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  Anyone can do real estate, provided that you’re not above putting on the work, learning, experimenting and making sacrifices along the way. Matt Evan Teifke, owner at Teifke Real Estate, learned this from his amazing mother who, despite not knowing a lot about real estate, dug her toes on the sand to support her family. Inspired by this sacrifice, Matt worked himself up to become a successful real estate broker in his own right. Matt believes that the only things that keep us from getting started in real estate are our excuses. Get this and a lot more practical real estate advice as he joins Jen Du Plessis on the show. Looking for some help? Jen is seeking individuals who would like to be featured as a panelist on the show for her Mortgage Lending Mastery Mastermind Series. Email to get scheduled! — Watch the episode here: 
MLM 271 | Mastermind Series
As Mortgage Lending Mastery hits its sixth year in 2021, Jen Du Plessis will make some enhancements that you are going to love! Introducing the Mortgage Lending Mastery Mastermind Series where Jen will be featuring three loan officers and/or realtors to Mastermind to help them in their businesses! Looking for some help? Jen is seeking individuals who would like to be featured as a panelist on the show for her Mortgage Lending Mastery Mastermind Series. Email to get scheduled! — Watch the episode here: Listen to the podcast here: Jen’s Jots – Acres Of Diamonds In this episode, I’m going to be doing Jen’s Jot, otherwise known as a monologue. I don’t have a guest and the reason I didn’t want to is that we’re releasing this episode on the day before Christmas on December 24th, 2020. I wanted to say thank you for staying with me all of
MLM 270 | Dream Life
  Hating yourself or what you do is not a barrier to success. But achieving success does not necessarily mean you have created your dream life for yourself. When people succeed for all the wrong reasons, no amount of frills in life will ever give them happiness. Laura DiBenedetto has been there and done that. Having achieved so much success at a young age, it took little time for Laura to ask one of the most dreaded questions any successful person can ask themselves – “Is that it?” In this insightful and highly relatable conversation with Jen Du Plessis, Laura tells the story of how she went through a series of epiphanies that would transform her life forever. Curating her experience through The Six Habits, Laura is on a mission to inspire more people to learn the tools that they need to achieve whatever it is that they truly want. —
MLM 269 | Lead Generation And Conversion
People are always looking for new leads. That’s good, but sometimes if you converted a little more of what you have, you would get more business in. On today’s podcast, Jen Du Plessis chats with Gustavo Munoz Castro, a former Microsoft engineer turned real estate agent turned Inside Sales guru, about lead generation and conversion. They also look into what’s happened to the mortgage and real estate industry with where we are with COVID. Having been through seven different market shifts in his career in mortgage lending for over 35 years, Gustavo says if we are to survive and come out of COVID, it’s important that you have systems put into place and a foundation from the get-go. — Watch the episode here: Listen to the podcast here: Lead Generation And Conversion In The Time Of COVID with Gustavo Munoz Castro In this episode, our guest, and I’m going to
MLM 268 | Miracle Morning
Before he got to writing books, Hal Elrod had had one near-death experience that left him with debilitating injuries and a crushing bankruptcy as the cherry on top. These two wakeup calls pushed him to create a morning success ritual that changed his life and eventually became what we now know as The Miracle Morning. Many years after his first book’s publication, Hal has long since achieved his mission of touching the lives of a million people by teaching them his morning rituals. In this conversation with Jen Du Plessis, he shares his expanded mission of elevating the consciousness of humanity one morning and one person at a time. Having built a veritable cult following of millions over the years, Hal has no reason to believe why this shouldn’t be achievable. Hal also takes us to the very beginning – the story of how to tragedies changed his life so much
MLM 267 | Loan Process
  For many borrowers, the loan process is something that is entirely out of their hands. Unintentionally for the most part, loan officers tend to keep parties in the blind unless some pesky problem comes up. For top-ranked purchase loan officer, Brian Lykins, a perfect loan process is where all parties involved are given consistent updates about everything that’s going on. Whether you do it through automation or otherwise, clients are bound to appreciate openness and authenticity from a loan officer. In this conversation with Jen Du Plessis, Brian describes how he approaches the loan process with an underlying philosophy of always keeping client experience first in mind. Listen in and brace yourself for a ton of lessons and actionable tips from two of top players in the mortgage and lending space. — Watch the episode here: Listen to the podcast here: Designing The Perfect Loan Process With Brian Lykins
MLM 266 | Loan Officer
If you’re a consumer or a small business owner who’s trying to secure a loan, then you’re particularly familiar with the important role a loan officer plays in the process. What exactly does a loan officer do? On today’s podcast, Jen Du Plessis brings on Holly Cross with Tidewater Home Funding. Holly is a loan officer. Today, she talks about how she got started in the business and what it looked like when she first started. She also shares her practices as a loan officer to be successful at what she does. — Watch the episode here: Listen to the podcast here: Getting To Know Your Loan Officer With Holly Cross I’m excited because I have a guest with me that I admire for her style. She’s an absolute go-getter and she happens to be one of my clients, which is exciting too. I love highlighting my clients to see
MLM 265 | Financial Strategy
    Every day, there are always changes. And because of the COVID challenge, people are now looking at their finances a little differently. On today’s podcast, Jen Du Plessis interviews two special guests – Steve Croft from Sterling Professional Group and Dave Forsgren from Financial Growth Concepts – to bring a fresh, new look at the financial landscape and how things have changed with people and their outlook. Steve is a business development manager with over 40 years of domestic and international experience in corporate management. Dave is a financial strategist who provides accountants and financial advisors with advanced growth and tax planning strategies.   — Watch the episode here: . Listen to the podcast here: Financial Strategy In The Time Of COVID With Steve Croft And Dave Forsgren I am delighted because I have two people in this episode. In the years that I’ve been doing this, I’ve only had
MLM 264 | Home Remodeling
  Realtors and real estate agents can learn a thing or two from a home remodeling expert when it comes to increasing their sales. For one, it does help if you can make your potential clients see the home you’re selling not in terms of what it is, but in terms of what it can be. As an architect at Auriemma Design, Emma Auriemma McKay helps homeowners achieve the house of their dreams through imaginative solutions that bring out the best living environment that bears their personal signature. Through her real estate sales mastery course, she also teaches realtors, real estate agents and loan officers these things too! Chatting with Jen Du Plessis in this episode, Emma tells us how realtors and real estate agents can train themselves to see properties from an architect’s point of view, help potential clients build an emotional connection to a home and increase their sales
    Digital marketing is often derided as a poor way to generate quality leads. This generalization is even more pronounced when it comes to Facebook ads. Performance marketer and Facebook ad expert, Luke Shankula empathically disagrees. Whereas people see the lack of quality leads as a fault in the platform itself, Luke sees it as the result of a poorly harnessing its full potential. Marrying his background in the mortgage and loan business with his passion for marketing, Luke helps mortgage brokers and loan officers acquire more clients through his system of Facebook ads and automatic follow-up. Listen in as he joins Jen Du Plessis to explain why people misunderstand digital marketing and why it is truly the marketing tool that will set you up for an uncertain future.   — Watch the episode here: Listen to the podcast here: Generating Quality Leads Through Digital Marketing With Luke Shankula I
MLM 262 | Loan Originator
Many people think that it’s never good to say no to a potential partner or client, but in reality, you need to choose who you deal with carefully. As an aspiring loan originator, this is critical and Jennifer Otto, a Certified Mortgage Planner, joins Jen Du Plessis in this episode to explain her methods for choosing the best fit for you and your business. She gives away what she believes to be the secret sauce behind her success as a loan officer, and that’s getting yourself the right coach that will resonate with you. She talks about the different benefits of having a coach in this field and why it should be the first step you need to take. Learn why you don’t have to chase after every realtor’s business and how building the right relationships is much better.   — Watch the episode here: Listen to the podcast here:
MLM 261 | Online Yard Sales
Just because the world has become so complicated doesn’t mean that our lives have to be. All for the everyone considering simplification in our lives, guest, Deb Colameta of Metabright Media, visits Jen Du Plessis to share with us her book, Best Offer, Best Life—a guide to creating wealth through online yard sales. She talks about her formula for decluttering with the help of online selling and how it has helped her clear not only the space in her homes but also her mental headspace. She also gives some great strategies on selling and shopping online, teaching you how to look for items that you need to sell and, likewise, choose the ones to bring into your home. What is more, Deb then shares how she is changing the lives of real estate professionals and more.   — Watch the episode here: Listen to the podcast here: Decluttering Your Space

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