How to Generate More Leads, Branded to You & Your Business with Jeffrey Brogger


In this episode, Jen sits down with Jeffrey Brogger, the Founder of both STEEZY.Digital and JJB Multifamily. Jeff is a pioneer in real estate marketing and technology.
Listen along as Jeffrey Brogger takes us through the benefits of having a lead generating source for your business, that is specifically branded to you.

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How to Generate More Leads, Branded to You & Your Business with Jeffrey Brogger

Welcome back to mortgage lending mastery. I’m your host, Jen du pluses on today’s episode, we have Jeffrey Brogger. Let me tell you a little bit about Jeffrey. He is a pioneer in the real estate marketing and technology space, founder of both., which I’m gonna have to talk to you about what that name is and JJB multifamily.

So you must do some syndications there. That’s good. He’s been a real estate investor since he was 16 years old. He’s at the top. Um, 1% of all time sales representatives and sales managers from Cutco. So we know what kind of sales training you had. Yes, we definitely get that and it’s helped top real estate and mortgage broker.

Um, clients spend over a million dollars on Facebook ads while generating five. To 25 X return on ad spend. Um, today Jeff consults nine figure businesses on their social media ad innovation and direct response copywriting strategies. And where we met, um, is that Jeff had me on his podcast called lockbox.

Uh, Um, and I don’t even remember when it was, but you now have over 150 episodes, so welcome to this world, but it’s for real estate professionals. And you’re also a member of the XP, which I am as well. So we certainly understand, um, that world, so welcome to the show. You sound like you so much, Jen. Yeah.

You sound like me, you know what don’t you do? Right. And I’m sure a lot of people tell you that. And that’s what I hear all the time. yeah, certainly just what don’t you do in the, in the real estate or business world? Yeah, I know. It’s crazy. It’s crazy. So let’s, I, I do wanna ask you, you know, how’d you come up with the name, Stevie.

What is that question?

Yeah. So, uh, it’s a little bit of a shout out to my extreme sports background and upbringing in California. It’s an extreme sports term. That means style with ease. Okay. So extreme sports are the, one of the only sports that are gauged and judged based on style. Yeah, actually, you know, with like a surfer, you know, dropping into a way there’s, you know, there’s points for certain activities and turns, but actually one of the judging methods is style.

So yeah. Um, it just became one of those terms that was used in the industry. And when I started my digital marketing agency, what is it? Five years ago now I was doing so much research of all the names I could think of in my head and all of ’em are already taken . Yeah. So I, I finally came up with that and I’m like, it’s available.

All right, I’m gonna do that.

Oh my gosh. Yeah. Yeah. Isn’t that funny? It’s funny. It’s funny. I, I interviewed a guy, uh, years ago on my podcast. Uh, Jonathan slain, he, uh, he has and I said, how did you give Wow. Which is, I mean, we were, and this was way past the, um, the great recession, right?

He got it, I think in like 2014 or something. And he is like, believe it or not, it wasn’t taken. I mean, sometimes it’s just not assuming. Right.



Totally. Yeah. Usually, usually nowadays you have to have a forward URL to even get it, you know, and yeah.

Yeah. It’s just, it’s just crazy kinda stuff.

And, uh, yeah, so, so believe me, uh, you know, I’m, I’m really active in, uh, metaverse and crypto and, uh, NFTs right now. I’m doing a lot of investing, creating an NFT myself and, um, I won’t be mining. I think that’s the only thing I don’t want to do, but, um, Yeah. And, uh, as soon as I, you know, was learning about the metaverse I’m, I’m listening to the guy talk and I’m going on to Google and going, okay, I want metaverse concierge concierge.

Metaverse MV concierge, concierge MV, because he’s showing us how to go through there and I’m going, you know, oh my gosh, I, you know, is he showing I go, they need a concierge service on here. Just says, welcome to metaverse. Let’s give you a tour. And I thought, oh, I’m gonna buy it. I’m gonna buy nice. I bought like 25 different versions of all those things so that if someone wants to buy it from me, they can

Yeah, that’s smart. I know. Well, Hey, listen, there’s a guy in one of my masterminds. I, you know, I hold masterminds. I, I mastermind leader and one of the guys in my mastermind, he’s like, I own and I don’t really know what to do with it. And we went. Wait, what . So anyway,

Sell it for like $150,000.

Actually. He’s not gonna sell it. He’s gonna license it out so that Dennis can do pluses, he’s just gonna license. Oh, he’s gonna make about 7 million. Wow. Nice. Even we were like, no, you can license it out. You should, you don’t need, that’s the value of a mastermind, that’s it that’s, it don’t sell it.

Don’t sell it. So anyway, we digress right away into some, all kinds of fun stuff. Um, but that’s how the world’s going, right. It’s moving a hundred miles an hour. And that’s what we’re gonna be talking about today is, you know, lead generation for mortgage loan officers and real estate agents, you know, Online.

And, and of course, a lot of people hear about this and they’re like, eh, another thing on social media, another thing on ads, spend another, another, another thing. So let’s talk about what makes you so different and so special. And I’m gonna let you take


Give my throat a little bit of a RA a rest

Yes, yes, absolutely.

So wouldn’t it be nice if rather than getting another social media? With name, phone email, who probably doesn’t even know who you are. Wouldn’t it be nice if you actually had an appointment instead, a qualified appointment? Well, after my background with direct sales through Cutco, I. Realized that that same need as a sales representative, that constant flow of leads was very nice.

But then you still had to do all of the follow up all of the outbound calls, all of the voicemails, all of the texts to get the appointment set.


And actually our KPIs and our metrics at Cutco were. 10 calls to referrals would equal one appointment mm-hmm . So that was the flow. It was 10 calls, one appointment, and then a company average 60% closing ratio.

Somehow I was able to achieve a 90% closing ratio, but through that, I was then able to have a higher, you know, average order as well and hit the top 1% and all this stuff. But thinking back to that experience, it was leads first and then it was appointments as the next step in the funnel. Right. I think the common disconnect with lead generation companies is that they’re pushing for the top of funnel result.


A pioneer in real estate marketing and technology, Jeffrey Brogger is the Founder of both STEEZY.Digital and JJB Multifamily. Jeff has been a real estate investor since he was 16-yearsold, is in the top 1% all time of sales representatives and sales managers from CUTCO Cutlery(where the average rep lasts two weeks), and has helped his top real estate and mortgage broker clients spend over $1 million dollars on Facebook Ads while generating a 5-25x return-on-ad-spend (ROAS). Today Jeff consults 9-figure businesses on their social media ad innovation and direct response copywriting strategies. Jeff’s podcast “Lockbox” now has over 100 episodes which provide real estate professionals with action items for success. Through this podcast Jeff interviews the smartest and wealthiest real estate professionals in the world and with each new episode Jeff expands his network with another high-quality contact. Today Jeff is a licensed broker with eXp Commercial and he does NOT limit himself to the traditional brokerage model. His company, JJB Multifamily, is innovating commercial real estate by offering an end-to-end solution for property owners. Jeff leverages his marketing abilities and his incredible network to help multifamily property owners sell for top-dollar, defer taxes, and then repeat the process while offering investors in his network to see unique off-market opportunities. To learn more about STEEZY.Digital or JJB Multifamily, simply search online for these terms. We make it easy to find us!

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