Evolution of the Modern Man with Bernardo Moya


In this episode of Mortgage Lending Mastery, Jen is joined by guest Bernardo Moya. Bernardo shares what pulled him to write his new book, “The Evolving Man,” and how he was able to begin healing from it as well.

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Evolution of the Modern Man with Bernardo Moya

Well, hi there, and welcome back to this episode. I am so excited today. You know, we have an encores once in a while, you know, we bring on guests that we’ve had on before, and that is the case with Bernardo Moya. Bernardo, welcome to the show.


Thank you, and delighted to be back again. Uh, thank you very much, Jen.


Thank you. So, where are you joining us from right now?


I’m in Spain; I’m, I’m in Spain, the south of Spain in, um, little town


Awesome. Awesome. I wasn’t sure if you were up in London, cuz I knew you went up there and I was there, but we didn’t cross paths and, you know, that happens. But I’m so excited to have you on here.

You know, last time that you were on here, we were talking about, um, the love event, right? That, unfortunately, COVID had maneuvered so many times. WSo weended up doing live, uh, you know, online, which was fantastic, you know, with thousands of people, um, showing up and um, you know, I had my own little faux pa with all the technology that day.

But, um, you know, it was a great event. And I wanna, I want you to just tell us a little bit about the love event because it does. Bring us to the point of what we’re gonna talk about today. One of the things is the Best You Expo, which we won’t talk about that right now, but tell us about your experience with the love event and what your intent was as you brought that on.


Yeah, I, I, I think, uh, with, with my experience in, in promoting events all over the years, I, I’ve, I’ve felt that. And especially, I think with the pandemic covid and everything that’s happened to the world, you know, these last three years, there seems to be so much tension and. And, I think, you know, there’s never been a more important time explore what brings us together.

And that was the idea of the Love Event and which wasn’t about relationships. It was more about how we can elevate consciousness, you know, how can we become better humans. What connects us? What brings us together? And obviously, the idea around love, sharing love, talking about love, and being loving and kind.

It’s something that I wanted, to put together in an event. And yes, the intention was to do it in person. But, unfortunately, we had to do it virtually. But yeah, I loved it, and I thought there was some great energy and, and, and it’s funny when, well, with the book and, and the love event, how so many great people have come to me and, and I’ve felt a very deep connections and a lot of, um, empathy and, and, and, and people really feeling aligned with the, with the whole concept and the idea of the event.


Yeah. You know, one of the things that I loved about the event is, um, all of the speakers that you brought are just vulnerable, right? Were me included? Even though I spoke about business, others were talking about love and empathy, and spirituality, right? I brought this, this business piece of it. Um, you know, of course, loving yourself, you know, as much as you love that business that you have, but, You know, what I, I loved is that everybody was so authentic and, and we sometimes, that word is so overused these days, you know, about being accurate, but maybe I should say raw and honest and, you know, flawed and accepting of that flaw and talking and sharing about that flaw so that others could see that, you know, even with our flaws, we should love each other and love ourselves.

And and I think that’s what that event did. Uh, you know, from my perspective, that’s what I think it did. I thought that was a beautiful event. So that leads us to a lot of love. A lot of love to your, and now you should have this, but I’m going to hold it up, right? Your new book that you were so kind to send to me.

Thank you so much. And, um, I, uh, you know, it was so funny. It’s almost like it’s; it should be E Loving. Instead of evolving a man evolving, I want to talk to you about, about the book. And that was really the reason I wanted to bring you back on the show is that, um, you know, I thought the book was brilliant. Um, I have a couple questions for you.

I’m so excited to learn a little bit about this, but you know, in a world where it’s so much about empowering women, women, women, women, I love that you came out with something about the evolving man. So tell us a little bit about why. You felt compelled or pulled or called to, you know, create a book about the man evolving?


Yeah, I, I think Jen. I, I my exp well, funny enough, uh, was it’s a terrible, scary fact, but you know, male suicide is one of the biggest killers in the world, you know, and I feel us men, you know, too many degrees, we tend to take and keep our pain inside. And we don’t tend to share how we are feeling or what we are experiencing.

And yet, you know, we should be open to sharing what we feel. And, and I’ve gone through my own personal journey and, and my own personal experiences where I have been for a very long time, a man that was very stressed, very, you know, I worked very hard and, and I felt very alone for a long time during that process of building a business.

And although I did have my former wife and me. And I used to share a lot of the stuff with her. I really suffered it alone. I lost my dad at the age of 15. I never was; I never had a psychologist or anyone talking to me, ever. My brother was seven. So I know the impact it’s had in his life. I can see it, you know, and I’ve experienced it, him growing up as a man, and he is, you know, unfortunately, I think it’s marketing.

So I found that going through that period where then I. I separated from my wife and went through a really dark moment. My mom died. It just, it just all kept piling up, you know, and, and, and then well falling outta love with my misses and, and then, you know, falling in love again, and then the loss of my mum.

So I went through this period of, of really trying to understand and explore what I was going through and, and, the best way I, could find some kind of therapy was by writing it and because it, it really helped me and, and, and that’s what I did. So I started putting all these things together, and eventually, it became a book.

I was really looking at writing a book, which was more, a little bit more scientific around love and, and history of love and Right. But I wanted this, this, this came on top and, and. And it’s been, it’s been hard. It was very difficult. And, it was, it was just really difficult. It took me a year and a half to put it together, and as I was writing, I was feeling extremely vulnerable and extremely, um, you know, I don’t know, in a very, in a very dark place.

But, if anything, it helped me. And, and that’s, that was it really. So with a different hat on than not, the promoter started realizing. , there’s not that many speakers or men that would share these experiences with. And I thought, well, why is it? Why are we so happy to talk about our business and our business success?

And everything’s great on Instagram, you know, or you look happy, but you know, yet we’re all suffering. So yeah, I think, as you pointed out, the love event, it’s okay to be vulnerable, and it’s okay to share kind of what you’re feeling and that that’s, that was the idea of the book.


Yeah, I love that. Okay, so I, you know, I definitely have a couple of questions cuz because I’ve read the book, but, you know, my two favorite chapters were passion and attraction.

Those were my two favorite chapter chapters. And I wonder if that is because I always speak to passion and client attraction. If that kind of bled into, you know, my sense of what love was, um, or is right, is. You know, the passion behind it and the attraction you have because, um, I’m coming up on my 40th wedding anniversary.

And, um, you know, and I, and I just as I was going through that, and he needs to read this, um, I was hoping it would come out on audio because he doesn’t like to read as much as I do. But, but, uh, you know, it’s always, we’re always trying to find the passion in our relationship, and we’re always trying to maintain that attraction because over time, you know, it, it sort of dissolves a little bit when.

Unless you’ve been married as long as I have, you can’t really understand that, you know, it is that we’re always chasing that. We’re always trying to find ways to, you know, to spice it up and to, you know, keep wanting up. But we’re best friends, you know we have loads and loads of respect for one another, and there’s a level of love.

But as I was reading this book, I was thinking, you know about him the whole time, where’s his level of love? Does he look at me the same way when you did the chapter of she, right? Does he look at me like that? Does he think of me in those ways? Does you know, am I just a hand, or is my hand really important the way you, you know, kind of shared that?

So what are, what is your favorite chapter in, in what you put together? When you think about all those chapters, I’m sure you love them all, but there’s gotta be one that really. The most important to you and why?


Wow. Um, well, thank you so much, and thank you for the insight. Was it helpful to understand, you know, And I’ve, and I think I say this at the beginning of the book, I think the book will probably be aligned to certain people, certain chapters will be more aligned to certain people.

Mm-hmm. , depending on who they are, where they are in their life. Mm-hmm. And some, you know, kind of may, may, may sound, you know, interesting as far as maybe they went through a stage of a broken heart. Mm-hmm. Broken Heart is, is, is, is a, is a very interesting chapter to me because, Well, it seems to be one of the longest ones, so obviously, you know, there was a lot of pain there.

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Bernardo Moya is an editor, author, publisher, TV producer, editor-in-chief of The Best You magazine, and CEO of NLP Life Training (the world’s largest Neuro-Linguistic Programming organization).

Bernardo Moya has been an entrepreneur for over thirty years, author, speaker, publisher, TV producer, and seminar promoter.

Bernardo is the founder of the global brand The Best You and The Best You Legacy Clubs.

He has unrivaled experience in the world of self-help. He is the architect behind the UK’s biggest annual personal and professional development event – The Best You Expo – held in London and California.

These global events feature speakers, workshops, and seminars from the industry’s biggest names and reach audiences of over 100.000.


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