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Just as the year comes to a close, we celebrate with it new beginnings. Nearing the show’s fifth year, host Jen Du Plessis celebrates by sharing some updates about the podcast. Having changed the name to Stop Talking, Take Action, Get Results! earlier in the year, Jen has decided to go back and to relaunch Mortgage Lending Mastery. She also shares other good news about the show being in the top 1% of the iTunes Worldwide, along with a new podcast in 2020, a new book, and more! Take part in this celebration as we continue pursuing this path of achieving success in the mortgage and lending space.

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An Update On The Changes To The Podcast And Looking Forward To 2020

It is Jen’s Jots day and I thought that the timing would be perfect for me to explain what has been going on with this show. I’m about to celebrate my fifth year of doing Mortgage Lending Mastery. Earlier in 2019, I decided to change the name to Stop Talking, Take Action, Get Results! I did this for a multitude of reasons, but I ended up turning it back into Mortgage Lending Mastery, which I’m happy to be doing and excited to be able to relaunch. You’ll notice that I also have a new album cover with the subtitle of Stop Talking, Take Action, Get Results! I’m pleased to announce, thanks to all of you, that I’m in the top 1% of iTunes worldwide. I am excited about that. I don’t know what it means other than to be able to say it. It’s cool because it’s been a lot of work for years trying to come up with new ideas and new topics.

Thankfully, the mortgage and real estate space constantly change so that gives us new topics to talk about. This is a perfect time to say thank you. It’s right around Thanksgiving, coming up on years with the rebranding back to the name and my birthday. Thank you so much reading, for paying it forward, for all of your ratings and your reviews. I encourage you to keep those coming. Nothing else is going to happen with Mortgage Lending Mastery. We’re going to continue to move forward. We’ll continue to have mortgage-specific content, as well as professional growth. That’s always been something that I focused on, that personal and professional growth as it relates to being in the mortgage real estate or entrepreneurial space.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to announce that I will be launching a new podcast at the beginning of 2020. That will happen probably around February. I would love for you to join me on that show as well. That is going to be called From Success to Significance. I’m launching the podcast, but it is a prelaunch to a book that I’m working on called From Success to Significance: Life After Breaking Through Glass Ceilings. This book is much different than the Launch! book that I released a couple of years ago. For a lot of reasons and probably some things I haven’t shared with all of you, I want to take this opportunity to do it.

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I signed the contract with my publisher on October 1st in 2016. I found myself on stage in Atlantic City at Caesars Palace speaking for a great mortgage company, AnnieMac Mortgage, at their annual sales rally. While I was on stage, my mother had a stroke. She subsequently passed away a couple of days later. That was on October 22nd, 22 days after I signed to do the book. As you can imagine, I was pretty distraught and I had a deadline. It needed to be finished by the end of April. I had to push through in that book. Thank God it was a tactical book. It was more about how to do things and giving you great ideas and tips and then some action items. I’m very thankful that that was the type of book because I wonder sometimes when I look at it, “Would it have been written differently had I been in a different mindset?” I don’t think so for that book, which brings me to this book.

When I retired from lending and transitioned into speaking, coaching, podcasting full-time and growing my new business, I was still out networking. I talk about all the time that it’s important to do. Someone said to me, “What do you do?” I was wanting to say, “I’m a mortgage lender.” Instead I said, “I don’t know who I am now,” because that was my identity. That was where my success was for 35-plus years. It made me start thinking and I’ve grown over the last couple of years as a result of it, trying to figure out what is it that I was doing. All of a sudden, the books started coming up as an idea for me. I really am and still have been moving from the identity of being a very successful, high producing mortgage originator and making lots of money to wanting to be significant for people in the mortgage and real estate space and entrepreneurs as well. Making that shift was definitely life-changing for me. It was something I was ready for. It was something I planned.

Now, my primary goal is to coach people who are doing very well and are missing a piece to go to the next level. I’m also coaching people that are brand new and trying to do things properly the first time. My goal is if I can compress the timeline it takes you to be as successful as I was able to accomplish after 35 years, that’s going to bring me all the joy in the world. That’s where I’m trying to make the most impact and make some significance in my life. The other part is that I’m the first generation of women who had these very powerful high paying jobs. We paved the way and pioneered, especially in the mortgage business. There’s a handful of us who’s done that. I don’t mean to not mention any specific names because I don’t know everybody in the mortgage business. There are a handful of women who are my dear friends, who we have pioneered and paved the way for other women in the mortgage space for a long time.

Mortgage Lending Mastery: A handful of women have pioneered and paved the way for other women in the mortgage space for a long time.

Most of us are now out of the business and doing coaching as well. We’re all doing something a little different. We’re trying to give back and help people accelerate their success and learn from our mistakes, from our wins, our thought patterns and things. As being one of the first particular generations that had these wonderful jobs, we sacrificed a lot. There were a lot of women that sacrificed marriages and relationships with children and their health. I’m blessed that I’m still married. I still have my health, but my mom stayed at home. When I grew up and became a teenager, that’s when she went out into the workforce. She was typically a secretary, a writer, an administrative assistant or executive assistant with the whole goal that she was only going to do that long enough that when I had kids, she could come home and take care of the grandkids. That was pretty much what women did then.

In my generation, we are tired because we worked for so long and hard to try to win battles, exceeding and breaking through ceilings that aren’t just women-oriented, but different ceilings that we had to break through in life. When I retired, the last thing I wanted to do is stay home and take care of my grandkids. It’s not built in this particular generation. I absolutely love my grandkids. I love taking care of them when I can but it wasn’t my passion. Now, what do you do? After 35 years of doing anything, man or woman and you’re not ready to call it quits or retire, what is the next step? For me, it wasn’t going to be working for someone. It wasn’t going to be a greeter at Walmart. For me, it was, “What are other challenges?” I’m finding that a lot of people are stepping into more entrepreneurship, sitting on boards, doing charity work, etc. That’s where this particular book is going to be coming from is life after breaking through whatever ceiling it was for you, whether it was a financial ceiling, a gender ceiling or a family situation or health.

All of those reasons are reasons that I want to talk to people about what are they doing after that long career. Sometimes it’s retirement and sometimes it’s relaxing. There are a handful, I’m sure there are people who want to stay home with their grandkids. I think that’s great, but maybe it’s a full other career, something totally different. That is what this show and the book are going to be about. I encourage you to read it and support me. I would love the support in launching this. More importantly, if you’re in the midst of your career, if you’re in 10, 15, 20 or 25 years in your practice, it’s a great opportunity to start thinking about, what is my exit strategy? We know that both real estate and mortgage professionals are an aging workforce right now. What is next for you? Are you thinking about it?

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I’m blessed that I had the fortitude to think about it and say that I wasn’t going to be in lending for more than 35 years. That was a big goal for me. The goal was, originally, I don’t want to be in for 40. I would never tell anyone I was in for 40. It was a goal for me to get out when I was 55 so that I have plenty of time to enjoy life, still be moving, be able to do cultural things and travel. I wanted to share that with you. I want to take the opportunity on this particular show to say thank you as I’m reflecting back over the last years of being one of the first show in our space and continuing to move forward.

I’m excited to share as much as I possibly can with you for years to come and I encourage you to be on the lookout for From Success to Significance as a new launch of another show where I can have the opportunity to interview people that have made that transition. What it was like preparing for it, making the transition and what it looks like on the other side so that it gives you the opportunity to think about what your path might be in the years to come. Thank you so much for all your support and all your feedback.

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