Marketing Yourself on Social Media as a Loan Officer with Kayla Kallander


Get yourself seen in a social media fueled world! Start creating and sharing what feels authentic to you, allowing others to get to know you, like you and trust you!

In this episode, Jen is joined by Loan Officer, Kayla Kallander. Listen as Kalyla shares her tips and suggestions on marketing yourself on social media to help you grow your career!


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Marketing Yourself on Social Media as a Loan Officer with Kayla Kallander

Hi everyone. And welcome back to Mortgage Lending Mastery. I’m your host, Jen Du Plessis. I am so excited that you took some time out of your busy schedule to listen into this episode of our podcast and hope that you are enjoying your day today. My guest is Kayla Kallander who resides in. West Fargo, North Dakota, which is, I always think you’re in min, Minneapolis, Minnesota, for some reason, but west Fargo, North Dakota, she has over 19 years in banking in nine years in a mortgage experience, she’s enthusiastic about her borrowers and her referral partner education.

And she is passionate about. Animal rescue and volunteers on the board of directors of Homeward animal shelter in Fargo, which I absolutely love. We’ll talk about that. And then most of her free time, she travels with her husband and their four rescue dogs, um, to their lake home in Minnesota. Maybe that’s why I think that because we have a lake house, you have a lake house.

You how that’s what it’s so welcome to the show Kayla. Oh, and the other thing is we need to let everybody know is that Kayla’s also one of my students. So, um, I just love interviewing our students and not everybody’s comfortable doing this. Uh, so thank you so much for taking the, the time to do it. And I think it’ll be helpful for your career and your exposure as well.

So welcome to the show.


Thank you for having me. I’m so excited. I’m a life time, well years listener to your podcast, and I’ve known you for years. And I will chime in that, you know, being underneath of you as a student has been in the few weeks that I’ve been a student has been a wealth of knowledge, a wealth of information for me.

So I’m excited to be here and maybe help others that maybe are even thinking about it. Or maybe in my shoes too.


Yeah. Yeah. I love it. Thank you so much for doing that. I appreciate that. So, um, you know, so I wanna talk about something, cuz one, one of the things that’s unique about what you are doing. I mean, first of all, you’re in Fargo, North Dakota.

Yeah. Most people I, I would say, are there loan officers there, right? I mean, I’m just being, I’m doing what everybody else thinks, right. Their loan officers there. Uh, and of course I know that there are, because you know, you, and I’ve talked about this before. My, um, my family is from Fargo. So we have a lot of, um, family members there.

You wouldn’t know it by the last name, Du Plessis, but you might know it by the last name of Motschenbacher or Krabbenhoft because we are latent up there. Yes. And, um, my dad had 58 first cousins.


Oh my


They’re all up in that area. Yeah, I know.


Oh gosh. Yes. Well, I recognize the last name, so that makes sense. yeah.


Yeah. So, um, you know, so we, you know, I, I don’t even know what I was gonna say something about that. I don’t know what I was gonna say, but are there loan officers? Yes. Yeah. Loan officers. So they’re actually loan officers up there. I love it. And, you know, thriving loan officers, which. So I think is really cool, but what’s unique about you is that your degree is in bus business administration with an emphasis in marketing.

And I think that you’ve done a fantastic job doing that. You know, you’ve got, um, exposure and following on Instagram and now, you know, on TikTok, although I just deleted TikTok, you gotta know, I did. I just have a little bit of a fussy thing about the whole China thing. So I went ahead and deleted it and so I don’t see them all anymore, but, um, and my daughter does.

So I miss her. So now she has to send me actual videos so I can see I’m, but, uh, you know, you’ve done a great job at marketing yourself, uh, you know, in such a small, um, market that you’re in. And I think it’s amazing because. So many loan officers that I talk to are in big cities and have big exposure and there’s lots of homes and they do less volume than you do.

Mm-hmm so tell us a little bit about this path of marketing and why you felt marketing was gonna be such a big play in your career.


You know, when I went to NDSU North Dakota state university, when you would go for business, you’d had to choose an emphasis, whether it was management, marketing, what it, it didn’t matter.

You chose an emphasis. And I took a sports marketing class, and that was the class that really made me realize how important marketing is. No matter what you’re doing, what you’re selling. I mean, you go into a grocery store and you see a plethora of things that are, are marketing towards you and you don’t even know it.

Yeah. So, um, in that sports marketing class, I had just learned so much. And then as I, um, you know, worked my way into banking, you know, it’s kind of one of those things when you start in banking. Yeah. You probably have every role as you grow. Like most loan officers, I accidentally kind of became one mm-hmm well with that, um, I knew that in order for people to remember me, I had to be top of mind.

I had to be in front of them. And so what I did is I first started with LinkedIn. I just started, you know, sharing things. I wanted to educate, I wanted to be a trusted advisor to people because I didn’t see any other lenders doing it. No one was putting out information and. Being in Fargo, North Dakota.

That doesn’t mean that I could just do loans in Fargo. I can do all 50 states. So how do I reach this? You know, these other realtors, financial partners, etc., even in South Dakota, even over, across the river in Minnesota. And so that’s kind of how it started. Jen was just having this kind of this drive to let people know who I am and what I do, but also to get to know me as a person.

Because I felt that when people would we say it all the time, know, like, and trust us, you know, they would have this, you know, urge to be like, okay, I feel like I know her. And if I know her. Maybe they see that I, you know, I’m involved with dog rescue or they see that I’m at the lake on the weekend or that, you know, from working out whatever it is when people can relate to you.

There’s almost this feeling of, well, if I can relate to her and I like her, and I know her, she’s like a friend, I feel like I can trust her with my biggest financial decision probably, which is their mortgage. So that’s kind of the, the long story of how it came to.


Yeah, no, it’s not. Well, and it isn’t a long story.

It was a great story. yeah. And I mean, that’s, that’s what makes people pick up the phone? You know, because it’s relatable and you know, I think one of the other things too, it’s not just well throwing some things out there because I know you were saying, you know, I did LinkedIn. Now you do Instagram, you do TikTok and stuff, but it’s not about just throwing things out.

There’s a consistent pattern in what you’re doing. You know, all of your pictures look the same. All of your videos look similar, you know, there’s a, there’s. Method behind the madness.


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Get to know Kayla Kallander!

Kayla Kallander resides in West Fargo ND and has over 19 years of banking and 9 years of mortgage experience.
Kayla is a graduate of North Dakota State University where she
holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration & emphasis in marketing.
She is enthusiastic about borrower and referral partner education. Kayla also ensures clients receive elite service as she understands that a home purchase is one of the most
important journeys in a person’s life.
Kayla is passionate about animal rescue and volunteers on the
board of directors for Homeward Animal Shelter in Fargo.
She enjoys being active with health and fitness and spends most of her free time traveling with her husband and their four rescue dogs to their lake home in Minnesota.




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