Defining and Marketing your Niche with Royce King


In this episode, join Jen Du Plessis and her guest, business owner, author and content writer, Royce King. Royce shares with us what she finds to be the 2 keys to having a successful business!


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Defining and Marketing your Niche with Royce King

Hi everyone. And welcome back to this episode. I’m your host, Jen Du Plessis. And my guest today is Royce king. She is your startup coach. So if you’re listening in here and you’re saying, okay, I want to start up a new side hustle. I want to be a entrepreneur. Or business owner or I wanna reset. I think resetting is part of startup as well.

Um, so I’d love to introduce, uh, Royce to the show. How are you today?


I’m good, Jen. Thank you for having me.


Of course, of course, I’m happy to have you, so let me do a quick little introduction for everyone so that they know who you are. And actually I have it up here on my computer. So I’ll read off of this.

Uh, Royce King is recognized as one who gets results for her clients. She is able to craft the messaging to position you above your competition. And we know right now this is a big, big deal, cuz we were all. Hidden in the pandemic and now we’re all coming out and there’s just a lot of competition everywhere we go.

Uh, for more than 20 years, she’s consulted startups and small businesses she’s created and written over 100,000 pieces of content. And today her business fans internationally, her services include marketing strategies, simplified for every business and content creation. She has published. She has been published on several online pro platforms and written several books.

So. There’s her story, at least what she’s doing now, let’s talk first about your story. Where did all of this start with you that got you into this particular realm?


Jen. I am the unlikely entrepreneur, right? I grew up in a small town on the wrong side of the tracks with, uh, a large part of my family being union workers.

And that just did not ever resonate with me. And as soon as I graduated high school, I had to get out because I said, there’s no way I’m working in a factory all my life. I just can’t imagine. Yeah. The 40 year plan. And, uh, so I went to college and always had a business mind. And as soon as I graduated with an associate’s degree, not even an MBA, I started my first business and was an image consultant for 10 years to very affluent Chicagoans and created quite a successful business and got bored with that.

Again, I can’t follow a 40 year plan, so I got bored. I started some other businesses and to date, uh, Launched 12 companies and failed twice, you know, fallen flat on my face and had to restart even from bankruptcy. And, uh, the second time from divorce in 2014. And I literally did not know where my next meal was coming from.

I had not built this marketing agency into a real business. It was more of a side hustle for me at that time. And I had to scramble and make it a business that could provide a full-time income for me. And, uh, spent the year traveling and meeting people and making connections worldwide and being a digital nomad while I built my business.

And by 2016, I had gone global. So, um, I’m very proud of what I’ve done and how I’ve served people over the years. And it’s been a continual lesson in growth and education as well. I don’t think you ever fully arrived.


No, no, I don’t think you do. Yeah. So, um, so you do a lot of content writing. So, uh, where did that come from?

Were you, was your associate’s degree in some type of writing it’s um, how did you get into content writing? Because I know that probably then springboarded into, Hey, the reason I need to do all this content writing, I need to help people get positioned better so that I don’t have to constantly go back and do all this content writing.


Yeah. I was like every other entrepreneur that’s trying to wear too many hats and DIY stuff on the budget. Mm-hmm and do things that they really should not be doing. And I was writing my own content for these other businesses prior to launching my marketing company. And, um, it was from practice. You know, I had written thousands of pieces of content and written press releases that.

Got published and got me notoriety. And I said, wow, I could do this. And so when I was scrounging to start over, that’s what I decided that I was good enough to start doing this writing content for other companies and undercharging and learning as I went. And every year I invest in myself, you know, I.

Had two coaches at any given time belonged to masterminds. And last year I was certified as a story brand certified guide. And that was an amazing experience that really leveled up my, my knowledge. Um, I’m also a. Direct response copywriter, and I’m getting a couple of HubSpot certifications. So I continually look to invest in my craft, especially with marketing because it changes so quickly that what’s true today may not be true tomorrow.


Yeah. Yeah, definitely is. So tell us a little bit about, I wanna, I I’ll come out back to the story piece of this here in a few minutes. Maybe give myself as an example for something quickly, but, uh, tell us a little bit about what you feel, you know, with startups or someone who’s repositioning a resetting, um, you know, or is in sales and, and is trying to get the word out, you know, and I, I always akin this to, um, You know, the difference between marketing and the difference between marketing and selling.

There’s a there’s. I don’t even think there’s a fine line for me. It’s totally different. There are so many people that wanna be some something for everyone. And so it gets very cloudy. Right. And you should market to your expertise and then let everybody know, Hey, I do everything, but that’s what I market to instead of marketing to everybody, cuz then you’re selling nothing to no one.


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Get to know Royce King!

Royce King is recognized as one who gets results for her clients. She is able to craft the messaging to position you above your competition.
For more than 20 years, Royce has consulted startups and small businesses. She has created and written over 100,000 pieces of content. Today her business spans internationally.
Her services include marketing strategies, simplified for every business, and content creation. She has been published on several online platforms and written several books; including one endorsed by Kevin Harrington of Shark Tank, and is a frequent guest on podcasts







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