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Showing homes has never been easier and extremely helpful not only for seasoned agents but also for those who are still new. With the SHOW, an app-based service that allows you to schedule showings for your buyers and hire other licensed, vetted agents to show the house for you, taking back control of your life and sharing opportunities is just a click away. In this episode, Jen Du Plessis sits down with its owner, co-founder, president, and CEO, Patrick Laurienti, to talk about the origin story of this amazing app and what he saw are the gaps in the industry that they are closing. He shares about the challenges they encountered along the way of implementing it, the ways they vet the realtors coming in, and where he sees they are heading in the future. If you’re a loan officer or realtor who wants to get that time back and grow your business while also helping other newbie agents in the industry, then what Patrick shares with us in this amazing conversation is incredibly good news.

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I have an exciting guest with me, Patrick Laurienti. He is the Owner, Cofounder, President and CEO of SHOW. You’re wondering what SHOW is and it’s not an acronym, but it is a company that does listing showing assistance. We’re going to talk all about that. Loan officers and realtors, tune in because this could be something important for loan officers to be able to offer to their realtors and make sure that they’re aware of this. For real estate agents, this is good news for you. Patrick, welcome to the show.

Thank you so much for having me.

One of the reasons I’m excited is that we’re both from Colorado. I love interviewing people from Colorado. I hardly ever interview anybody from Virginia, which is where I’ve lived the longest. Patrick, why don’t you tell us a little bit about your passion and what your experiences are that got you to where you’re at now and what you’re doing so have that it?

I love making an impact and I love people. That’s what got me into the real estate business because I also sell real estate. To impact people, building and creating. I was 17 to 18 years old and I picked up Jack Canfield’s book, The Success Principles. There’s a chapter on purpose and living a life of purpose. I did the exercises, I wrote it down and still to this day, they stand true. The things that I wrote down is I want to create something or invent something that changes the way something’s done and I want to impact millions of people around the world to realize their true potential. Funny enough with SHOW, what we’re doing is creating something that changes the way something’s done. I didn’t intend for it to happen that way. That’s why when I came up with an idea I was like, “This is it. I’m doing it.” That’s been the purpose for my life. Family and stuff is in there but in terms of the business world, that’s where my purpose lies within and why I do residential real estate in the startup.

Before we go to SHOW, let’s take a few minutes to talk about your real estate life and what’s going on there. What are you seeing in nowadays economy? Interest rates are dropping. We still don’t have a lot of inventory. We still are having issues with that. What’s happening now at least in your area or even globally that you’d like to share with us that you’re seeing in your practice?

In Colorado, it’s super hot. I didn’t expect it. In 2019, it was hot but it was one of the slower years compared to the last 5 to 6 years. You had a hot spring, early summer and then things dropped. It was like overnight everything just slowed down. Going into 2020, I should speak for myself thinking it’s going to be hot but slow. We’re bouncing out finally. In January, we sold 3,017 homes, which was the second-highest sales volume that we did.

Is 3,000 for your county, for the state or for your company?

The numbers that they ran for my company doing the stats was just the Denver Metro area.

I know values are going up as well despite avalanches. I’m not skiing this 2020 for that very reason. I have other things going on too because we’re not skiing. How long have you been in real estate?

I’ve been in since 2014.

That gives me a telltale of how long you’ve been around. What are you seeing is the biggest struggle for either yourself or for real estate agents that you’re associated with? What are you seeing is the biggest struggle right now?

In more so, I’m talking personally as it relates to the business. Doing my podcast, I talk to some of the most successful realtors doing millions upon millions of volume to the new guy that got into the business. I’d say for the newer agents, what they’re struggling with is massive competition. There are 42,000 or 40,000 agents in the Denver Metro area. Everyone you talk to is like, “I’m a realtor too.” That makes things a little difficult for people but I’m truly a believer of you create your own destiny. Regardless if there’s competition or whatnot, the biggest struggle for people is themselves in terms of their mindset, the ability to go after it and get it done. I love your model. I can’t remember what it was right off the top.

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Stop talking, take action and get results.

That’s the biggest struggle for people honestly is all the secrets and things that these agents need are out there. You have coaches yourself. People are talking about this all day every day. People struggle with going out and doing it. There’s a quote, one of my favorite ones is, “You don’t have to be great to start. You have to start to be great.” For me, it speaks volumes because a lot of these people are looking like, “What’s the easiest way, quickest way or best way to get a business and make a million stars in real estate?” The best, easiest and quickest way is to go out and do it. I’m around the top producing agents. It’s the same thing. They know what they need to be doing. It’s a matter of getting out and doing it. Taking their advice, listening to their coaches and executing on that.

I know even with my coaching program that what we’re honing in on is shining a spotlight on everyone’s unique ability, what their selling proposition, or what they bring to the table. What makes them unique because both lending and real estate is such a commodity? Anything that you have to say, “I help people because so-and-so.” I’m like, “Yeah, whatever.” We’ve been working on that with a lot of my clients to highlight them and that’s part of it. The other part is something I call execution laziness. I don’t know if it’s laziness or not or entitlement. I don’t know what it is but there’s an execution issue. It could be a whole multitude of things. It could be confidence.

Limiting beliefs to me are excuses but there are a lot of things that are going on. Thank you for sharing what’s going on in that particular sense because it’s good for me to always hear from the horse’s mouth what challenges and things. One of the challenges that real estate agents have is trying to be 50 places at one time, to show a house or to take clients around and show them. This is a breakthrough for you. I want to talk about how you started thinking about this, develop this, and said, “This is one of the challenges or needs that I have and this is how you came up with this wonderful idea that you’re about ready to share.”

It’s twofold. The story started when I got into the business. I was in-between part-time jobs and finally found a stable part-time job as I was building my business because I needed extra income. There was still that need for extra income and my managing broker called me one weekend and said, “We’re going out of town. Can you show homes for us? We’ll pay you $50 an hour.” I was like, “Absolutely, 100%. Give me more.” After that weekend, I made $300 or so. It was like, “This is lucrative. Why not do this for a part-time job?” I went out, I created flyers and I was going to be the go-to showing assistant in Denver.

It’s like any idea when you think of it, 15 to 30 minutes, it’s nothing but, “It could be this and that. We can make this much money.” I have it all scaled out in my mind. I had the flyers, I was ready to start distributing them throughout the Denver Metro Area. Fortunately, I got busy. My business ended up being consistent. It was about a year later where I was on the flip side, I needed help. It was Sunday evening, we had a family birthday party and my clients called me and said, “Can we see the home?” We were already under contract but the wife hadn’t seen it yet and this was the only day they could see this on Sunday night.

It’s one of those texts you want to say no but as a good agent, I’ve got to go show it. This particular house was 1.5 hours away to the mountain so I drive 1.5 hours up and the whole time I’m thinking. I missed the family party. I love family parties. I’m doing this. What I would have done was to have the neighborhood realtor open the door for me. We’re already under contract. They just wanted to see it. I was irrelevant. What’s relevant is that them getting into the house. I got there and I showed the house. As soon as I got back in my car, it came up again and I could not stop thinking what I would have done to get the neighborhood realtor to open the door. I thought, “This is a big problem because a year ago, I was on the flip side.” I solved the problem and it was there. We could help newer agents make money and we can help those agents who are seasoned and need some help with getting help showing homes and being in two places at once. On the drive down the mountain, that’s when I thought of the app and I was like, “This is how we can do it.” That’s the story of where the idea was birthed from.

I know it’s an app and you have a Facebook group as well. Tell us what is it about the app and how do people get involved as far as realtors? How do you help your sellers and buyers feel comfortable with meeting up with somebody else? They have a license but not you. Making sure that your reputation is good and other realtors aren’t undercutting you and saying, “I don’t know why he said that and you shouldn’t be doing this.” What are some of the challenges that you encountered or some of the things that you’ve used to help implement this so that people feel a high level of confidence?

That’s important what you brought up. Quite frankly, we’re still figuring out because you are sending your clients out with another agent. You have to be able to trust that agent to not only represent you but to do a good job and make sure that your clients are taken care of. A couple of things we’ve done in terms of the worry of, “Is this agent going to steal my client?” All our terms of conditions. It’s a lengthy terms of conditions. We spent more than we should have on it but we understood this is a big concern for agents. Within the terms of condition, any showing assistant that goes out on the show and it’d be a show, they waived their right to your client.

You don’t have to worry about them stealing your client, getting commissioned from them and etc. What we found is the biggest thing is trust. We go to agents and they’re like, “This is such a great idea. I couldn’t use it last week.” When they go to use a platform, they’re like, “Who am I sending my client out to?” To our surprise, it wasn’t as much as, “Are they going to steal my client?” It was, “Are they going to represent my client well so that when my client’s done seeing a home they’ll show, they feel comfortable and they come back to me and like, “Thank you. That was great. I appreciate you doing this?” I would say 9.9 times out of 10, that’s been the case.

We haven’t received any negative feedback in terms of the buyer feeling uncomfortable or the showing assistant is not doing a good job. We have 1 out of about 215 showings where an agent had to cancel. That was it. That was the only negative feedback we got. Some of the things we’re doing in version two are going to enhance our trust and our credibility as a platform, as our showing assistant. As an agent coming in, you know you’re getting the best showing assistants in the world and you can trust them. The last thing I would say is I’m a realtor too. I use this all the time because I have a family. I’ve got a baby girl and another baby coming and wife. A lot of the times, I’ll use it so I can spend more time with my family because I’m busy.

All of my buyers have loved it. I have not had one complaint. All of them appreciated the fact that I got them into the home when I was busy. We have had nothing but good reviews from buyers. They feel comfortable with it and the agents feel comfortable with it. We had a text that came through from somebody first time using it. They were like, “I love SHOW,” to one of our directors of business development. There’s a concern there and we’re working every day to make sure that the agent hiring another agent feels comfortable, confident and is excited that this person’s got their back.

MLM 253 | Showing Assistance Platform
Showing Assistance Platform: Regardless if there’s competition or whatnot, the biggest struggle for people is themselves—in terms of their mindset and ability to go after what they want and go get it done.

I have a couple of follow-up questions to that. Interestingly enough, it’s so funny as me having been a loan officer for several years ago, I would be thinking, “They’re going to steal my client.” I didn’t think that for you and you brought it up. I didn’t think that for realtors, I’m thinking about reputation immediately. Are you vetting your realtors before they come in? Do they have to have a certain amount of experience or other?

In terms of that, yes, we do vet them. When you log onto the platform, you’ve got to enter in all your license ID, first and last name, brokerage, and state. From there, we take that information, run it through the governing agency for Colorado through DORA. We are only launched in Colorado. We do plan to expand.

There are 40,000 realtors in Colorado. There are plenty of people.

From that information, we run it through DORA, make sure they are who they say they are, that their license is true and active. They have no disciplinary actions through DORA. As they check all those boxes, they’re good to join the platform. All of our agents within the platform has to be licensed. There’s nobody who is not licensed showing homes. Everyone is licensed. That’s the vetting process right now. As we build out version two, there are going to be more steps to the vetting process. There will be filters. We’ve got a lot of cool things coming up so that our hiring brokers can trust that whoever’s going to show their home is a bonafide true professional that they can trust.

For example, I belong to a couple of platforms for podcasting and I have the choice to be a podcast host or a podcast guest or both. When someone comes up on the platform, do they have the opportunity to tap in and say, “I need people and I’m available sometimes?” Do they have that opportunity to put that in there as well?

They do. As soon as you sign up, the cool thing about our platform is you don’t have to go out and sign up on a second platform. Everything is on one. As soon as you’re vetted, you’re in the platform, you could be a showing assistant or a hiring broker. Everything is nicely laid out. It’s simple. You push up a button and it changes you from a showing assistant to a hiring broker.

It reminds me of Lyft and Uber. If you need a ride, you call somebody. They get ranked, they get rated, they get to show how many drives they’ve done, and how long they’ve been driving, and that kind of thing. That part of it is cool. In your 215 reviews, and I’m sure you’ve had more of these activities but in actual reviews themselves and stuff, what percentage are people attending to be? When you’re going in, are you picking up things that you go and show, or at this point in your career, are you looking for people to show homes for you?

I’m specifically a hiring broker. That’s what we call agents who need help showing homes. Early on in the platform or even now since it is my baby, if I see something that’s not getting picked up and I can pick it up, I’ll pick it up and they’ll show it but generally, for me, I only use it as a hiring broker.

Does everybody negotiate what the price is based on mileage or is it a flat fee for everybody both ways and everyone agrees to it?

It’s a flat fee. We did a lot of research in the beginning to figure out, what is the value that makes sense for everyone here? What’s the structure that makes sense? For us, we do an hourly flat-rate fee. We don’t do any mileage or anything. It starts when you get to the house and ends when you leave the house. Showing assistants have their opinions on pricing for hiring brokers. It’s finding that middle ground to where it’s like, “If we do X, showing an assistant might be affected.” For us, it’s flat rate $55 an hour. If you get one home in, great. If you get three homes in, great, still $55 an hour. $30 of that goes to the showing assistant. You could do ten showings over three hours and that same showing assistant will show all of them. That way it’s simple. You don’t have to negotiate. You don’t have to figure out, what’s it going to cost? It’s a flat-rate $55 an hour.

How has it impacted your business in the short time that you’ve put this together and you’ve been playing it and stuff? It’s another shiny object. People get on your app, they could subscribe, be part of the platform, and everything but the actual use of it, what is it going to do for people? We already talked about the problem. We know it has a solution but what are the actual results?

There are a couple of things. Specifically, at least for me, it’s allowed me a tremendous amount of freedom and to get my time back. From that, we give people the option. We give people the option, “What are you going to do with that time? Are you going to go out, prospect more, and build the business more? Are you going to spend time with family or you’re going to spend time for yourself finally?” You finally get to go on vacation and not have to worry about the client that’s been sitting on the fence for six months calling me and say they want to see a home. For us, it’s a lot about giving people the option, giving them the freedom to get their time back and choose what they want to do in terms of their time.

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At least for me, it’s allowed me a tremendous amount of stress relief and knowing that I can spend time with my family and have dinner because I’ll go through a crazy week and it’s like, “Wifey, finally I’ll spend all Sunday with you.” She’s looking forward to it and it’s like, “I’ve got showings.” Now, I could be like, “I’m still spending Sunday with you. Clients, don’t worry, I still get you taken care of.” That’s been the biggest impact on me. What we’re also building within version two is we’re thinking it from the state of mind of how can we build a product and a service that somebody can use for every single showing they ever do and they won’t. If we build it that way, people are going to be able to use it a lot more than they can now.

The impact we’re trying to make is time freedom for you to choose what you want to do with that time. Two, we want this to be a middle ground from I’m an agent that has a lot of business and I need to hire a team to now you can use SHOW as a showing assistant platform so that you can get that time back and grow your business to where you don’t need a showing assistant, go hire an assistant assistance. That’s the two big impacts I’ve seen not only for myself, but other people are either time to live the life and enjoy the fruits of their labor or build the business more because you have the time to do it.

I love that eventually you can say, “I’ve done this enough.” It’s a nice little testing ground as to whether or not you can hire an assistant to scale your practice without taking on all that list of it. You’re paying them. It’s a $10.99, is that it? Is it an invoice thing or they have to have their own business, a separate business or it’s part of their business? They’re not putting money back and forth. They know the money’s rolling through you and that type of stuff. I’m thinking I could see a new real estate agent regardless of age and new real estate agents saying, “I’m never going to sell a house. I’m going to do this.” Someone who’s on the downturn and they’re saying, “I’ve had my career. I want to dabble in it, touch, and play with it. A little extra money won’t hurt me.” I see people stepping into this as an Uber driver and saying, “I have other things that I like to do but I want to dabble.” I’m curious how taxing that would be in the bookkeeping and whatnot for people as well.

The cool thing is because we’re the app, we’re integrated with our payment processor. We, as a company, never pay out a showing assistant. It’s directly from the hiring broker to them. We don’t get the full $55 and then divvy it out. We get what we get. It’s all integrated within our payment processor. $10.99 and stuff, you log into your account and you’ve got it.

You said there’s a version two coming out and you’re working out the kinks, smoothing things over as people test or whatever. When do you think you’re going to go national because anybody who’s reading this is saying, “This is all good but in Colorado?” When do you think you’ll be going national?

We have plans for Q2 and Q3 to expand nationally. We’re looking to go into an additional 2 to 3 states initially. From there, once we have the full version two built up, then we’re going to release it to more markets. Right now, with us looking to go in the next 2 to 3 different states, we’re open. We have our eye on some markets but for us, if an opportunity presents itself to where we get a big brokerage, 500 agents, we’re willing to talk to them and potentially partner up and launch in that state sooner than later. If somebody is out in a different state and they’re like, “I want to use this now,” we’re open and we’d love a conversation.

If you’re reading, that’s what you want to do. You want to take advantage of connecting with Patrick to see what you can do to make this happen in your area especially if you’re someone who’s busy and you’re saying, “This is the coolest thing since sliced bread.” I know Colorado very well but one of the things about Colorado is you can drive around and traffic is getting bad on 25, but I used to commute from Colorado Springs to Westminster every single day in my mortgage business. It’s a long commute but it’s not the intense traffic that you find in Washington, DC, Boston, Philly, LA, and some of those places. For me, I would think, “If I lived in one of those areas, it would beat me having to find a parking spot, pay for parking, get a ticket, and be late every single time.” If there’s someone local who says, “I’ve walked the whole territory. I walked the whole thing. I’ll pop down my elevator and pop over there for you.” That’s a great opportunity.

The neighborhood realtor was like, “Please open the door for me. I’ll pay you. I’ll take care of your time.”

One last question I have for this program too, does the showing realtor after going through the house with the buyer, in this case, report something? I own Airbnbs and we all do reviews for each other and not so much a review, but a status thing, “I took Susie and Tommy in the house, they liked it and I think they want to make an offer. I want you to know that that’s what’s going to happen and you need to call them quickly.” Do you have a mechanism for them to communicate as well?

Within the app, you clock-in as a realtor, even though it’s a flat fee for an hour. Once you’re done with that showing and going to the next one or you clock-out, you have to leave feedback. If you don’t leave feedback, you cannot go to the next step. There’s a scale of 1 to 10 and then there are comments. Generally, if the realtors will write up, not for them or whatever it may be, but every single showing with you, there’s feedback attached to it.

That’s good too because that eliminates this whole stuff talking, take action, get results type of thing because I know that loan officers and realtors alike are horrible at follow-up. It’s a follow-up thing. The conversion ratios could be much better. This forces you to say, “Out of sight, out of money, they looked at it. I’ll wait for the client to call me if they’re interested or I’ll call them later but then I forgot.” This puts it in front of your face to be able to communicate with people back and forth. That alone would increase conversion ratios all by itself.

It’s huge. I use it and I got feedback. I was like, “They want to write an offer on this one.” It’s easy for me to pick up the phone, “You guys love this one? Want me to write an offer? Let’s do this.” Every step of the way, when we built the app, we tried to build it as convenient as possible. We want people to press one button and be done. We try to make it as convenient and simple as possible.

MLM 253 | Showing Assistance Platform
Showing Assistance Platform: If you can create an extraordinary experience for clients, you’ll never have to worry about leads again because you’re going to get referrals.

Is there an annual membership fee for the realtors or is it just be there, bounce this stuff back and forth?

Right now within the app, it’s pay as you go. Like Uber and Lyft, if you need a ride, you pay for it. If not, you don’t. We’re looking at different models for different realtors. For instance, if you’re a realtor that needs a showing assistant, it might make sense to go to a different payment model with us so that it’s more lucrative because with us $55 an hour and you have two showings, you’re at $100. You’re at four showings, you’re up at $200. We’re building in some different pricing models and I want it to make it a no-brainer. We’re looking to do a couple of different things to make it more beneficial to realtors.

Thank you for sharing all that. Is there anything I didn’t ask that you want to share about the app?

You’ve asked everything. I would like to say for those of you who are interested, let’s have a conversation. This is built from realtors. Our company as a whole, we’re not just, “Hop on our app to do a showing.” We want to make an impact. I’d like to share quickly, starting in 2020, we have a conversation with our team members and it was around impact. Everyone answered the question. What personal impact do you want to make in 2020? What impact do you want to make within the company? What impact do you want to make as a company in 2020?

From that, we created a newfound vision statement. For us, it’s all about impact, collaborating, and winning together. For those of you interested in this, maybe we’re not in your state. Call us and ask questions. If you had an idea, as you were reading this, let us know because of the way we’re building out version two is what’s beta people. We have realtors building out every step of the way with us. We’re all about impact, working together, and collaborating. It’s important for people to know that there’s a human behind this company. It’s not me and a team that you don’t know about. We are so much about creating something with our clients, customers, and our real estate agents.

I’m sure you have but for those that are reading, you all know that I talk about lifestyle business mastery. We work on your lifestyle first and then your business. This is another way that we’re bringing you other tools that you could utilize, whether you choose to or not, to get back your life to work less and live more. That’s the mechanism for this to do that. Patrick, I want to ask you about loan officers because I do have loan officers’ reading and they want to know too. Anytime I have a real estate agent on the call, I want to talk about your relationship with loan officers. As you already know, they are in a very competitive market. It’s a different type of competition. What’s happening with loan officers with you specifically? Are you still having people call you? Do you have specific relationships? Walk me down that line of what that looks for you right now.

Don’t take offense to this but I’m thankful, I don’t have too many lenders calling me anymore. There was a point where it’s like every call. I have my key relationships with lenders. I usually have 1 or 2 different ones come in every year. My relationship with loan officers right now is very tight-knit. I’d like to work with the people I like to hang out with. If I can’t go and have a beer with you or something, I like to do business with people that are like me or at least that I like. It’s relational and they have to perform. I would like to say because as a realtor, I think about this and I felt like I’d crush it in the loan business because I know what I would like and need from a lender and what other realtors need from a lender. The people I do business with the most are people who follow up with my clients and do a rock star job and update me. I have a lot of leads that go out and I’m like, “What’s going on with this?” I go, “I’ll call.” “This happened.”

You bring up a couple of good points. One of the things that I want to ask you about since you mentioned that is, let’s say 1 to 3, however many you have and some dabblers out on the peripheral, but when you think about them, are you referring your clients to them because of the product? Are you referring to them because it’s been old standard now and you’re my number one guy so you get everything? Have you taken a step back and looked at that relationship to ensure that what took you to that number one position keeps that person in the number one position? Is it niche or personality or is it a combination?

Sometimes it’s a combination. I’d say 20% is the actual product itself on the ground, “You’ve got to get with this lender because they have this program,” but generally it’s an energy thing for me. Whoever I energetically feel like you’re going to mesh with the best, that’s who I send you with. The way I do business as a realtor is I’m all about customer experience. If I can create an extraordinary experience, I’ll never have to worry about leads again because I’m going to get referrals. Based on your personality, based on my energy field, I’m going to give you the lender that I think you’re going to have the best experience. I usually have three I rotate from.

The reason why I’m asking you all this is because I’m about ready to do a whole segment on the real truth about realtor relationships. There’s a lot of depth to that. I wanted to get your opinion on that as well. I want my audience to read this as well. It’s your opinion, I get it. You’re saying 20% is about the product and most loan officers are leading with my rate. I understand that to your opinion, there might be some other realtors is 80% is the product. You’ll never know. As loan officers, I see a lot of loan officers flipping back and forth. They’re like, “They said this. They said that. Don’t text me, don’t call me.” Everybody’s got something a little different, it’s about getting an alignment and sorting through that and finding out someone. The term I always use is working with people that complement and not complicate your practice as a loan officer.

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I won’t work with the top realtor in an area if they’re a nasty gram. I won’t do it. I think that you would say the same thing. I don’t care how much business you do as a loan officer. If you’re a nasty gram, I’m not going to be working with you. That’s key. It all gets down to having these solid relationships and working them. Providing you with referrals, strategies, and resources that can help grow your business, which is why I wanted to bring you on the show. Listening to you talking about SHOW, this is another tool that loan officers can take to their realtors and say, “Have you heard about this? It might be helpful in helping you grow your business because you’re saying that one of your challenges is time.” That’s where the value proposition comes in for loan officers. It’s not that you have the best rate on the street.

It’s providing value. That’s huge. I would say one thing that came up that I’d like to throw out there. I’ll work day-in and day-out if a lender gives me referrals to pay them back 100%. I hear some horror stories, “I give them this massive referral because I wanted their business and they never sent me anything.” I’m like, “That’s crazy.” More so for me, it’s the client experience. If time and time again, I have my client. I always ask them like, “How was your meeting with X loan? How did this go?” If 10 times out of 10, they are like, “They’re great.” You are getting business from me. SHOW as well, being able to provide value outside of my rate and this and that. We’re potentially going to beta something with lenders with SHOW. I’m giving them their own portal within the app. When you have a real estate agent and you guys didn’t have the same buyer, you can track and see where they’re going to show homes.

It’s like a map and agent tap. The only difference is now you have something else going in between there. I was thinking about that. As you were talking about it, I was like, “Why don’t you white label this for loan officers?” Are you familiar with listing reports?


It’s like listing reports. That portal is through the lender. Mortgagebot is like that as well. That portal is to the lender and the lender is able to say, “Here are some other tools for you to use and those are extremely powerful.” It’s been a pleasure talking with you, Patrick. I want to ask you one last question. You already told us a book that you had read before, but what are you reading right now that’s inspiring you?

This is a good inner work on how to see life. I love that book.

Positive Intelligence, what’s that about?

Positive Intelligence is about emotional intelligence. You have IQ intellectual and you have positive intelligence. Positive intelligence is more internal and your ability to be at a high-frequency state, easily relatable, to be inflow. It’s not 100% about that, but it’s about getting within and figuring out what are the saboteurs. The judger in you is always saboteur number one. He has a bunch of different ones. One of mine was the avoider. I avoid things. It’s about being aware of those so that you can deal with them in the moment because if you’re judging or I’m avoiding things, I’m not my true self and I’m not able to have a high PQ, positive intelligence.

I think that affects your EQ as well. One of the challenges with EQ is people not being self-centered and all those things. That opens up the door for you to be able to say, “I’ve got my checkup from the neck up. Now, let me observe the atmosphere around me so that I can be a leader, which increases my EQ.” It cleans out all the cobwebs so that you can express the EQ. We know that EQ is directly correlated to the amount of money you can make. If you want to improve your EQ to make more money, you better improve your positive IQ or your positive intelligence.

It’s about getting within that so you can be at a better positive state, which correlates into EQ.

MLM 253 | Showing Assistance Platform
Positive Intelligence: Why Only 20% of Teams and Individuals Achieve Their True Potential AND HOW YOU CAN ACHIEVE YOURS

What’s one of your favorite quotes?

I told you one of them, “You don’t have to be great to start, you have to start to be great.” The other one I like is one of my favorite quotes. It’s by Ralph Waldo Emerson. This one speaks to me, “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

It is because it’s tough. That’s a word that’s being used now and overused but being authentic and vulnerable. The fact that we have to tell people to try to be authentic. It reminds me of being a Catholic too because people will say, “You’re Catholic.” I go, “I’m trying.” It could be anything or “Are you Christian?” “I’m trying, I’m working on that.” That’s what it is. It’s trying to be your true self when everybody is throwing all this stuff against you. You’re trying to compete in the glorification of the busy-ness, popularity with social media, and all that stuff. It’s crazy.

Especially within our industry, there are a lot of egos and there’s a lot of how you should be and how you should talk to people. Gary Vee talks about a lot. He’s like, “A lot of people fear what others are going to think of that.” If you’re able to get good at being yourself and getting rid of that fear, the flood gates open in terms of what’s your potential is.

Now, there’s clarity and now you become a magnet for the people who like who you are instead of trying to be everything to everybody and getting nothing from it. Thank you so much for sharing that quote. I want to say thank you so much for what you’re doing and the impact that you’re trying. I know that that’s your vision, trying to make an impact on those that you serve and your business as well. I’ve always been a believer that your mess is your message. The mess we’re in became your message.

I love what you’re doing and I wish you all the best in the world in getting this off the ground and getting it further along. I want to say to my audience, if you have an interest in doing this, please get in touch with Patrick and work with him to get it all done in your area. That makes you a market influencer. It makes you a comet. You’re not the tail on the comet. You’re at the beginning of the comet, you’re the changer, and that will get you recognized in a different way as well. Take him up on his offer. Patrick, thank you so much for sharing your time with us. We really appreciate it.

Thank you so much for having me.

We’ll catch you next time. As a reminder, everybody, please leave us a great five-star rating and review. Don’t just give us a bunch of little stars, we want to hear from you as well. What are you liking? What are you hearing? I want to say thank you so much for spending your day with us and as always, pay it forward. If you know someone who could learn from what we’re teaching here, please pay it forward and have them get subscribed. I hope you have a great week.

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