Building Your Referral Base with Brandon Barnum


Tune in as Jen sits down with CEO of, Brandon Barnum. Listen as they discuss the importance of working off of referrals as a Home Service Professional.


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Building Your Referral Base with Brandon Barnum

Welcome to a Mortgage Lending Mastery as we’re having a blast in the green room laughing about having popcorn. Popcorn, our, our, uh, snack of choice and the things we have to do on the podcast. Well, again, welcome everybody to Mortgage Lending Mastery. I’m your host, Jen Pluses, and I am delighted today to have with us Brandon Barnham, who is the king of referrals and the CEO of

Wait to hear about this. This is so exciting. He also is, which by the way, is the number one referral network for home service professionals. We’re gonna talk a lot about that today so that you understand it completely, because of course, all of us here in the lending and real estate and investor space, when we hear hoa, we think of homeowners association, which is what it is.

But it’s more than that. It is more than that. And Brandon has closed over 500 million, um, dollars in, in, uh, referred transactions, and he has a book. You go ahead and show it. Brandon, Brandon wrote the book, “Raving Referrals”, which many of you have already read. You just didn’t know that this was the guy.

And, uh, you know, I’m just real, real excited about having this conversation with you. We’ve been, you know, moving our relationship along and it’s really a testimony to exactly what both of. Educate people on and use specifically, I focus more on scaling, but, um, I, I think it’s a real testimony because both of us are really good with follow through.

Like we bothered the crap out of each other. Right. in a good way. In a good way. We do. But, but it’s, it truly is. You know, what we’re creating is this, this great relationship and we’re supporting one another in a lot of different ways. And, um, you know, I’m, again, I’m just really, really excited to have you here today and can’t wait to get started. So, Welcome to the show.


Thank you, Jen! It’s my pleasure to be here and we both teach the fortunes in the follow up, and so that’s why we’re bugging the heck out of each other. And when I hear Jen’s coming to town, I’m there. So anytime.


Yeah. Well, and thank you. I wanna publicly say, I’ve already said thank you, but you know, I was just in Phoenix a couple a while ago, I don’t know, a month ago.

I don’t know when I was there, I was just in Phoenix, uh, speaking at an event. And uh, we also had a book signing while we were there. Lo and behold, I turn around and here’s Brandon right there supporting me at my book, you know, signing. And I had no idea you were gonna come. So thank you.


It was so cool. And not only that, but I bought books, had you guys autograph them, and then gave them to referral partners. And that’s again, one of the strategies that we both teach, right? Adding value to the people in your life. Not only was I able to support you and add value to you by buying the books, then I was able to post that and share with everybody and then give the autograph books on “David and Goliath” to the people I care about. So win, win, win.


Yeah, I think, I think that’s beautiful. So let’s talk about that, because I know one of the, Well, I wanna talk about hoa, but we’re gonna get set in a minute and, and listen. I know you’re listening here and you wanna hear all this stuff, but get your pens ready because first of all, we’re gonna talk a lot about referrals and especially in the market that we’re in right now.

We have high inflation, we have high rates. Oh my gosh, the feds just said they’re gonna raise it. Probably another, you know, half to full point. It’s just crazy. So we have, we have a lot of fear in our own market. In, in the market of mortgage lending and real estate, right? We have our own fear and here we are supposed to be the, the voice of reason and help everyone else.

So, um, one of the things that I know, and you’re gonna talk about this, is that having a referral base of foundation of referrals is a really, really great way for us to continue to always have business, regardless of what’s going on in the economy. So I wanna talk about that, but then we’re gonna talk about hoa.

You’re gonna wanna stick around because Hoa. Well, we’ll tell you about in a little bit. I don’t wanna tell you about it. I don’t wanna give it away. So let’s talk about the, to survive and thrive in the economy, there are five things you should be focusing on. I know that you wanted to talk about this, and because you just said value, it’s working by referral, that adding value is such a loose term.

So often with the people that I’m talking to, I say, Okay, what, what does value mean? They say, I just wanna add value. Okay. What does that mean? So let’s talk about that as it relates to why by referral.


You know, I love that you brought that up, Jen, and you know, in preparation for this new program that we’re, I’ve been meeting with all of these Millionaire mortgage experts and people like you.

I was so grateful to have you offered to, to allow me to interview you and get your expertise right. But the reality is we know that as a mortgage lender, it all comes down to trust, and that’s what you wanna win and work by referral only. But it’s how do you add value? To the referral partners in your life.

I was just on before this with a group of about 25 different mortgage lenders and we were interviewing them about how they’re adding value out there in the world. Right. And one of the things that we’re doing in is we’re helping our mortgage experts be featured in local communities. You know, realtors, all farm communities.

Why don’t mortgage lenders do it? Yeah. Doesn’t make any sense. So there’s 355,000 homeowner associations in the US and what we are doing is creating these micro sites to hyper localize the marketing to the local homeowners in those communities, not just for the realtors, but for our mortgage lenders.

And then what we are doing is helping the mortgage lenders feature and sponsor their best realtor referral partners. That’s one of the ways you can add value.


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Get to know Brandon Barnum!

Brandon Barnum, is known as the “King of Referrals” and is the CEO of – the #1 Referral Network for Home Service Professionals. After closing over $500 million in referred transactions, Brandon wrote the book ‘Raving Referrals’ and has founded multiple local and online referral platforms and networks connecting more than 5 million members in over 190 countries. Brandon is passionate about empowering loan officers and other business professionals with a step-by-step system for attracting profitable prospects.





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