Understanding How To Deal With Procrastination For Personal Development With Wendy Hart

MLM 307 | Understanding Procrastination


Why do we tend to procrastinate when we have plenty of tasks to do? Join our host Jen Du Plessis as she talks with Wendy Hart to give us all a better understanding of procrastination. Wendy is an international speaker and coach and the creator of The Procrastination Cure. She provides deeper knowledge on how our brain works. Having experienced a dreadful childhood, she strived for change by starting with herself; having therapies, and studying brain chemistry. She shares why procrastination is so common to us human beings simply by the nature of our brain, triggering alarms by sensing dangers. Learning how we can better control our minds to increase our productivity. Stay tuned.

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Understanding How To Deal With Procrastination For Personal Development With Wendy Hart

I’m so excited because I have a wonderful guest by the name of Wendy Hart. You’re beautiful. I appreciate you coming on the show and your beautiful insight as I’m learning as well. I want to share with everybody about you and what you do. She is an international speaker, coach, and the Creator of the Procrastination Cure, a complete system that compels you to follow through and make more money. She has coached pro golfers, entrepreneurs, and business owners to help reduce anxiety and overwhelm to increase their sales performance. It is the key to what we want to talk about here on the show. Wendy, welcome.

Thanks, Jen. It’s nice to be with you again. We had the privilege to meet at a conference, connect and had this simpatico. It’s great to be here and share this science with your readers.

We are going to get a little scientific but we are also going to get a little technical because we want both sides of this. One of the things that you focused on is Procrastination Cure using NLP, the acronym for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. My daughter-in-law has a Master’s degree in Linguistics.

That’s the science of excellence. Most of the people that are super achievers in the world have had coaches along the way like Olympians. Many of them have used brain science. That’s one technique that comes at it from a different direction.

I have been exposed as a speaker with my coaches and things like that. There are a lot of that out there. What I would like to start with is, tell us why you have such a passion for this particular topic. I know you have a passion for a lot of topics but this particular topic, what brought you to this?

Necessity is the mother of invention. I was the most profoundly stuck person that you have ever met. You had an interesting upbringing. I had an upbringing that was too colorful even for The Jerry Springer Show, for people that are Americans reading this. It was too nuts for reality television. I had brilliant, attractive parents who were also mentally ill. They were abusive to the degree that’s hard to describe.

My brother and I grew up with nervous systems that were attuned. They were programmed to be in survival all the time. I was afraid I was going to die all the time. This is from a young age. You are swimming in chemistry. I had procrastination overwhelm and self-esteem lower than dirt. I had a startle response like the moon. I would jump into the air. It was hard to function.

When I was a little kid, I remember thinking, “If I ever make it out of this house, I’m going to discover darn it what lets people thrive and be happy. I’m going to tell everybody that will listen.” By the time I was in college, I’ve thankfully got a scholarship. While other kids were going to parties, I was in the library reading psych abstracts trying to figure out how I could handle my nightmares and all that stuff.

MLM 307 | Understanding Procrastination

The Procrastination Cure: A Complete System that Compels You to Follow Through (and Make More Money!)

I went on this crazy quest for decades. Everybody else is dating and Wendy is reading. The gift was, I had a particular curiosity, drive, and ability to cherry-pick because I went through stuff so other people don’t have to like studying. I studied Brain Chemistry. I had lots of therapy, which was great. Neuroscience, Hypnosis, and every personal development program, you name it. I read. I’ve got my life out of books. I cherry-picked because nothing worked but these little bits put together became a new original recipe.

It started after college. I was singing. I was working as a singer and dancer in Chicago. I wanted to go to Broadway. I wanted to heal so I wouldn’t age out of all of that. I’ve got over my stage fright with this recipe, all-green Chemistry, sneaky brain hacks. I ended up teaching. I’m a natural teacher. I taught 300 different singers in Chicago how to do it but we were poor. That’s a population that has no money. It worked to get rid of anxiety, overwhelm and have people follow through. I was like, “Where else could it go?”

I don’t golf but I said, “Golfers, this would help them not clutch on the course.” I called around and said, “Who knows somebody?” A friend of a friend said, “I know a guy who has tried twenty years and he can’t break 90. He had 3 lessons a week for 20 years.” In a dozen of phone calls, he was scratched on the phone and I never met him. It was the same brain science. His course of a 35-year record in the PGA with five phone calls with me was nutty. That was working.

That’s how I’ve got into sales because I started coaching golfers. I still coach golfers and get crazy results with them. People that golf for fun, a lot of them have businesses and they were entrepreneurial. They would say, “I dropped nine strokes already but I’m selling better. Can you help my team?” I’m like, “Yes.” It was the stage fright cure, Your Best Mental Golf, and then the call reluctance cure. That was good but then I stumbled upon a woman who was an ex-Tony Robbins trainer. She had a collection and a group of several thousand home-based businesswomen. I didn’t know that I would like them. I fell in love with coaching them because they were coachable.

The point with when people are entrepreneurial when you are running your own business, there’s no one to be accountable to. You are not punching a clock. You’ve got to do it on your own. I found that particularly when people had a home office, they were trying to juggle. They were being pulled by family members and their anchors. There are all these things. It’s easy to get distracted, and then people would not follow through and would go to shame.

That’s how it got the name, the Procrastination Cure. The truth is, this could equally be called the Overwhelm Cure or the Great Reducer of Anxiety. The same brain science works for that. I moved from a woman who should have been dead twenty ways from Sunday to thriving now. I get to serve clients. I have served thousands of people on six different continents to triple their follow-through. The system is interesting. It hacks from all over the place but they are the opposite. I’m the opposite of Gary Vee and Tony Robbins. These are great people that I admire but I do the backdoor-sneaky way, not the driven-willpower way.

One of the things is that the subtitle of my show is, “Stop talking. Take action. Get results,” which for me is like stop talking, take action and get results. The challenge is always, “I want to stop talking and get results but I don’t know how to take action because maybe you know what to do but you don’t know how to do it.” What I feel from my coaching perspective is what keeps people from taking action, they don’t know how to do it. It may not be that they are procrastinating.

We will see you at our next event together. Thank you for taking the time. We will catch you next time on Mortgage Lending Mastery.



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About Wendy Hart

Wendy Hart is an International Speaker and Coach and the creator of “The Procrastination Cure: A Complete System that Compels You to Follow Through (and Make More Money!)” Wendy’s promise is to “increase your follow-through by 3 times or more, in 3 months or less, using less than half of the effort you were using before!”

She has over 20 years of experience in human behavior, sales and psychology. Using little-known tools and cutting-edge brain science, she has developed this unique system that has people end procrastination fast, and for good. Wendy has coached thousands of clients, everything from Pro Golfers to Entrepreneurs and small business owners, and has helped them to reduce anxiety and overwhelm, increase their sales or performance, and get past whatever barriers were causing them to be drained or stuck. When they learn how to get out of the “freeze or dread response” and follow through without effort or will power, success becomes easy.

Also, Wendy’s small business owners have seen their business activity increase by as much as 300% to 1000%, in as little as 90 days or less. Even call reluctance is greatly reduced or eliminated entirely. Wendy was trained at the prestigious Coaches Training Institute. She is a Practitioner of NLP and TPM (Thought Pattern Management,) and IFS (Internal Family Systems Model of Psychotherapy.)

She uses a combination of 18 different psychological, neuroscience and energy modalities in her work with clients. A member of the International Coaches Federation and the International Association of Coaches, Wendy is also a former Board Member of the National Speakers Association, Northern CA Chapter.


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