Re-Gaining Energy and Taking Back Your Health with Helene Leeds


Join Jen and guest Helene Leeds as they discuss the damaging effects sitting all day has on our overall health and well-being. Listen as Helene shares her knowledge and gives tips and suggestions to get out of the habit of chronic sitting!

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Re-Gaining Energy and Taking Back Your Health with Helene Leeds

Hey everyone. Welcome back to this episode. I am delighted to introduce you to Helene Leeds. She is a wellness innovator and an international expert in health and wellness. Immersed in cutting edge nutrition, fitness, spiritual thought and leadership, right? She’s on a mission to empower people to succeed in revitalizing their life, their relationships.

And their businesses, Helene activates change through her health and lifestyle coaching, which boy I need change sometimes too. And mentoring programs, breaking down these toxic habits that we have. We’re gonna talk about this today, like nobody’s business, these habits that we have and to put our, to be able to put ourselves onto a path of, um, vitality.

Right? Vitality. Um, she’s a former, Ford model. And so if you’re not watching, you wanna come and see her. She’s a former Ford model, a master chef on Fox, uh, tv cast member, mother seeker of truth, and the principle of Purposeful Ventures. Welcome, welcome, welcome to the show.


Thank you so much. What a warm, warm welcome,


Well, you’re a warm person and we just have hit it off so well, and it, you know, just so that everybody knows, um, you, I was a guest on your podcast as well, and so we’ll make sure we have links in, in this show so that people can come and watch your show as well. But, you know, I, I’m excited to talk about this particular topic today because, you know, we’re approaching, as we’re recording this, we’re approaching.

Couple things. We’re approaching Thanksgiving, which I guess is first and foremost on my mind, right? Because we’re approaching Thanksgiving and we know what happens on Thanksgiving, right? Everybody eats and has Turkey comas and, and all of that good stuff. Um, but we’re also approaching, by the way, it happens to be my birthday this year.

Um, but we’re also approaching, uh, the first of the year and people put together all of these New Year’s resolutions that they’re gonna change. And then they kind of, you know, it’s a good intent, but the law of diminishing return right over time, there, you know, they don’t, they don’t do all these things.

So I, what I really love about what you’re gonna talk about today is how to incorporate this into your lifestyle. And as we are all. Um, you know, coming out of Covid, so to speak, or the pandemic, you know, we find that, you know, speaking on Zoom and being in front of our cameras, in our, in our, um, computers and working from home has now become somewhat of a new norm.

There are exceptions of course, but this is a real big concern for me personally. You know, I’m about ready to be 59 next week and, um, you know, my body’s shifting. My mind is shifting. I was just emailing with my, um, operations director saying, I can’t find the email I sent you yesterday. And I looked and I can’t find it, , and I hid it somewhere that I would remember, but I can’t, you know, it’s just, I think we’re all just experiencing this sort of, um, blindness syndrome of numbness that’s happening around us.

And, and what’s worse is I’m plant based. Right, and so I already have good eating habits, but I think my sitting habits are different. So I’m being vulnerable and I’m bringing this up so that you can speak to not only me, but to people that are listening here that have to recognize that we need to work on our health and our spirituality, but also how it impacts business too.

So not really a question, just a big comment, a commentary to bring us into this discussion. And I’m gonna let you take it away with whatever direction you think you wanna go in right now to respond to what I just had to say.


Well, Jen, thank you so much for being vulnerable and sharing with us, and I know that you’re not alone.

I know that people listening are, are too feeling. Maybe some lethargy who are feeling like they know they need to exercise. They know that there’s energy that’s available to them that they just can’t reach or access that they used to have, for example. And especially now that the days are getting shorter and that we’re having less light.

You need a lot more, uh, momentum and, and, and, and energy in order to actually create that for yourself. And I have to say that, um, , you’re right. Sitting is the new smoking. And if we’re sitting, yeah, we’re like slowly dying and it’s like, um, it’s really strange because we don’t talk a lot about it. We don’t hear a lot about micro circulation and capillary density, and that’s exactly what’s at stake, so to say, when we’re sitting all day, is that we don’t have as much density in our capillaries, which, which is, which makes up our micro circulation, which is responsible for the nutrients getting into the cells and the toxins getting out. So if we don’t have that, like basic functioning that fuels our mitochondria and like those little engines of our, of our systems, then we’re really gonna have like low energy.

So it’s kind of like a catch 22. If we don’t do it, we won’t have the energy. And you know what? And if we, you know, so if you, and if you have to really find that motivation, that spark somewhere inside to be able to say, okay, I’m gonna get up a little earlier today. Even if it’s dark outside, or after my day is complete before dinner, or even after dinner, I’m gonna take a half an hour walk.

Um, but you’ve gotta get it in. It has to be like, you know, getting in your eight glasses of water more a day. Um, you’ve gotta just plan it, organize yourself around it, and take good care of yourself. Cuz it’s a, it’s a fact. Everyone knows we need to exercise, but we need, you know, resistance training, aerobic, anaerobic, um, and we need some stretching, right?

We need those four things every week of our lives. Um, or we are slowly dying. And now these, uh, these desks that are on the treadmills are, um, becoming more popular. A lot of the friends that I have in the medical world are using those who are, you know, their lives are on Zoom now, and they walk about 16 miles a day.

It’s really interesting. They’re not sweating, you know, they’re just doing a small, a slow, you know, walk. Yeah. But it’s, you know, better than nothing. Right. Right or take small breaks throughout the day, like five minutes between calls, you know, buffer in some time if you can. Um, so that you can go outside, take a few deep breaths, even do some twists in your chair.

You can even do squats, you know, um, maybe not while you’re on a Zoom call, but that’s something really easy to do right when you’re in your chair. Just get up and that. 15, 20, 30, 40, 50 times. Yeah. It’s really, really important. And it’s really about the capillary density that, you know, it’s like a, it’s, it’s so concrete.

Um, we’ve gotta have that capillary density for aging well and healthily. Um, and research is coming out every day more and more on this topic. Yes, it’s about our heart muscle, but more importantly from my perspective, it’s the capillary density that we wanna increase that micro circulation.


Right. So let’s talk about that because everybody, you know, when we went to school, of course we know about, we heard capillary, we knew what they were.

I don’t remember what they are. It’s a very common term. I get it. I heard, I, when you say capillary, I’m like, I know that word, but I don’t really understand capillary density. Help me understand a little bit more about that. And then I wanna ask you a couple of other ques, well, before you answer. Um, this is how my podcasts go, by the way, cuz I don’t, I talk, I’m curious.

I think everybody knows this.


Love it.


It’s just me. I’m not gonna be any different. Um, I have


We love you.


I have a vibration plate, which I absolutely love it, you know, and sometimes when I say this, people are like, what? What do you have? But these things are the coolest things in the world.

And what I do is I step on them. In between calls, you know, to kind of get my body going and get the energy going and, and flow. And they’ve been found to be really, really good for, for um, circulation. And that seems to be my issue, you know, is circulation is a big thing for me cuz I sit all the time right.

Now I’m standing for this particular call, but sometimes I don’t, you know, so explain to us exactly what the, what capillary density is so that we have a clear understanding before we head into more, um, complex topics that you might be talking about today.


Jen, like you just use the word that after 30 years of research internationally, I use to distill everything that I know and I’m like a total geek, like, you know, tens of thousands of hours.

Right. Circulation, yeah. Is the name of the game. And ironically, your capillaries are not connected in the sa into your vascular system. Like they’re, they’re part of the vascular system, but they’re not tied in. It’s almost like they’re, um, they’re like their own network. Uh, and, and they, uh, they, they are dense or not dense based on like how much muscle you have.

And they help to increase circulation. So the power plate, I think was, is like the, the mainstream version of what you’re describing, those vibration plates, which are amazing. They basically like shake out, you know, the toxins in your fat cells and they help your immune system to function more optimally and they help boost your mood and they help your colon function better.

Like better. Yeah. Um, yeah, it’s a wonderful.


Yeah, and I wanna tell you something else too. I mean, you’ll know if you haven’t had enough water, because you know how when you exercise sometimes you, you itch, right? Like, I, I was a runner for years and my legs would itch and I’m like, oh my gosh, my legs are itching when I’m working out, right?

So, so it, it sort of is a little temperature I’m taking all day long is when I hop on it and I’m, and I’m doing my little vibration and whatever. By the way, everybody, you should get these things. You can get ’em on Amazon, but, um, You know, you can do a little vibration or you can do a lot, you can do pushups on it.

You can, you can do all kinds of stuff on it. But, but, um, when I’m itching, I know that I haven’t had enough water that day and I know that I need to consume.


Oh, I love that. Yeah. I mean, if you’re not going to the bathroom every two hours, you probably need to drink more water folks. Um, chronic hydration is an issue.

You know, if your urine is not, like, if your urine is clear, then you’re, you’re usually good to go, unless you’re taking B vitamins, of course. Um, but if you get like kind of dark gray or brown urine, you know, you’re definitely dehydrated. I mean, so many things can be. By just hydrating properly in terms in terms of chronic inflammation and pain and headaches and low energy.

I mean, hydration is so key. Like if you don’t have good oxygen and um, you know, adequate hydration and good sleep, like all bets are off. Like you can’t expect yourself to be able to function well at work and perform optimally, um, and, you know, meet your deadlines and your, you know, all the things that you.

Uh, in your life as a parent, uh, as a sister, brother, mother . As a, as a coworker? Yeah. Well, as a leader or as an expert in your field, you know, if, if you just, you know, and, and retention of data, and I think that’s really important now, you know, facts and figures and in retention, you know, of data and, you know, Problem solving is not as good.

It’s not as sharp as clear. And you know, I think that that those things, you know, are really, really important. Now, I, you know, I wanna ask you a little bit about this too, because again, everybody who’s listening to this, Sits in an office at some point in time, or, or is, I’m not saying everybody is, but, but it, you know, spends time sitting, doesn’t have enough energy, maybe is binge watching tv, you know, at night and now that it’s darker where it’s even worse.


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Helene Leeds, M.S. is a wellness  innovator and an international  expert in health and wellness immersed in cutting-edge nutrition fitness, and spiritual thought  leadership. She’s on a mission  to empower people to succeed in revitalizing their life, relationships,  and businesses. Helene activates  change through her health &  lifestyle coaching and  mentoring programs—breaking down  the debilitating cycle of toxic habits  and putting you on the path to vitality.  She is a former FORD model,  MasterChef (FOX TV) cast member,  mother, seeker of truth, and  principal of Purposeful Ventures. 

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