock.” There’s no branding on the background, just a picture.

This one you’re going to love because this one is for giggles, “There’s a fine line between stocking and following up. Don’t make me cross the line.” There are hundreds. For the non-creative, you can click and send. For the creative, you can create anything. You can send golf balls with people’s names on it. It says on the golf ball, “I’m not lost. I’m hiding from Joe Smith.” You send that to your clients. This one says, “Facebook friend.” This one has branding on the background. You could do ones with QR codes that go to any type of landing page.

Let me tell you what I’m doing. We have a workshop coming up on February 12th and 13th, 2021. It’s complimentary. It’s free. What we’re doing is the email campaign and social media, but we’re also sending these cards to people in my database prospects and that whole thing, with the QR code with the link to register.

Most people should know. This one is a marketing conference. When you see the QR code, you go with your camera and ping, the website pops up. This one, “Thanks for being awesome.” The campaigns for realtors and mortgage brokers is so cool. You can type in a zip code. You can type in, “$75,000 to $225,000 over 700 credit score, two kids with pool, just moved within the last six months,” and you can send a campaign. We have pre-written campaigns.

There’s a whole bunch of campaigns that are in there. We’re developing some campaigns ourselves right now on top of that. This is one of the strategies that I use with my high-end clients that I’m going to share with everybody here. It’s part of business booster, which is also my mastermind, the Business Booster Mastermind group. We know this, whenever a loan closes or a house sells so we get it close, realtors know the 10-10-20 rule, 10 houses to the right, 10 to the left, 10 in front. You can even go to the 10-10, 20-20, and have the 20 houses behind you.

What will happen is that a real estate agent who’s putting a listing out will say, “This house is on the market. We’re putting the house on the market coming soon. I sold this house in two hours or two days,” which is a problem for me because that was probably underpriced. They send out that information and then it stops there. What if you went in and as a loan officer, real estate agent, you had your real estate agent pull up all the sold that happened last week? You go in and you say, “I want everybody in this neighborhood that sold their house or bought a house in this neighborhood.”

MLM 274 | Network Marketing

Network Marketing: Email is not working these days because of the transition to texting and instant messaging.


You start doing marketing to them and campaigning to them as real estate under management or mortgage under management. I can promise you, the listing agent is long gone, not doing any other mailing, did it while they were there. That’s ripe for the happening so that you have that continuity or not continuity. That future income from that client who bought a house within the last six months, you’re going to be the real estate agent that they’re going to remember in the future. You’re going to be the loan officer that they’re going to remember in the future. What you’re doing is growing your database by sending out these wonderful cards. I love the stocking and follow up one. There are many marketing things that you can with this to create another marketing avenue for your current business, but also create a revenue stream too, when you share this with other people.

Your particular niche is extraordinary because all realtors know mortgage brokers, all mortgage brokers know realtors. They all know lenders who all know bankers, and all of them would love this type of system. In fact, you send some of them a card, they’re going to ask you about it. That could turn into a revenue stream, gentle or big.

Imagine if I’m a loan officer, I’m talking to a real estate agent and they say, “What’s your number one challenge? I need more leads.” You have a very specific directed solution instead of, “I’m going to go on Facebook and say, ‘If you know anybody who’s buying or selling a house, I would like to apply for the job,’” which will get you nowhere.

That old expression, we’ve seen that joke for many years. This campaign, there’s a picture with your house on it that has a sold sign with our real estate information on it. There’s very witty stuff. When you create a 24-month campaign and you hit it, set it and forget it, I’d say game over but it’s really game on. We could get something in the mail from you. There are inexpensive ones and then there are nice things.

We’re plucking in the difference. Every 3rd or 4th thing, we’re doing something a little nicer, a little more outgoing like the big 8.5×11 envelope, which I like. There’s the generic stuff, and then plucking in the little extras and the goodies. It’s funny because now that I’m in this world and this group of people that are doing Mailbox Power, I get more brownies than I’ve ever gotten before, which is hilarious, with my name on them. I got one for my birthday. That person is a little off. I don’t know how that happened. It’s funny because I’m plant-based so I don’t even eat them. I hand them off to people. You can do the traditional brownie thing. I love the mug that I got from CEO Joe.

The brownies campaign is amazing. When I got engaged, I had a lot of people sending it to me, not engaged for marriage, engaged in this company. They come in a box that my son recognized now. You open the box. You can have a branded envelope. When you said branded envelopes, all envelopes are opened, but branded envelopes with color scheme that says your name on the envelope, it’s witty. The brownies have either your logo or your client’s logo. Imagine you open a box and it has your client’s logo on it. That’s memorable. Not enough people are using it.

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I have a colleague that talks about that too. We tend to send knives or cutting boards that have our logo on it instead of having their name on it. We know that people are going to use it if it has their own. It’s always been a cost issue with the utility of it. How do I get one made with them versus buying it in bulk with me? When you send something that has their logo on it, the first thing they’re thinking is, “How did they get my logo on and how can I do this?” That’s where you start expanding the passive income. We’re talking about active income about having a tool that can help you get more business and help you help other people get more business.

We’re talking about a tool that will help you get more passive income. That’s what we’re talking about here. There are 100 different ways we can slice this up. One of the things that I like about Mailbox Power, which you’ve introduced me to is that every day there is some training. Every single day, there’s a call with CEO Joe, helping people to try to figure out how to implement this and put it into play. You don’t have to be on a Zoom call. You just listen in if that’s what you want to do. Every Saturday, there’s more in-depth training and some onboarding to help people put it into play.

Here’s my recommendation. This is what I’ve done. I have directed my operations director, my assistant in what I want to have created, and she’s gone in and created it. If you have a barrier to entry like, “I’ve got to go in, be creative and put all this in,” find a virtual assistant who can do it for you. That’s what I’ve done. She’s creative and good with systems. When she’s not creative, I have a creative who does my social media posting. I have her pop in and put more creative spin on it. Don’t worry about putting it into play. Don’t let those barriers be there for you. Figure it out and get somebody to get in there and do it for you if that’s what you need to do. I love that it also connects you with your database. We imported our entire database and then we sent out an email. This helps you with your CRM. It said, “We want to update our information. Can you fill out this form quick?” It puts them in there and away we go.

I got your order in mail. I entered my information and then I got a card. When someone enters their information, it automatically triggers a campaign. This is my favorite. This is ninja, but I have a birthday in a half birthday campaign. If I sent that link, you’ll get brownies for your birthday and a card on your half birthday.

That is a ninja thing because we went from Christmas cards to, “The cool thing is to do Thanksgiving cards.” Do those so that you’re separated, but now everybody does those too. Doing a half birthday is cool. Even a half anniversary of buying your house or getting your mortgage is also another way to say, “It’s been six months. What’s going on in your house? What have you done with it? What improvements have you made?” It’s a reminder to get you in front of them. Is there anything else you want to talk about Drew as far as it relates to this? We’re sharing this with everybody. These are tools that are available for you out there. If the opportunity presents itself, when an opportunity knocks, you need to answer the door. To be able to take a look at it and see if this is another tool that you can use to grow your business, and possibly a tool that you could use to also have that passive income.

I’ll share one more that landed on my desk because it might help. Some of them are passive. Some of them are a little bit more active, “Checking in, give me a call when you get this. I want to make sure you got it.” That’s a subtle way to get the phone ring.

MLM 274 | Network Marketing

Network Marketing: You can significantly grow your database just by sending out wonderful cards.


Any parting thoughts?

You can send unlimited 4×6 postcards and then you can get your cards as well. Check out the link. It’s super cool. We’re available to help. It’s a great tool. It will put you in front and center of your clients, and you can make some money with it as well. It could be self-funding a tool.

I love that self-funding. It’s like throwing money at a fan. When you throw money at a fan, it comes back to you tenfold. That’s what happens. Whenever you invest in something that gives you that return instead of return on investment, it’s throwing money at a fan. Drew, thank you so much for sharing this with me and helping me share this with everybody else as well. Make sure that you’re reading his bio. I’ve introduced him, but make sure you’re reading his bio because we’re not talking about small little pennies here in his world. We’re talking about massive growth and massive income potential.

I want to say thank you so much for being on this show. Go check out Drew on Success to Significance, my other podcast, where he shares more of his story and some of the things that he’s overcome in his life and how he became so successful in what he does. Give us a five-star rating and write a big review for us. I’m always looking at those reviews. If you have a topic that you’d like for us to discuss, send an email to Support@KineticSparkConsulting. I look forward to talking to you next time. Drew, thank you again for being here.

It’s my pleasure. Thanks, Jen.

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MLM 274 | Network MarketingWhen I was 28, I was lucky enough to participate in a 12 month long, 200 person, 6 continent, 35 country- bicycle tour around the world. Yes, it was epic.

I came home and tried to get back into Real Estate. It wasn’t working.

So, I went to a BNI meeting and a man approached me with a compliment and a question that changed my life forever. He said “You seem like a sharp guy, are you the type of guy that keeps your options open for additional streams of income”? I said YES – because who wouldn’t be open to additional streams of income? He handed me a CD. It made sense and I was hooked. Little did I know I ended up in Amway. For five years, I did whatever my upline said. I was on the tape-of-the-month club on autoship. I went to every convention – 4 a year. I read 10 pages every day in a personal development book. I was told to get 2 prospects a day … and one time, as my wife was putting her cute little pj’s on, I left and went out into a snow storm on the hunt for prospects.

In my best selling book You Online You Offline – How to make a fortune in Network Marketing, I talk about the snow storm. I also talk about the Network Marketing Intervention we had. After five years, I had spent more money on soap and detergent then I had earned, so I quit.

Then I started studying the Law of Attraction and threw myself into a decade of personal development. I invested hundreds of thousands into coaches, mentors and courses … and then finally found success.

Now I teach Network Marketers the habits, skills, and mindset to go from hobby income to professional income. I finally got myself right. I matured. I learned that commission means co- together, we, are on the same mission. I only get paid if I solve your needs and problems. I went from doing something to my prospect to doing something for my prospect. I went from selling to serving.
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