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Join Jen in this special episode of Mortgage Lending Mastery where she sits down with guest Dee Ann Harper, The Mortgage Architect. Dee Ann shares what made her decide to open her own mortgage company and how she helps craft a plan for her borrowers.

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Hey everyone. Welcome back to this episode. You know, I am so excited when I can bring on one of my coaching students onto the show because this is what it’s all about. It’s all about, you know, providing influence for people, being able to share stories and. I’m always excited to bring on loan officers.

So if you’re listening to this for the first time, I wanna welcome you to the show. Welcome to our community, and if you’ve been listening for a long time, as always, I wanna say thank you so much for continuing to listen and continuing to pay this forward by sharing with your real estate agents, your referral partners, and other loan officers in your, um, community.

And, um, remind you that if you two would like to be on this show. To reach out to me and let’s have a conversation to see what your story’s about and then we’ll talk about getting you on the show so that you two can increase your influence in the marketplace. So that said, it is my honor and delight to bring on Dee Ann Harper.

Welcome. Dee Ann. I’ll just say welcome first


Hi Jen. Thanks. Thanks for having.


Of course, of course. So, uh, Dee Ann’s been with me for a couple of years, uh, but let me tell you a little bit about her. She is the principal of Intrust Mortgage, which you’re gonna find out a lot about why is it trustworthy, why is that part of it?

Um, and she’s also known as. The Mortgage Architect, uh, her passion is helping others, and she is an expert in providing alternative solutions for mortgage financing, which we’re gonna find out a lot more about today. She provides innovative solutions for clients who are in need of situational lending, and this is, this allows her to provide.

Customize agile solutions that other lenders cannot provide. So basically what you’re doing is you’re customizing as the mortgage architect, you’re designing and customizing the mortgage for for your clients. I absolutely love that. Dee Ann boasts a 17 year tenure in the mortgage industry all the way from MLO to account executive lending services manager.

And of course now she owns her own mortgage brokerage firm. So with that said, oh, and she’s also been a guest on Real Estate Talk, um, airing in Dallas, Texas. And um, it’s just exciting to have you on here. Oh, and one more thing, and this is something we’ve been talking about for quite some time, is finally Dee Ann, she’s going to be releasing her new book, “Houston, we Have a Problem – Finding Financing when the Bank says NO”, and that’s scheduled to come out and the second quarter of 2023. So, wow. Welcome to the show, Dee Ann. What an exciting time for us to be talking today. Thank you. Yeah, I’m excited. So tell us


There’s lot going on.


Oh yeah, yeah. Tell us, tell us a little bit about, let’s just talk about this, how we met.

I wanna talk about that cuz you’re, you always have such a cute little story about this. Um, and I do, I just wanna talk about how we met first, and then, and then from there I wanna talk about, uh, your history in the mortgage industry.


Well, this story is usually the one that makes me cry, so I might try not to cry.

Okay? I’m not gonna cry. I’m not gonna cry. , no. Jen, I met you at a conference. You were speaking at a conference, a national conference in Las Vegas, and everything you said, just , just resonated with me . And so I think, didn’t I track you? I like literally tracked you down. Yeah, you did. Afterwards.


Yeah. I think you waited for like an hour , right?


I did. I was like, I’m not letting this lady go. Um, because we just, everything you said was a picture of me and, um, I related immediately and I said, okay, here’s somebody who has been there, done. We have a lot in common and I, I was in another coaching program at the time and I really wasn’t getting the traction that I wanted.

So when I heard you speak, I went, aha, like light bulbs were going off everywhere. And I said, I just have to talk to you. And of course we talked, uh, you ask some very. I’m gonna call it soul searching questions. And, uh, from then on, it’s just been, it’s been an amazing experience since we met, uh, going through the coaching program.

Um, everything I’ve learned, um, new ideas that we bounce off of each other, meeting the other students in the, uh, in the program. It has just been absolutely. Awesome.


Awesome. Well, thank you. Thank you so much for that. You know, what I think is most amazing is watching you grow , right? I mean, that’s where I get, get all of my joy, but I know that, um, you know, and, and as we’re talking now, you know, this is, this is a difficult time in the industry, right?

We’re everybody’s struggling. It’s hard to keep the optimism up, you know, and, and that’s one thing that I really focus on with my students is like, come on, here’s new ideas. Here’s new things to get out there. Um, and I wanna talk a little bit about where you were beforehand. Um, because, and this is not about coaching, this is just about where you were beforehand and what some of the struggles that you, you had, because so many people are struggling right now.

Um, you had just moved out of, you know, you were a loan officer at one point, and then you, you know, had just moved out of being an account executive for a wholesaler. And now you’re starting your own company. Mm-hmm. and going, now what? Uh oh, what do I do now? Right. So walk us down that story, because some people have done that in Covid, right?

They said, well, I’m gonna open up my own shop and now, uh oh, . Right.


Well, I will tell you it’s definitely a journey and one of the main reasons why I decided to go out on my own is, um, number one, I like efficiency. And when you work for a really big bank, I’m not saying big banks are bad, I’m just saying, but when you work for a really big bank, the wheels turn very slowly and I like to move faster.

That’s just my nature. That’s what I like. So I needed more efficiency. And then also, I hated telling good borrowers that I know are good borrowers. I hated telling them no. Their situation didn’t fit into that box. Yeah. That lending box that that bank offered that I was working for. And so I said, you know, it’s gonna be a lot of work.

I don’t mind doing it cuz I’ve done everything in the mortgage business. I think except for underwrite. I have never been an underwriter, nor do I wanna be an underwriter, . But I’ve done everything else. So I thought, you know, I have, I think, I think God was preparing me to do. On my own. So I started my own mortgage company in the whole first year.

I, I, I made myself commit to a year of, I learned all of my investor systems, I learned their guidelines. I processed my own loans for the first, I said a year, but I, I actually caved it at like nine or 10 months cuz I couldn’t grow if I, if I did it . So I finally, Yeah, I finally reached out and got a processor.

Um, and you know, it’s baby steps.


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About Dee Ann Harper

Dee Ann Harper–Principal of InTrust Mortgage. She is known as The
Mortgage Architect. Dee Ann has a passion for helping others. As
an expert in providing alternative solutions for mortgage financing.
She provides innovative solutions for clients who are in need of situational lending which allows her to provide for customized, agile solutions that other lenders cannot.

Dee Ann boasts a 17-year tenure in the mortgage industry. From MLO to
Account Executive, to Lending Services Manager and Principal of her own brokerage–there is very little she has NOT done in the mortgage space.

As the Lending Services Manager for a national mortgage bank, she took the company from straddling the mini-correspondent/broker line, to being fully delegated with a comprehensive processing center in Scottsdale, AZ and secondary in Murrietta, CA. She has a strong background in compliance and quality assurance.

She has been a featured guest and co-host on Real Estate Talk airing on KLIF 570 and WBAP 820 in Dallas, TX and the Mortgage Lending Mastery podcast.
She has won numerous company top producer awards in both units and volume, as well as being named “fastest to close” in the state of Texas by
United Wholesale Mortgage.

Dee Ann’s new book “Houston We Have a Problem! Finding Financing When the Bank Says No” is scheduled to debut first quarter of 2023.
[The book will outline options for alternative financing for borrowers who do not qualify for conventional or government loans, and how to find those companies offering alternative financing.

Dee Ann is originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma. She received her Bachelor’s Degree from Oklahoma City University in Mass Communications Radio/TV/Film), and her Master’s Degree from Oklahoma State University in Occupational and Adult Education.

Dee Ann has two teenage children. You can usually find her at an OU Sooner Football game during football season!


Connect with Dee Ann









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