Be On Your Way To Becoming A Top Producer As A Loan Officer with Rutherford Yeates


Listen along as Jen sits down with guest Rutherford Yeates, Loan Officer with Assurance Financial. Rutherford has accomplished more in his first year of being a loan officer than some seasoned lenders, closing 48 loans for over $14MM in 8 months in 2021 & so far this year…50 units for near $10+MM!

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Be On Your Way To Becoming A Top Producer As A Loan Officer with Rutherford Yeates

Hi everybody. And welcome back to mortgage lending mastery. I’m your host, Jen Du Plessis. I’m delighted to have you here with us today and thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day to listen in on us when no matter what you’re doing.

So today’s guest is Rutherford Yeates. Welcome Rutherford. We are so happy to have you.

Thank you. Thank you. Happy to be here.

Yeah. So let me tell you a little bit about him. Um, he was born and raised in Alabama. Um, he played sports. He was in lacrosse and was in all American, um, lacrosse goalie. And, um, from there, he, he did a lot of different things, but I really loved that you did international wine and craft beer, uh, work.

And you went overseas to do that as well. Uh, my husband and I own a portion of a winery. We’re in great company together here today. We’re very wine snobbish, you know? Um, and so you did all these and you graduated from the university of, um, Alabama and Birmingham. Can I still say roll tide for that? I don’t know if I can.

Yeah, you can, but we’re, we’re definitely blazers and I, I gotta, I gotta point that out. I’m a blazer at heart.

Okay. All right. Good. And, uh, you know, kind of did some job hopping around, you know, just trying to figure out where his place was and sort of ran across a loan officer. How many of us have had that, right?

None of us went to job to be, or to school, to be a loan officer. And as of, uh, March 26th and 2021, you know, so a little over a year ago in the midst of the pandemic, he said, Hey, I’m gonna do it. So here’s why we have Rutherford on in his first eight months. He closed 48 loans for 14 million. Now we all know that it’s the, you know, it was that time when there was all kinds of loans, but not everybody who’s brand new starts off that way.

And you’re off to a great start this year. We’re already at the time that we’re recording this we’re at half time. Right. We’re the, um, end of June, we’re at halftime already closing over 50 units and, and over $10 million. So you’re well on your way to being a great top producer. So, uh, congratulations with that.

I really appreciate it. And in his spare time, I’m not gonna tell you what he does in spare time. He did tell me, but I have another question I’ll probably ask you today. So, um, thank you again for being on, on the show. We really appreciate it. One of the things that I love to do is bring. Bring on and have guests that are not only top producers, you know, in the industry, but people that are brand new people that are struggling sometimes too, to talk about their struggles, because I want others to know that they aren’t alone.

Right. So this is definitely a learning platform. That’s why mortgage lending mastery was started eight years ago. And, um, you know, but I brought you on. Sat on stage at a, at, um, the company that you’re with assurance financial, you sat on stage as one of the rookies of the year. And I was speaking at that event, you know, that big, um, sales rally that you guys had, that was so wonderful.

And my gosh, the food food was fantastic. Um, And, uh, you know, and I was just so impressed by some of the questions that were asked and, and, uh, the way that you answered them. You know, I, in fact, I can’t even remember the other rookies there, there were four of them, four of you. Um, but I do remember you and, and I think what really, um, I.

Set you apart for me was that when you first started and I know you’re gonna go into detail this, but when you first started, you did what we used to call in the business, the MCI method, which was, you know, um, one of the telephone companies, right. And it was friends and family, friends, and family, the MCI method.

Um, so tell us a little bit about. You’ve got your licensing. You’re excited about being this. You got a little bit of some marketing experience, you know, in your, in your education, you had some sales, what was one of the first steps that you took that said if I’m gonna do it, get out of my way.

Yeah, and it, it, well, it actually started before my licensing and everything.

Um, as soon as I decided, uh, and had that conversation with my wife that, Hey, I, this is something I think I could be good at. And it’s more up to my speed as I came from really inside sales into kind of a hybrid role of outside sales and inside sales, as I see. Being a lender can be. Um, my first thing was calling the people that knew that were realtors calling other people in the industry already and setting up meetings now is before I even started taking, uh, the 20 courses.

Yeah. I started the 20 hour course. So that was, that was actually my initial thought of all right, if I’m gonna do this, I’ve gotta have the clientele, the customer base. And the sooner I start, the better off I’m gonna be. And so as soon as that decision was made, I had, I started selling up meetings with, you know, uh, people that I do from college that I knew were in the real estate game and, uh, the person who sold my house and other people of that nature.

Um, and so it really wasn’t. Oh, Hey, I’m gonna wait for my license to come in. It was like, all right, if I’m gonna do this, I gotta get going.

I love that. Yeah. I love that. You know, that is akin for me. That’s akin to, a lot of people do annual business plans and they’re from January to December, right. Um, to me, and I’ve always ran my business.

My practice when I was a loan officer, October to October, I ran a fiscal year and I did that because the activities that I did October, November, December gave me the results for January. So many people are like, I just gotta scramble to finish my year. And, and oh, now it’s January. I need, I need a plan.

And. All those activities. Don’t really reap the benefits until you get into that second quarter. So I love that you took the initiative, you know, in the front side. So tell us a little bit about this, cuz you know, we have loan officers, listen, you know, for all kinds of places and owners of, of mortgage companies, et cetera, and top producers.


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Get to know Rutherford Yeates

Born and raised in Alabama, Rutherford grew up playing sports. Lacrosse was where he shined as an All American Lacrosse Goalie. Rutherford started wearing many hats in high school as he served tables during the week and weekend, Started as a varsity Lacrosse goalie, and had a few other activities that he participated in. Rutherford continued to work as a waiter throughout college until he started working for
International wines and Craft Beer in his Sophomore year
. He studied abroad for just a little while and studying wine in France and Italy. He graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and continued working for International wines.

After nearly 6 years in the wine business, he finally left and went to work for LeaseQuery selling software for a little over a year. With a few opportunities on the table his loan officer asked him to come and meet the team. One month of studying and a license later, Rutherford was officially a loan officer and licensed in 8 states.
Now a little over a year in, he is an advocate for the industry and enjoys learning from others in the industry. Rutherford did 48 loans for over $14MM in 8 months in 2021. So far this year… 50 units for near $10 + MM.

In his time off, he enjoys spending time with is wife and 3 dogs. They love to travel and see different parts of the world. now, instead of selling wine, he collects wine as a hobby.

Get in touch with Rutherford:







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