Learning the Ins and Outs of House Hacking with Chris Larsen


This week, join Jen and guest Chris Larsen, founder and Managing Partner of Next-Level Income, as Chris shares his knowledge and experience in real estate investment!


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Learning the Ins and Outs of House Hacking with Chris Larsen

Hi everyone and welcome back to Mortgage Lending Mastery. I’m your host, Jen Du Plessis. I wanna say thank you again for joining us. Every single time that we release these, I hear all these beautiful stories of what you’re doing while you’re listening to this podcast and just keep ’em coming. It’s exciting, it’s absolutely exciting.

But I wanna thank you for taking time out of your day to listen to us and welcome our guest today. Chris Larson. Welcome to the show Chris!


Jen, thanks. It’s awesome to be here with you.


Yeah, it’s great. We were just talking in the green room about all of our investing and we were talking about the fact that you live in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina.

For those of you that don’t know where that is, go look it up. The Great Built More is there and um, I’m telling you that place is up. Incredible. Um, and I’m not gonna tell you anymore, it’s, well, it’s a Vanderbilt home. That’s really basically what it’s, But let me tell you a little bit about Chris. He, uh, he went to Virginia Tech, which is really cool because he’s here in, you know, was here in Virginia, went to Virginia Tech, uh, tech, got his degree in engineering bio, biochemical engineering.

Um, Then started buying real estate and the rest is history. And that’s why he is here. He is the founder of Next Level Income. And the reason why I have him on the show, because most for you, Chris, most of the people that are listening to the show are real estate agents, real estate investors, and mortgage lenders.

And you know, I love that you’re reaching to this next level income and the context. To real estate because this is something I’ve done in my, my entire four decades of being in the lending businesses. Um, and I know this is what you did from being an engineer. It’s like, Wow, I have my j o b, but then there’s life beyond that, right?

Next level income. And so, um, I wanna be able to share that with our listeners, that they can share it with their clients and so that they can do it for themselves as well. So, um, happy have you, and you’re the author of Next Level Income. I’ll let you show that real quick here. Yeah. Next level of income.

It’s like playing Monopoly, right? We talk about that all the time. It is Monopoly in this industry. So welcome. We are so excited to have you here today.


Thank you, Jen. No, I’m excited to be here and yeah, we were talking before I, I raced bicycles for 20 years. I still ride, but uh, yeah, rode up and up and over many of the roads right around.

Yeah. Beautiful park in Virginia, where you live. 


I know we were saying that. Yeah. That’s funny. Well, I’ve stopped a couple of those bike riders here cuz you know, they’re on the dirt roads and stuff and you know, I’ve, I stopped a couple of ’em and said, Hey, have you ever riding by, we have a whole refrigerator full of water in here if you need.


Oh, wow. I wish I knew, man, I wish I knew you then. I would’ve, I would’ve been knocking on your door like, hey. Yeah. Although, I mean, I, I had some cold rides in the snow up and over mount weather. Ooh. Oh yeah. No, we would have needed a hot chocolate those days, . Yeah, it gets, it gets brutal up there. Yeah. Um, definitely does.

Yeah. But, No, I appreciate that. I, look, I had, I had my real estate license, so if you’re listening, if you’re an agent, if you’re in the business, um, I started in the residential space and Yeah. I’d love to talk about, you know, Next Level Income, which is really how to create these passive level, these passive income streams Yeah.

To really create true freedom.


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Get to know Chris Larsen!

Chris Larsen is the founder and Managing Partner of Next-Level Income, through which he helps investors become financially independent through education and investment opportunities. Chris has been investing in and managing real estate for over 20 years. While completing his degree in Biomechanical Engineering and M.B.A. in Finance at Virginia Tech, he bought his first single-family rental at age 21. During his subsequent career in the medical device industry, Chris expanded into development, private-lending, buying distressed debt as well as commercial offices, and ultimately syndicating multifamily properties. He began syndicating deals in 2016 and has been actively involved in over $400 million of real estate acquisitions.
In addition to real estate, Chris has invested in equities, oil & gas, and small business lending, as well as being active in Venture South, one of the nation’s Top 10 Angel Investing groups. Chris lives with his wife and two boys in Asheville, NC where he loves spending time with them in the outdoors and enjoying the food and culture that the region has to offer.



EMAIL: chris@nextlevelincome.com




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