Secrets To Mortgage Success with Brandon Barnum


You can’t have financial literacy on your own. Jen Du Plessis interviews Brandon Barnum, who is known as the king of referrals. And he is currently the CEO of, which I still don’t understand how you got that. But w is the number one referral network for home services, and home service professionals. That includes loan officers, realtors, et cetera. Eager to learn more? Tune in!

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And after closing over 500 million referred transactions, Brandon wrote his book, raving referrals, and has founded multiple local and online referral platforms and networks. Um, connecting more than 5 million people over 190 countries. He’s passionate about empowering loan officers and other business professionals with a step-by-step system for attracting profitable prospects.

So welcome to the show, Brandon, delighted to have you here. Thank you. It’s my honor. And pleasure. Well, thanks. And it’s so great that we, you know, we just met, but I’m, I know that we’ll be longtime friends, you know, as I’m reading your bio and I read it earlier this morning, um, you know, I love how, how do your, the key referrals.

That’s awesome. So, um, I know that it steps way back to you being a loan officer first and foremost. But I actually want to go before that, if I can, did you step out of school, whether you went to college or high school or whatever, did you step out of school as a loan officer? Did you have some other career in between?

Yeah, that’s a great question. I actually started out, I had a marketing degree, from Portland state university, and my first job was working as a marketing director for an estate planning law. Oh, wow, man, during that process, I got custody of my then two-year-old son. So I was a single dad and all of a sudden I couldn’t cover my mortgage and the daycare expenses.

And I found out, cause they kept sending my mortgage payments back saying NSF insufficient funds. I’m like, okay, this isn’t, I gotta do something different. So that’s when I got into the mortgage industry. Okay. So how long were you in, uh, in the law firm? Roughly just a year. Oh, wow. So you, so you’re kind of like me, I got in before I got out of high school, actually.

So in, my twenties, my unable to make the mortgage and needed to do something different. So this mortgage industry. Yeah. So you got into the mortgage industry. What were those years that you were in the morning from 9 to oh 9? Oh, okay. Great. So, so when we had our great debacle known as the grips. And at that point, I was a broker.

I had my own company, we had three branches and dozens of loan officers working for us, but the writing was on the wall. And I had really been called back to my passion, which was building techs. So I stepped away at that point and said, you know, it was time to do something. Yeah. Yeah. Okay, cool. I love that.


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