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It Takes Two: Relationship Dynamics In Entrepreneurship And Marriage With Monica Tanner

  Relationships, like business, need work. Entrepreneurship and marriage may not seem to match, but you just need to do a little extra to make it work. Jen Du Plessis is joined by entrepreneur and marriage and intimacy expert Monica Tanner in a spirited discussion on relationships between entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs. Monica discusses what you…

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Investing In The Product You’re Selling With Roger Blankenship

  As real estate investors or agents, it’s important to invest in the product we’re working with. In reality, many real estate agents and loan officers aren’t doing that, mainly because they have a better idea of the risks and what can go wrong. But that doesn’t stop Roger Blankenship. Known as the “Flipping America Guy”…

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Lifestyle Investing: How To Build A Career Around The Life That You Want With Justin Donald

  Entrepreneurs and investors are increasingly opening their eyes to the concept of lifestyle investing, which is built around the idea of building a career around your desired lifestyle. It’s more than just getting out of the 9-5 and building your own business. Unless you can step out comfortably any time and have your business…

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