From Soccer to Mortgage Originator with Brian Covey


Tune in to this week’s episode of Mortgage Lending Mastery where Jen is joined by new guest, Brian Covey! Brian is the Founder of Covey Holdings and EVP at Revolution Mortgage. Listen as Jen and Brian discuss how he got his start in the industry and the important advice Brian has for all agents and loan officers who may be having second thoughts in this market.

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From Soccer to Mortgage Originator with Brian Covey

Hi everyone and welcome back to Mortgage Lending Mastery. I’m your host, Jen Du Plessis. I am so thankful that you showed up here today. It is so important that you, uh, dedicate your time, you know, some of your time to winning, and that’s exactly what we’re gonna be talking about, um, today. So if this is the first time you’re listening, thank you.


Thank you so much for coming in and if it’s some, uh, your hundredth or 500th, I don’t even know how many shows we have over nine years. But if it’s that many times, thank you again for listening in and as a reminder all the time, please pay it forward, share it with your referral partners. This is not simply for mortgage loan officers, but for real estate agents and real estate investors as well.


So pay it forward. We have a lot of topics that we talk about, everything from mindset to the mechanics so that you can create the momentum in your business. So with that said, I would love to introduce my guest today, Brian Covey. And, uh, so welcome to the show. I’m gonna, I’m actually not even gonna go over your, your bio because we’re gonna pick pieces of it out.


But Brian, welcome to the show. Happy to have you here. 


Awesome. Thanks for having me, Jan. And I love that better cuz the bios sometimes like, You can look it up. We’ll jam. We’re just gonna have a great conversation. Add some value into people’s lives. 


Get In Touch with Brian

Brian Covey is an executive at loanDepot, a proud father, an influencer, a top-rated podcaster, author and, just simply, a fabulous soccer dad. 

Brian Covey is the Founder of Covey Holdings and EVP at Revolution Mortgage. Over the last 2 decades, Brian has been building and leading multi-billion-dollar teams. His 10x growth in the most recent team took the regional production from $245M to $2.45B in less than 5 years. Covey is an authority in driving consistent results & building high performing teams.  

Brian has mastered the art of winning and cultivating a champions mindset. From his day as a professional and D1 college athlete to his experience in recruiting, managing, and leading teams to over $1B per year, Brian knows what it takes to be successful and is part of several elite masterminds.  

These lessons are captured in his inspirational book, “Conversations with Covey”, as well as on his weekly top-rated podcast, The Brian Covey Show.  

He is highly sought after by global publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Housing Wire, and Today Parenting to share his insights on how to successfully build a 7-figure passive income stream as well as sticking a balance between work/life integration. 

Today, Brian is the EVP of Strategy & Development at Revolution Mortgage & speaks nationally to organizations on how to find your competitive edge and unlock the power that ignites your success.



PODCAST: Finding Your Competitive Edge





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